> Human Origins and the Extraterrestrial Gods




Human Origins and the Extraterrestrial Gods

Human Origins and the Extraterrestrial Gods

“Eons ago, Earth was but a thought in the minds of great beings who had set before themselves the task of creating new forms of existence. Many of these beings affected the creation of this universe, and you have termed them God. In actuality, they were extraterrestrial light-bearing energies far removed from Prime Creator. We rarely use the term God with a big G. If we were to use that term, we would be referring to the entity we know as Prime Creator. Prime Creator, in its own personal implosion through love, endowed all things with consciousness. All things are Prime Creator on Prime Creator’s journey.

These extensions of Prime Creator, which we will call creator gods, went out and began to experiment with Prime Creator’s energy as it existed within themselves. They began to create their own hierarchy, which in turn created other hierarchies. Each succeeding hierarchy created another hierarchy to endow it with its own essence and to assist in the development of this universe. Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, a plan came together to design Earth as an intergalactic exchange center of information. It was an incredible plan. Earth was a beautiful place, located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems and easily reached from other galaxies. It was close to many way portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout space.

There was much scurrying and shuffling to create individual representation from all of the galaxies here upon this planet. Some of the creator gods were master geneticists. They were able through their hierarchies to tie molecules together encoded molecules of identity, frequency, and electrical charge to create life. Many sentient civilizations gave of their DNA to have representation of their coding upon this planet. The master geneticists then designed various species, some human, some animal, by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to make Earth into this exchange center of information, this light center, this Living Library. The plan for Earth was a grand one.

The Original Planners of Earth were members of the Family of Light, beings who worked for and were associated with an aspect of consciousness called light. Light is information. The Family of Light created the information center they had conceived of; they designed a place where galaxies would contribute their information and where all would be able to participate and share their specific knowledge. Earth was to be a cosmic library, a place of incredible beauty that experimented with how information could be stored through frequencies and through the genetic process.”

“Outside the structure of time,100,000 years can pass in what may be a year within the structure of time as you know it. These creator gods did not exist in time as you know it. A few hundred thousand years or a million years was nothing to them.

Different energies were brought into existence. There were species of humans on Earth perhaps 500,000 years ago who developed very highly evolved civilizations. We are not speaking of the civilizations that you call Lemuria or Atlantis; to us, those civilizations are modern. We are talking about civilizations that are ancient, civilizations that are buried under some of the ice caps of the far southern continent of Antarctica.

The project of the Living Library on Earth was eventually fought over. It looked enticing enough to be mined by some. During Earth’s early history, there were wars in space for ownership of this planet. Have you ever wondered who owns Earth? It’s a prime hunk of real estate. Do you think it would go ownerless in space?

Skirmishes took place, and Earth became a place of duality. Certain creator gods who had the right to do whatever they wanted-because Earth is a free-will zone-came in and took over. We call this “raiding” the Earth. It was like corporate raiding on Wall Street. These creator gods raided Earth approximately 300,000 years ago-the time period, historically speaking, that you would call the beginning of human civilization. This is merely the time period that you, in this present day, are taught was the beginning of civilization. In actuality, it was only the beginning of the later phase, the phase of modern humanity.

When this skirmish occurred, a certain group of entities fought in space and won the territory of Earth. These new owners did not want the native Earth species-the humans-to be informed of what took place. Uninformed, the species would be easier to control. This is why light is information and darkness is lack of information. These entities beat out light, and Earth became their territory. It gives you a new idea of light, does it not? There was great radioactivity and nuclear action, and much of Earth was rent asunder. The original species, human creation, experienced great destruction and was scattered.”

“The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created versions of humans with a different DNA-the two-stranded, double helix DNA. They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.

Within human cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a cable-the way fiber optics works-they form the helix of your DNA. When you here rearranged, you were left with the double helix. Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into controllable, operable frequencies.”

“What part do you play in this story? You are members of the Family of Light. The mere fact that you are reading this book shows that you are Family of Light. For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding you of what you know inside yourselves. We have come onto this planet to trigger your memory banks-to inspire the human race through the band of light so that you will begin to remember who you are, to create your own reality, and to alter the frequency on the planet and claim rightful ownership of yourselves and this territory.

We, as Pleiadians, come back through time-into what would perhaps be called our past-in the vestige of representatives of light. We come back in order to share a frequency with you, a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry on this planet in order to change the DNA of the rearranged human race. This is a big story. It could make headlines, you know.”

“At this time, there is a great awareness moving over the planet as to how big the world really is and as to who’s who in the world ballgame: not only who’s who in the world ballgame, but who’s who in the cosmic ballgame.

Just as you have hierarchies upon Earth that you may or may not be aware of, there are hierarchies in the cosmos. You can live within a certain area and not be aware that any hierarchy exists. You can farm your land, pay your taxes, decide not to vote, and simply be oblivious to any bureaucratic political structure. In somewhat the same way, Earth is oblivious to the bureaucratic political structure that operates in the universe.

It is important for you to understand that bureaucracies or hierarchies exist, and that these organizations have different experiences of time than you do. Others do not live within the structure of time as you know it. What you call one year perhaps to others may be only one small portion of a day. If you can really begin to comprehend this, you can understand why this planet has seemingly been left to itself for the last few thousand years. Now-, activity is beginning to bubble and boil again from the skies, and you will be faced with inserting a vast amount of new knowledge into your paradigms and your belief systems. This planet is in for a culture shock-a big surprise.”

“You have come here at this time for a certain purpose: Those creator gods who rearranged the human species are returning. Some of them are already here. This planet has been visited over and over again, and many different forms of human being have been seeded here through a variety of experiments. There have been many influential factors that have created the course of history on Earth. There have been civilizations on this planet that have existed for millions of years that have come and gone and not left a trace. These civilizations, each and every one of them, were influenced by those you may term God.

Your history has been influenced by a number of light beings whom you have termed God. In the Bible, many of these beings have been combined to represent one being, when they were not one being at all, but a combination of very powerful, extraterrestrial light-being energies. They were indeed awesome energies from our perspective, and it is easy to understand why they were glorified and worshiped.

There is no literature on Earth that gives you a true picture of these beings. All of the gods came here to learn and to enhance their own development through working with creativity, consciousness, and energy. Some became very successful and mastered their own lessons, while some made quite devastating errors.

Who were these gods from ancient times? They were beings who were able to move reality and to command the spirits of nature to bend to their will. Humans have traditionally called beings God who could do things that the human race could not do.

These beings were passed down through the ancient cultures of may- societies, portrayed as winged creatures and balls of light. The world is permeated with hints, clues, and artifacts of who your gods have been. However, those who wished to manipulate humans made up their own stories to create a paradigm that would control you. You were told that these beings were truly gods, and you were taught to worship, obey, and adore them. This paradigm is now on the verge of making a gigantic shift. The truth is going to come forward, a truth that will completely change the way you view the world. Woe be to those who are unwilling to look. The shock reverberations are going to move around the world.”

“God with a big G has never visited this planet as an entity. God with a big G is in all things. You have only dealt with gods with a little g who have wanted to be adored and to confuse you, and who have thought of Earth as a principality, a place that they own out in the galactic fringes of this free-will universe.

Before the raid, you had tremendous abilities. The original biogenetic example of the human was given incredible information, was interdimensional, and could do many things. When those creator gods raided, they found that the local species knew too much. The local species had abilities that were too much like those who were passing themselves off as God.”

“A biogenetic manipulation was done, and there was much destruction. There were experimental versions of the species brought onto the planet, where the original database was scattered but not destroyed. At one time, your DNA was intact. It was like a beautiful library where the information was all catalogued and referenced and you could find anything you wanted to find instantly. When- the biogenetic alteration occurred to unplug the data, it eras as if someone hid the reference system and pulled all the books off the shelves and heaped them into a pile on the door so that there was no order to them. This is how your DNA was scattered and scrambled by the raiders a long time ago.

All of the genetic information was scattered; it did not have an order, but it was left inside the cells. The only information that remained for you to play with and to keep you functioning was the double helix. Many of the databases along the double helix were shut down, closed, so that you began to function with very little data. You were very easy to manipulate and control by many aspects of consciousness passing themselves off as God with a big G.

These creator gods set out to alter the DNA inside the human body, which is the intelligence, the blueprint, the code. If a code does not have a place to operate within, it cannot fire itself into existence or express itself into existence. If you are locked up in a little tiny room and never given any place to grow, you can never express yourself. The last number of thousand years, your code has been forced to fit inside a very limited DNA.

One of the most exciting aspects about being on Earth right now is that there is a reordering or a retooling taking place in your DNA. Cosmic rays are coming onto the planet so that a change is being broadcasted and a reordering is taking place inside the body. The scattered data that holds the history and awareness of the Living Library is now lining up.

The DNA is evolving. New helixes or strands are being formed as the light-encoded filaments are beginning to bundle themselves together. The scattered data is being pulled together in your body by electromagnetic energies from Prime Creator. We are here to watch this process in you, to assist you, and to evolve ourselves as well.”

“The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new ways of living and being. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It does not hold light; it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities; it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that.

The creator gods are space beings who have their own home in space. They are also evolving. There are those who would like to kick them out of the “creator god club” because they feel that they do not value the life that they create. Before the takeover about 300,000 years ago, many of the original team worked here to bring information and create this vast information center that was to be used to connect many galactic systems. Then there was a great war among the creator gods, and the space beings, whose stories are in the ancient manuscripts of this planet, won the fight. They came here because they wanted this place for many of their own reasons. In Prime Creator’s universe here, all things are allowed. Because all things are allowed, many lessons are learned.

Some of these creator gods married and merged their lines, just as on the European continent different monarchs and royal families have married and merged their kingdoms. The creator gods would mix one kind with another to see what they could create. Remember, they understood genetics, and all things were created by manifesting and using the life force and understanding how the life force works. It is beyond your comprehension at this time how vast this project has been.”

“Who are these beings who came in and rent asunder the original plans for Earth? Who are these space beings we sometimes refer to as the Dark T-Shirts? Simply understand that they are uninformed, and they create systems that are uninformed because that is how they believe they must operate. They fought at one time and separated themselves from knowledge, so now they desperately hold onto their existing knowledge and onto life as they have evolved it into being. It is life based on fear, life that does not honor other life, life that uses other life. Who are these beings? They are the reptiles.

Creator gods take many forms, and they are not all Lizzies. There are creator gods who are insectlike. We Pleiadians are associated with the creator gods that are birdlike and reptilian. There were those who came from space and worked with the energy of the birds in many different cultures. If you look at the drawings of ancient cultures in Egypt, South America, and North America, you will see signs of the birds and reptiles. At one time, the birds and the reptiles worked together, and at other times they fought. As you comprehend more, the story will get larger. You will begin to remember your history.

The creator gods are very connected to you. When you decide to become a parent, you agree to learn from your children, to be responsible for their welfare, and to teach them to become responsible for themselves. It is the same with the creator gods. Through watching you grow, they are learning about life; they are learning about what they create; they are learning how to be good parents, so to speak.”

“In order to come to a planet, you must have a portal or way to get into it. You could fly into space, say to Jupiter, but if you never find the portal that allows you to enter the planet’s time frame of existence, you could land on a place that looks desolate and without life. Portals allow you to enter the dimension of the planet where life exists. Portals open onto the corridors of time and serve as zones of multidimensional experience.

There have been different portals on Earth that have allowed different species, creator gods from space, to insert themselves. One of the huge portals that presently is being fought over is the portal of the Middle East. If you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It’s a huge portal-with a radius of a thousand miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the Lizzies use.

To some extent, the Lizzies have controlled this portal. They have used this area to create their underground bases and caverns, from which they operate. The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was a space colony where a certain civilization was introduced. Kuwait sits at the mouth of this territory. This is a portal that involves manipulation of the human population to serve the needs of others.”

“The creator gods of ancient times are being drawn back here at this time because of the Divine Plan. They must participate in it and understand that their frequencies are going to be changed. They are resisting this, just like many humans are resisting. Yet, they create their own realities. These creator gods of the last 300,000 years have forgotten who created them! They have forgotten their gods.

As members of the Family of Light, you have not forgotten. Your task is comprehension: to pull comprehension and understanding onto the planet, which will stabilize the energy and generate the power to create. Light is underestimated on this planet, and these creator gods underestimate you. Even in their own brilliance, they have blind spots. They are so enamored of power that they fight amongst themselves.

The creator gods gave up a portion of themselves and became ensconced, enamored with their own project. You are linked to these beings because you are extensions or operable forces of them. You are here to affect reality not simply from the outside but from the inside. It is this that you are intending to remember.”

“The Original Planners wish to bring freedom of choice with respect to frequency back to this planet. The gods who have been in charge here for this last period of evolution use frequency modulation and do not allow freedom of choice. They rob your psychic energy by giving you a false picture of reality in every way that you could possibly imagine. You do not realize that these situations are setups to get you to think or feel a certain way and to vibrate with a certain consciousness.

We play the same game. If you look back to see what we have done, have we not purposely set up a plan of frequency modulation for you? Have we not entrapped you, enticed you, convinced you of your free will so that you could choose to vibrate at a certain frequency? We have done the same thing the builders have done.

“You had best, all of you, give up your old definitions of Santa Claus. In the same way that you discovered the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, you are going to discover that there is a cover-up, a story, an idealized version around many of these energies that you have worshiped as gods.

The predominant energy on this planet siphons your belief systems according to its own will. It directs incredible flows of energy outward, and this energy is alive. You have been told that all of your thoughts make a world: they are real-they go someplace. There are five and a half billion people thinking right now. That much energy is alive on Earth. What is the predominant feeling within that energy, and what can this energy be convinced or coerced to exhibit?

We are not here to say who is right and who is wrong and who is who within the hierarchy. We simply want to bust your illusions, to pop your balloons about what you have been led to believe. We do not want to say that it is wrong; we simply want to suggest to you that you think bigger.

Feel the noticeable loss that is going to occur within this predominant energy when more and more of you don’t vibrate according to its plan.

As systems busters, this is one of the things that you are profoundly proficient in. We do not want to discredit or discount what you have used up until now as tools, we simply want you to outgrow your old tools.”

“You must understand how to discern the extraterrestrial energies. This is a free-will universe, so all forms of life are allowed here. If an energy attempts to frighten you, manipulate you, or control you, it is not an energy that would be in your highest interest to work with. You have a choice of who you work with. Just because someone has evolved many fantastic and seemingly magic abilities does not necessarily mean that that entity is evolved spiritually. Learn to discern.”

“The original plan was for Earth to be an exchange center of information for all the different galactic systems. The Original Planners have not given up this plan. They were members of the Family of Light, and some of you have been very intimate with these Original Planners. Feel that for a moment.”

“Light gives information, and darkness withholds information. So, in the times that are coining, it will be easy for you to discern who’s who and what’s what as you travel outside the third dimensional realm. All you need to do is discern whether something is light and you are being given information or whether it is darkness and you are being disinformed, misinformed, or information is being completely withheld from you.”

“We define light as the promoting, dispensing, and sharing of information. Dark is the controlling and withholding of information. Think about this and feel it. You have come onto this planet with a coded blueprint to carry light and to bring about a huge planetary transformation. You have come to be the standard bearer of your soul, the portion of your soul that is going to lead. That portion of your soul says, “I set the pace here, and the pace is light and information; no more being in the dark.”

“Each of you volunteered to come here at this time to carry a frequency. At this time, that frequency is light, but eventually you will learn how to carry the frequency of love. The large majority of you have no idea what the love frequency can be. You talk about love and light, yet you do not comprehend the ramifications and the true meanings of them. Light is information; love is creation. You must become informed before you can create. Do you understand this?”

“You need light, which is information, to access this love. Without the informational frequency, the love frequency is misunderstood.”

“Darkness and light have come from the same creator, Prime Creator, who has created a host of creator gods to go out and do its bidding. It has given all these creator gods freedom to form worlds: to discover how to create life, how to become responsible stewards of life, and how to become parents for the planets in the galactic systems that they have created. Learning to become a good parent has been a constant ongoing process.

The creator gods have taken themselves and made themselves and fed their worlds from themselves. In Egypt, there is a story about a creator god who masturbated and created the world. The god took himself and made small identities out of himself so that he could be in what he made and not outside of it.

You are all needed to access the portion of memory that is part of the creator gods. Who are these gods? Who are the gods that fought with these gods? Who are some of the gods who came here and controlled you? Part of your task is to access your memory.”

“When these beings return to Earth, there will be many of you who will turn to them and say, “Yes, these are wonderful gods. I feel wonderful about them. They are so magnificent. Look what they can do.” Some of these gods will seem to fix and save your world. This is where it will be easy to miss the bigger picture. It will look as if they are coming to fix and save your world when, in actuality, what they are doing is simply creating another form of authority and control. What we are saying is that people will put a belief system and a paradigm on these entities. There will be a large marketing program to sell the presence of these entities to you. This program is already going on.

You are not like the masses on Earth, for you are members of the Family of Light, and you know things that others do not. You may know that these beings are not of light, and you may know it to the core of your being. You may become sickened in a society that does not know this. Many people will turn to worshiping these beings because it will seem as if miracles are occurring and the grandest event in the history of the world is taking place. It may seem that humanity is being given a whole new opportunity, a whole new golden era. Then there will be a very big surprise, and people will find that the tyrannies are larger than ever before. ”

“The purpose, of course, is for each individual to become sovereign and for the planet to unite. Not everyone is going to make the shift. Everyone is not in the vibration that wants to work in harmony at this time. There are those on Earth who will feel as if they are in states of ecstasy when they find what they think is a new authority, a higher authority, a new paradigm, animal gods, or whatever. So the Family of Light, as it has infiltrated and penetrated this planet, is going to create its own planetary sphere, its own Earth.

You are all learning about authority. Who is the boss for the beings who are here now? Who is their God? Who is their authority? That authority is coming back to Earth. There is a lesson in this for Earth. These beings, who are neither spiritually informed nor lean in spiritual ways, deny the existence of a spiritual force. They have developed scientific principles and technologies that scatter the laws of spirituality.”

It is possible to become a brilliant master of manipulating matter and reality without understanding spiritual connections. It is very important that you learn this.

Just as you have cultivated very powerful individuals upon this planet who are not in touch with their feeling centers-who have no connection to emotional and spiritual consciousness there are those who exist in space who are extremely powerful space kings or space entities who have nothing to do with spirituality. They are powerful forces. If you met these forces, you would feel like David meeting Goliath. That is why it is important for all of you to learn how to alter your reality so that you can dance between the vibrations of frequency, or flip into the station of the world that you want to experience.”

“Wanting to have something to worship is the frequency control on Earth. What the planet is headed for is someone or something new to worship. That is the potential holographic insert a new god to worship. The creator gods, the reptiles, know that their plan has run short, so to speak, and there is an intention of creating a new plan, a new diversion, a new disempowerment. Therefore, beyond anything else, listen to yourselves. Listen to the internal message that comes through to you and begin to dance with it and make friends with it. You, yourselves, are meant to discover reality from inside and to direct your life in this way. This is really the gift that is given in the free-will zone.

Part of the dichotomy or balancing in a free-will zone is the allowance of all things, even tyrannies. In this free-will zone, everyone is endowed with the potential to create their own reality. It is a free-will choice to create having someone else create reality for you. Most people on Earth allow others to create and dictate their reality to them. Through frequency control, you have been steered to look outside of yourself for answers. When new gods appear, you are ready to worship them. It goes on and on. Those who control frequency in this way are lost in the same thing, and you are their mirror.”

“As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring, everything changes completely. This is occurring in many places. Just as thought travels on Earth, there are highways on which thought can be directed throughout the cosmos. The gridworks and creative cosmic rays are part of an intergalactic system that directs what you believe into other places of existence. So even today you are a living inspiration to others as a frequency that is fed into other systems.

In the same way that we pull energy from other systems into your system, you send energy to other systems and affect them-and you don’t know it. We want you to realize your impact and the power you have to affect systems. You don’t even know how powerful you are, and that is why you could be dangerous. You have taken on an incredible amount of this mutating energy. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to direct it? Do you love yourself?

The Original Planners are after much more than this particular zone here: they are after a shift in the universal DNA. They want the entire universe to orchestrate a new symphony in consciousness. They are not only after the reestablishment of frequency availability on Earth. Their game is much bigger: they are after a restructuring of the vibratory rate of this entire universe. They are creating this by going into key zones to infiltrate and bring about a simultaneous implosion. There will be a universal awakening within these various centers so that the entire universe will change its frequency in its own time.”

“The human portion of you has delineated who is a good guy and who is a bad guy and who is who in the space hierarchy. There have been tremendous amounts of literature on this subject, and you have bought it all. Smash all of those ideas. Smash every one of them, including who you think we are.

Over the next number of years, those who come from the skies may not be members of the Family of Light. They will be the mirror of those upon the planet. We have said to you that your lesson is authority-to become your own authority and to stop giving over your decision making process to governmental people or parents or teachers or gods. It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign.”

Humans are going to need to be tricked before they can become aware. Many of you may find that you will be very frustrated. You will see things that others will not see; you will see a mass mania occurring upon this planet, and you will not be able to live with it. You will see masses of people walk toward a false god that is foolishness.”

“We want you to realize that those space beings on and round this planet who you feel are “bad guys”-and with whom your government forces have made deals-are dealing with the same issues that you are. They are beings who are reflecting your beliefs and drama back at you. They have been accused of heinous behavior, of performing mutations and abductions upon the human species, which has sent out a cry among many of the organizational members of UFO study.

Yet, these beings act as a mirror to show you your own world: what you acquiesce to and what you acquiesce to let your leaders do all over the world. How is your acquiescence to the government and media, and the way you are used, different from a cow who is mutilated by an extraterrestrial? These extraterrestrials who come here do nothing different than your own species does. The masses allow the leaders to do as they wish in their name because the masses do not rise up and say, “Hey, I do not approve of this!” There is a complacency upon Earth. The consciousness on this planet is, “You do it for me. I don’t want to be responsible. You become my government official. You become my teacher. You become my boss. Someone tell me what to do.”

These extraterrestrials mirror this to you. Remember the movie V that was shown on television a few years ago? That movie gives you some idea of the cunning and conniving of certain entities who will come from space; some people will indeed worship them and think they are absolutely powerful masters. We are saying that these scenarios are going to prove true. There is a pending merging of human consciousness and the extraterrestrial presence upon this planet. It is being marketed to you at a rapid rate.”

“Many of you who have studied and used your own discernment will be shocked and appalled at the foolishness and ideological worship that the rest of the human race will express toward certain beings from space who pass themselves off as your creators even though they do not have bodies that look like yours. They will be able to do many things and will share many technologies. They will perhaps cure certain diseases that they helped create in the first place by teaching germ warfare to your planetary scientists.

You will become disgusted with society because you will not fit with the new gods, and you will retreat. Do you understand that the new gods may be lizards? You think that’s a little funny? Hold onto your seats, because you have no idea what is coming. If we told you everything that was coming, you would have scattered a long time ago.”

“There are some who play on both teams because they are double agents. This is very complicated, and it is time for you to understand it. We are pushing your paradigms and stretching your identity because we are preparing you for something. If you are prepared, you will be able to stand firmly in an identity and not be crushed by what you thought was out there.”

“The creator gods have their own creators toward whom they are evolving. The lapse in consciousness between the creator gods and their creators occurred within the context of the manipulation of worlds and universes, not necessarily the manipulation of species. You, as a species, are being manipulated within a multitude of realities. It is your task to figure out how many realities you exist within. For those beings who are manipulating you, their task is to realize how many worlds they are manipulating realities in. The creator gods are jugglers of realities, but who is juggling their realities and putting them through their creation in all of these worlds in the first place?

All of this is to be felt. Allow your brain cells to click into being without your rational, conscious mind wanting to define things down to the most minute detail. This experience involves raising a feeling inside yourself and then, one day, at one moment, in one afternoon, having an overwhelming sense of knowing: having a composition a thousand pages long come alive in five seconds of divine ecstasy.”

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. We represent what is outside of what you have been taught exists. It is where you sometimes venture and where we want you to dwell; it is outside of where society has told you you can live.

You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you-from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have been deprived of knowledge by frequency control. Think of frequency as individual broadcasting and receiving through which you dial into the station of your choice. It is the broadcasting of carrier waves of intelligence. The range of frequency is unlimited, and the range of intelligent matter transmitted is unlimited.

Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the Family of Light, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and bring them into the physical realm. The range of accessibility on this planet to a variety of frequencies has been very minimal for a long time because of many things that you most desperately need to become aware of. As you learn about your own personal history and discover patterns of ineffectual behavior that you must break and change, the planet pulses through its own patterns of behavior. You are about to repeat history as a planet in a most dramatic way.”

“You have come to alter and remove the frequency of limitation and to bring in the frequency of information. When you are informed, you move beyond the need to be in fear. When you feel uninformed and out of control, you do not understand the bigger picture. Each of you came to awaken something inside yourself, inside the coding of your being-the DNA-and you are responding to it. This is why you are on a search in all directions of your life.

You and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry, and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect everyone around you. They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a wave around the planet. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it. This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information. It is called being taken out of bondage. You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are becoming informed; you are coming into light.

There are those in your system who believe we are here to spread fear, but we do not see it that way. We do not wish to scare any of you: we simply wish to inform you. If you sit in a dark room and you hear strange sounds, it can be fearful. However, if you turn on the light to see what is making the sounds, it is then not so scary. We wish you to be informed about what you are dealing with. Light is information; ignorance is darkness. We want you to be working in the light, not in the dark.”

“Many of the beings who have incarnated as members of the Family of Light came to the United States because this is the land where you can make the most progress. This also happens to be a land where denial is pervasive. You believe that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet you live in the most controlled experimental society on the planet. The tyranny that has been set up here is rather interesting, because it is a tyranny without walls. As a country and a collective consciousness, the United States still has not reached an awareness that something is not right. The environment of the United States is actually much more controlled than that of the former Soviet Union, where the control was obvious.

Because everyone is so frightened of giving up the system in the United States, they are going to be forced to give it up. The system is corrupt, it does not work, it does not honor life, and it does not honor Earth. That is the bottom line. If something does not honor life and does not honor Earth, you can bet it is going to fall, and it is going to fall big time.

Consciousness must change. This is part of the Divine Plan, and this opportunity and setup are not going to be missed. There has been an overinvolvement in the material world and a complete lack of understanding of the nonphysical world that exists all around you, so there will be a reprioritizing of what comes first in life. People will stand up, once they have lost everything, who had never thought of standing up when they owned everything. People will awaken to the incredible potential of themselves.

Much of the political maneuvering going on, particularly in the United States, is purposely designed to separate you. Look at the New Age. Do you see how the New Age is separated? All kinds of things are said to keep you from discovering what you have in common. When people discover this, they will begin to get angry. As more and more of the methods of control and separation are revealed to you, the anger will build in the United States. Events will occur that may look as if the country is falling apart, yet they will serve the purpose of bringing people together. A new pride and a new sense of integrity will come about, because this is what is designed for the times.”

“Always look at an issue from the perspective of the bigger picture so that you have neutrality with it, for the picture gets bigger and bigger all the time. The planet is headed for a major confrontation with certain entities. We are simply pointing this out; we are not here to promote fear. Fear is what the other team wants you to feel. We want you to understand that you can change anything you want to change. This is going to be a game of numbers in the future, because you will work together to bring yourselves to a place of empowerment.”

“Prime Creator brought this universe into being with the components of free will so that free will could lead to chaos and then to a realignment of energy and a realization of the Creator within all things. With free will, all things are allowed and oppositions occur. These oppositions split off of the self just as the Prime Creator is in all things and allows all things.”

“Believe us when we say that you, as members of the Family of Light, made a vast study of the historical manipulation that has been going on on this planet, just as anyone sent on assignment would be trained for a long period of time before they were sent out into the field. Each of you has been trained, and you have the knowledge inside you. Our part is to hit key chords and play your consciousness into activity so you can go ahead and make the tune or song or dance you are prepared for. Your knowledge is inside of you, and as you agree to discover it, it will awaken on deeper and deeper levels. You will become very self sufficient, those of you who agree to this. You will also become incredibly knowledgeable, those of you who do not stop because you are frightened.”

“Since you are a frequency-controlled society, the ability of humanity to create technologies has been limited. In a less controlled society that has greater outreach or travel capabilities through space and greater interchange between systems, technological advances are quite astounding and uplifting. Many gifts and influences from outside this planet have been hushed up. Some information has, of course, been given to the planet in many different ways, and the resulting technologies have brought about great changes in lifestyle.

One of the changes in lifestyle that occurred during this century was the introduction of movies. A whole new way of influencing thought was brought to the planet by the film industry. Just as there is a movie industry on this planet, there are those in space who have a holographic industry. They make holographic inserts-dramas that look just like they are real and insert them through portals into your reality. Since these space beings have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and humanity’s frequencies have been controlled, it is quite easy to hoodwink human beings.

Holographic inserts have been used on Earth to manipulate and control consciousness and to change the story of information to one of disinformation-one of a limited amount of knowledge. As we see it, those who use the holographic inserts are not always after bringing light or information or upliftment to people. They have ulterior motives, although they may pass them off as light.

Holographic experiences, especially viewings in the sky, are set up to influence a large group of people at once. Many, though not all, UFO sightings have been holographic inserts. There have been holographic inserts of one individual, designed in many fashions, projected simultaneously in many different cultures. That is why some of Earth’s religious stories are parallel from one corner of the world to another when there was no physical contact. Holographic inserts look exactly like 3-D reality. They are creations of events manufactured and inserted in your reality to look as if they are part of a sequential action. They are used to influence the minds of observers, and they are very difficult to recognize. You will have plenty of practice in the next number of years when-in the Middle East and other areas around this planet-a lot of extraterrestrial activities come into full force and begin to be published. Some of the grand events will be very legitimate, and some of them will be inserts designed to move the consciousness of humanity toward the one world order to be controlled.

Holographic inserts have energy fields and can be dowsed. Dowsing rods move differently in them because their energy fields are diverse and vibrate at an incredible rate. You can walk into them and participate in them. People may be part of them and swear they are real. But they are orchestrated events designed to influence the minds of humans. Holographic inserts are not done for information, they are done for control. They are simply an aspect of technology that exists.

Realities can be constructed and inserted just like movies. Movies, television, and so on are your version of creating reality. There are other, very evolved beings who cleverly create realities so “real” that you can’t tell the difference. They are like beams. Just like spotlights are projected into the night, holographic inserts are projected onto this planet through portals. Tremendous energy is needed because the process involves the merging of dimensions. The technology does not exist in the third dimension, it exists in other dimensions, and they need the dimensional fusions.

What is the difference between dimensions? Why is one dimension important to another? Because each dimension has a different vibratory rate or way the molecules move. These holographic inserts need places where the dimensions are already merged because they need to play through the other dimensions in order to enter here. Humanity has been blind and hoodwinked over and over again because of the unevolved helixes that information could not plug into. The Family of Light has come to change all of that. You are here to carry a new frequency on the planet and hold it in your bodies so the rest of the planet can begin to vibrate at the same frequency. That frequency is going to create disruption of the structures based on two-stranded DNA on this planet. It cannot help it; it is time to evolve. Earth is ready to go through whatever is necessary for that evolution.”

“How do you know what is controlled and what is not controlled? Part of your experience here is to learn that-to get into a little hot water and to know when to jump out. In the deepest core of your being, there is an integrity you can discover and begin to operate with. It is an integrity that honors life and honors yourself first and foremost as the life that you are in charge of. You are in charge of you, and it has been gifted and granted to you that you honor your light, your body, and your experience to the best of your ability.

As you begin to take good care of your integrity and to cultivate it and discover the miracle and potentials of it, you will discover that your body, which seemingly has been somewhat of a burden that you have been carting around, is really invaluable. It brings you untold wealth. With the physical body, you are millionaires. You must learn to use your feeling center and to activate and act on the information inside of you; you must learn to trust it.

You, as members of the Family of Light, are intending to merge dimensions. Your task is to pull other dimensions into this reality, to have your nervous system handle the different molecular fluctuations, and to be able to make it OK. You are learning to perceive through your feeling centers and to teach others how to do all that you can do. You are the way showers.

You will recognize holographic inserts by feeling. They won’t feel right-something will feel fishy or strange. When holographic inserts are put into your reality, something is not right. As members of the Family of Light, your codings and filaments will not feel good if you are exposed to holographic inserts because they are used to control you rather than bring you to upliftment. They are used to ride your emotions to a certain point so others can feed off them and to bring you to a certain new level of operation.

These technologies will be used more in the next decade. That is why we say that humanity is in for a drastic awakening as far as what is really real. The boundaries of reality are quite profound.”

“A potential holographic insert in this portal is the arrival of extraterrestrials from space. Or Christ returning. Or some god returning, or some savior, or some reason for everyone to begin to follow one way of thinking. At this time, as we see it, it is not of light. An example of a holographic insert that was put on the planet in the past to change the course of history is the crucifixion of Christ. The drama that was played out and passed on historically to you is not the reality that the Christed One came in to play. A version of this entity’s life was molded and designed in a holographic entertainment movie, which was then inserted and played out as if it were real.

Christ came in as a committee of beings over a period of time. The story that you have been told is a dramatized, marketed version-a very controlled version of who this entity was and is. Part of the Christ drama you have been taught was a holographic insert. And part of what you will discover in the future about the Christed One has the potential of being another holographic insert. So be aware. Most people would say that we are sacrilegious and of the devil to say this. How can we question what the Bible says? How can we question all of these things? Because they were all said and done by patriarchal organizations that promoted themselves. That was all they were. They were utilized to bring back control of the energy on the planet.

In reality, the Christed One was sent as a systems buster, a member of the Family of Light, to bring light through the portal in the Middle East. This created a way for many to enter and seed a reality that would prepare the consciousness of humanity for the cycle that will terminate in approximately the next twenty years, depending upon how events proceed. The Christed One came not as one entity but as a number of entities, influencing people in humanity’s dark hour, an hour when human beings were ready to understand their mysteries. One of the things that was not promoted to you in a very truthful way was that the Christed One was very well accepted. The kind of energy that the Christed beings brought to the planet was received very well.

There are a number of dramas going on with the Christ entity. There is the original blueprint: the plan of the Christed committee to come in, to spread light or information, and to show humans what the human body is capable of doing. Then there are the beings who said, “What are we going to do about this? This one is coming in our portal, and we want control over this portal. How are we going to be able to use this energy? It is a free-will universe, and we can do what we want.” So they created a holographic insert of the drama of Christ being crucified to create fear and emotion out of someone else’s intentions and to move consciousness in a way that was not originally intended at all. This means that in a free-will universe it is possible, particularly in portal areas, for one group of gods to raid another’s story and insert their own version of it. At the time, perhaps, this does not affect many, although over time the impact of the holographic insert is eventually known.”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Higher Dimensional Beings Known as the Pleiadians)