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Portals on Planet Earth to Heaven

Portals on Planet Earth to Heaven

“There are some places on earth that already have an open portal to Heaven which makes it easier to receive revelation. For instance, when you are in a church or city that is experiencing revival, there is an open portal allowing a greater awareness of the supernatural—possibly a Jacob’s ladder-type of portal with angels ascending and descending. The biggest portal is in Jerusalem. I believe it is the easiest place to hear from God, receive dreams, visions; and angelic appearances are common occurrences there.

Of all the cities in the world, He has designated Jerusalem as the city of the Great King. (See Matthew 5:35.) It is the largest open Heaven portal on earth. Not to mention the fact that Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead there and will return there; as well as the first major revivals in the Book of Acts took place in Jerusalem.

Also, almost every major religion has a presence in Jerusalem because they value the portal even if they do not know the Messiah. Many battles throughout history have been fought in and for this city. Bethel is another city in Israel where we easily received visions and third heaven encounters because Jacob already opened it. Once a portal has been opened I believe there is a permanent door in that place allowing it to be reopened much easier because someone already paved the way.

Genesis 28:17 says, “this is the gate of Heaven” speaking about Jacob’s ladder located in the city of Bethel. It does not say it was but that it is the gate, or a doorway, of Heaven.

Other portals are found in more infamous cities. Sedona, Arizona, is one such portal—currently known as the largest New Age town in the Southwest. It has also been named the most beautiful town in America by USA Today as it is surrounded by breathtaking red rocky mountains and was once the main site for filming many of the early TV westerns. I have found that when you pray and enter into the Spirit in Sedona there is a huge wave of God’s glory there, and clarity in hearing God’s voice that is unlike many other places. Why and how is this so? Even though you can obviously see the New Age influence and many cults headquartered there—great glory also resides there. Great darkness and great light. Often, the greater the darkness, the greater the light and destiny over a city.

The Native Americans called Sedona a sacred town. Legend reveals that they considered Sedona so sacred that at one time they would only let chiefs or medicine men (witch doctors) in to pray. Greater Sedona later became “a meeting place for all Indians from all over the southwest.” When rival tribes met and migrated to Sedona, they ceased fighting and would worship and practice their religions. The Native Americans have regarded Sedona’s environs as sacred and special, long before the settlers arrived.

I believe the Native Americans could sense the glory of God in this town and did not know how to respond as they had not yet heard the Gospel and so worshiped what they knew. They could sense the open heavenly portal. To this day thousands of tourists each year travel to Sedona to get a spiritual high, not knowing why they are drawn to the city. We are seeing God now reveal Himself there to those who are true seekers of the true Creator.

In the early 1900s Sedona was a place where Christians from all over the United States gathered to hold large conferences and retreats as God’s glory filled the city—long before it was claimed as a New Age vortex city. God has already designated Sedona as an open portal, a high place over the Southwest. He is waiting for His people to completely take it back, crack open the portal even wider, and invite the world to soak in God’s presence as they enter the city limits and find the King of Glory. I believe that after this occurs there will be a domino effect over the entire Western part of the United States, especially the areas of the Rocky Mountain chain all the way from Arizona up to the Northwest and into Western Canada where the New Age movement is the most concentrated.

High up in the Himalaya mountains in Tibet, the highest point on the earth, there are rumors that great evil is lurking there. It seems that both the Lord and the enemy like to dominate the high places, and often mountainous places. The Bible talks about the Lord dwelling on Mount Zion in Jerusalem and of coming up to meet the Lord at the mountain of the Lord. (see Ps. 76:2; 68:16.) Many passages talk about visitation with Heaven in high mountainous places like the Mount of Transfiguration (see Matt. 17:1-3), the mountain Moses climbed to meet God (Exod. 34:2,5), and Elijah confronting the false prophets on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:19-20, 42).

Supernatural powers from Satan and God on the earth seem to include and focus on mountains and high places. I believe that Tibet’s highest mountain range is a place that God has ordained to demonstrate his beauty and majesty and a place to meet with God in a special way as it is physically the closest point between Heaven and earth. Satan seems to dominate that region, but why? One reason: there is already a natural portal of glory there making it easier for Tibetan Buddhist monks to access the supernatural. But they are only accessing the second heavens where demons and principalities dwell. After God gets hold of that area, it will be an entire open “Heaven on earth” atmosphere once again.

Satan tries to entrench himself in areas called to be great portals to keep them closed up and inaccessible to us. I believe that even Mecca in Saudi Arabia was once a portal of glory because people are drawn there to worship and to experience spirituality. They may not worship our Messiah but they feel the urge to worship. Mecca is a portal; but again it is being used to access the second heavens only. This is where dark principalities dwell; but it will one day be redeemed and the purpose for which God caused people to be drawn there will be revealed.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)