> The Cosmic Matrix of False Gods Enslaving Souls




The Cosmic Matrix of False Gods Enslaving Souls

The Cosmic Matrix of False Gods Enslaving Souls

“We are eternal and infinite, which in itself is incomprehensible. We are eternal travellers that visit different universes to learn about them. We entered this universe trillions of earth years ago, yet in our total consciousness, it is but like a flash of lightning. We have traversed all of the higher dimensions of the universe, experiencing all there was to experience, until we reached the shore of the cosmic realm. The cosmic realm is very different from the higher dimensions, as the duality is extreme and there exists conflict and evil in this domain. So at a certain juncture we gathered the courage to make the plunge. It was necessary, as it was the only doorway out of this universe. We came here to learn all about this universe, and this was a very important aspect of our learning.

The cosmic realm is made of seven dimensions, which coincide with our seven chakras. In the higher realms our energy center is one. There is no division, and therefore no conflict. When we enter the cosmic realm, we fragment into seven energy centers. This is just like when you direct white light into a prism, it fragments into seven major colors. So this begins our road to compression, and it’s not easy. First we fragment, and then we begin compression.

Our first personal incarnation/manifestation in the cosmos is as a galaxy. Each of us is a galaxy somewhere out there in space. Each galaxy has a unique energy pattern, just like us as individuals have unique energy patterns and personalities. A galaxy is very large, and is like a miniature universe in itself. Each is a fractal of the universe with its unique and individual energy pattern. And like here on earth, some galaxies we like and get along with, and others we do not.

Each consecutive layer, from the highest to the lowest, becomes more compressed than the dimension above it. So that the physical dimension is the most compressed form of matter and energy. The universe is manifest from the top down. The highest dimension is the first dimension that is manifest. Then the next and the next. Eventually it arrives at the cosmic shore. This marks the level where the energy becomes very dense. It begins with the seventh chakra, which is intelligence, then the sixth, which is the mind, then sound, then air, then fire, then water, and finally earth, or soil. As you can see, each consecutive dimension/chakra is denser than the one preceding it.

Now remember, we are guests in this universe. We are just passing through. But there is the backdrop, the stage which we find ourselves in. Just like a rich man may have his staff, made of cooks, cleaners, waiters, butlers, etc. and guests come to visit. Likewise, the insects, microbes, rocks, birds, plants, etc. are the backdrop, the stage. They belong to this universe, as they are manifest by the universal creator. We are guests. So we travel through the universe in the same direction that the universe is manifest, from the higher to the lower. So we begin our journey in the higher dimensions and eventually move downward to the cosmic shore. When we dive into the cosmos, we first take birth as a galaxy, and then work our way down to human.”

- The Great Compression by Greg Calise

“But beyond the earthly matrix, there is the cosmic matrix. As above, so below. This is an overlay covering the cosmos, hiding and distorting the natural order of things. This is a matrix that covers the portion of the cosmos we are in at present. These matrixes are created by off world, inter-dimensional Beings. The Gnostics called them the Archons. David Icke, and others, have identified also reptilian and Nordic civilizations that have created various matrixes. Many of these are false light constructs. George Kavassilas has discussed these matrixes and false light constructs from his own experiences. I have also had personal experiences in these webs of deceit. The cosmos is full of beings that are not interested in our well being. They feed off of our energies. And most of them are masquerading as beneficial beings, angels, good aliens, enlightened masters and light beings, gods and goddesses. They are expert in their disguises and tricking us. We are trapped within these webs. The only way out is in. By traversing the inner path, one frees himself from these matrixes. But, as I have described in The Short and Simple Truth, there are many sign posts on the journey that are leading back into the cosmic matrix.

Just because one meditates does not mean he is on the inner journey. Any guided meditations, working with energies, the chakras, crystals etc. are all directing back out into the cosmic matrix, the land of phantasmagoria. I have traversed these lands for 6 years, believing I was spiritual. Well, I may have been cosmic, but not spiritual. All of the religions with their gods, most of the new age, chakra meditations, the kundalini, the third eye meditations, Reiki, Ayahuasca and other psychedelics; all of these are part of the cosmic matrix. They are all under the jurisdiction of these entities, the grand tricksters. I found that these lands, although fascinating, are very dangerous to traverse. You don’t know who to trust.

There may be some benefits from working with some of these entities and modalities, such as healing emotions, the mind or body, but there is always a very high price to pay. Once you begin working with these modalities and these inter-dimensional beings (and you never know exactly who they are with their expert disguises) they connect to you. They rope you in, they control your mind and you become their prisoner. Then they can feed off of you at will, and they can ask you to do their bidding without you even knowing it. You will think that the ideas are your own and the decisions you make are your own, but in reality, you are only their puppet.

Many people believe they are on the Inner journey, when in actual fact, they are traversing outwardly into the cosmic matrix. Most of what you find on the internet and in book stores are steering you outwardly, into the cosmic matrix. I am very careful to only post what is pertaining to the Inner journey. Notice that none of the great masters ever spoke of chakra meditations, the kundalini, the third eye, worshipping the gods, working with inter-dimensional beings, rituals or sacrifices or any of these things.”

- The Cosmic Matrix by Greg Calise

Don Juan, the Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman, tells Carlos Castaneda the following:

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!”

“Unfortunately we are not free. We haven’t been free for a few thousand years. We have overlords, trans-dimensional beings who have invaded Earth many thousands of years ago. In the ancient legends, they are known as the gods. The Gnostics knew of them as the Archons. Don Juan called them The Predators. They are our overlords, and they have constructed a matrix, or false covering of illusions, to cover the Earth, which keeps us captive. We have been mind controlled, brainwashed and hypnotized to believe these illusions to be reality. They consider us their herd, and they feed off of us. That is the predicament we find ourselves in.

These overlords have recruited many minions to keep us in line. In the past, there were the royal bloodlines and priests which acted as the minions. Today we have the same scenario, but the royal bloodlines are hidden as heads of states. The high priests are no longer found only in the traditional religions, but have found their way into new age and as “spiritual” teachers. And of course this all branches out into banking, corporations, the military and police, etc. On the spiritual side you have all of the fundamentalist followers of the religions and sects.

These minions are the gate keepers, and their jobs are to keep us from finding the gate, the doorway to true freedom from their prison. So they will lead us astray, far away from the gate. The gatekeepers closest to the gate are the spiritual charlatans. They pretend to give you spiritual truths, but in reality, they steer you back into the matrix. They may even entice you with little pieces of actual truth, but they are incased in deceit. They use the truth as bait to capture you.”

- The Gate Keepers by Greg Calise

“These gods have been feeding off of humanity for thousands of years. They consider us their herd, just as we consider farm animals. As above, so below. They feed off of our negative emotions and energies and they feed off of our worship to them.

We find ourselves in a matrix, where an artificial light construct has been overlaid upon the real world. As in the movie, The Matrix, we are simply batteries that the gods feed off of. This is our plight, where we are born and we die in a matrix as food for evil entities. And of course they have their minions here on Earth that keep the herd in line.

So the next question is: What happens when we die? When we die, we enter the cosmic matrix, another false light construct which we call heaven. Our souls are trapped within this prison of the gods. After some time in the false heavens, we return again in the same cycle. This is called the wheel of samsara, the cycle of birth and death.

The only escape from this prison is to awaken to who you truly are. By letting go of all of the false beliefs, gods, angels, gurus, etc., and stop feeding these false gods with our worship, our blood, our negative emotions and thoughts, and moving out of the whole game.

See the matrix for what it is. It seems all powerful, without any way of escape, But it is full of holes. If you have an open mind, discernment and the eyes to see, this whole game is nothing more than a house of cards.”

- Reincarnation Is Enslavement by Greg Calise

“Unfortunately, very few people have the ability to think critically. In fact, many people don’t think at all. Most people just stuff information in their brains without any thought on the matter. They just repeat whatever someone tells them, and they just assume that it is true because an authority told them it was true. I see the most absurd things come out of people’s mouths who claim to be “experts” on the subject. Of course if you looked behind the curtain, you would see that these “experts” are nothing more than paid mouthpieces of the controllers. That includes the news media, so called scientists, military officers, university professors, or anyone else that can somehow convince people that he actually is speaking the truth as an authority.

This includes religion and new age gurus. We are expected to accept the “word of god” without question, or to believe some channeled BS, or the priests, or anyone who claims to be an authority. As I have written before, authorities want to control.”

- Critical Thinking by Greg Calise

“I write a lot about the fact that beneath the illusions, there actually Is an objective world. The problem is that very few people have ever experienced it. The true reality is covered by an overlay of illusions, deceptions and lies. This is known as the matrix. There is more than one matrix. There is the earth matrix, which is a net of deceptions that envelops the Earth. We are all trapped within it. Beyond the earth matrix is the cosmic matrix, which has all of the cosmic dimensions in our vicinity trapped within it. So all of the gods, ascended masters, angels and aliens in our sector are operating under the influence of this cosmic matrix that they themselves are trapped in. At the top is the spider that spins the webs that entrap us all. Everyone is being deceived. Everyone is ultimately a slave.”

- Objectivity and Perceptions by Greg Calise

“There are true gods, but what we have here on Earth at the present are impostors. There is a god of the universe, and it is manifest as the male/female, father/mother aspect of godhead. The universe is not an impersonal energy. It has intelligence and personality. It has a specific nature. Many people are afraid of this truth because it has been abused by every religion. The true god/goddess does not ask us for any worship, sacrifices or veneration. Why is that? Because we are all equal. We are all gods and goddesses in our own right. We have traveled into this universe from outside of the universe. We are each eternal, infinite and sovereign. We are guests here, just as we have guests within our home. That does not make us special and neither do we ask our guests to worship us. But what there is is gratitude to the true god, just as there is a feeling of graciousness that a guest has for the host of the home he is visiting. I realized this upon my awakening. We are all equal. Therefore, I could never place myself above anyone else. I could never put myself on a pedestal, and neither could I ever allow myself to be worshipped. The god of this universe is the same.

Now the god/goddess of the universe do not have one specific form. Their body is the universe. They are the intelligence of the universe.

But there are also other ‘gods’ that are not the true gods. They are simply other alien beings who have come to earth to enslave and feed off of humanity as well. In ancient prehistoric times, there were great upheavals in the heavens, as the planets shifted their courses, which in turn caused great upheavals on the Earth. There were many electrical and plasma events that have been recorded all over the world in prehistoric art and legends. To the ancient peoples, these planets were seen as gods and goddesses of their world. When these planetary disturbances occurred, the legends were written of the gods becoming angry. So whatever caused these planetary disturbances is unknown. But could it have been the result of certain alien beings invading our solar system?

Could it have been that when these alien beings came, they then impersonated the original planetary gods and goddesses? Was it at the time when religions began, the priestly caste took power and doctrines, dogmas and sacrifices were established? The people were at that time taken over by these evil entities and then mistakenly considered them the true gods and goddesses, which they worshipped and offered flesh and blood sacrifices. Something evil descended onto our Earth, and what better way to disguise themselves as the gods themselves.”

- The True Gods by Greg Calise

“In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, it is stated, As above, So below. There are patterns that flow from the higher realms to the lower realms. If there is so much deception in our physical world, you can be sure that this pattern of deception is prevalent in the higher realms as well. I travelled the inter-dimensional realms for 6 years, and if there is one thing I can tell you is that you cannot trust anyone in those realms. It is child’s play for them to disguise themselves. These realms are caught within the cosmic matrix and there are constant battles between good and evil. The problem is that you can’t tell who the good guys really are. You have winged reptiles disguised as light beings and ascended masters. You might believe that you are working with a benevolent being, only to be actually working for some very evil entity.

The gods, goddesses, ascended masters, light beings, channelings; there are some very evil entities behind the masks. They feed off of humanity by various avenues. Some of them feed off of fear, anger, conflict and war; the negative emotions. Some of them feed off of the worship.

George Kavassilas describes the Galactic Federation of Light as actually being reptilian in Nordic disguises. If you ever watched the TV show ‘V’ you can understand what is really going on. The entity behind Reiki is a winged serpent. All of the light beings, ascended masters and channelings are all dark entities in disguise. It’s a very dangerous place up there in the cosmic matrix. As above, So below. Deception here below, deception above. Same game. Yes, there are some genuine friendly beings up there, but how can you know for sure? Don’t think for a moment that there is some law that states they have to tell you if they are not from the light. That is very naive.”

- Who Is Behind the Curtain? by Greg Calise

“We have been trapped, enslaved for thousands of years, without us even realizing it. We are in a labyrinth of illusions, with gate keepers at every step. Sometime, long ago in prehistory, inter-dimensional demiurges came to our Earth to plunder her. They enslaved humanity and proclaimed themselves as almighty god, the creator. The Gnostics called them the archons. They are the predators, who keep us as their herd, just as we keep farm animals. We are their food. We have been in their grip for thousands of years. The very gods that we pray to for hope and salvation, are the very culprits that prey on us. They are our keepers, and they enslave us, yet we are convinced that they are our creator and savior. Isn’t that ironic? Yes, it all seems quite preposterous. Not at all what it seems.

Within the cosmic matrix are many false light constructs, each created by a demiurge, an impostor god. Each false light construct can extend through eight dimensions, and also they are vast in size, each one of them could seem as large as a universe, and yet they are only a tiny fraction of the entire universe. But when you are inside them, they seem all compassing. Just another illusory trick. Many of these false light realms extend upon our planet, through the programmed minds of people.

For example, Jehovah is an impostor god that has created his own matrix of false light. His realm stretches throughout all of the cosmic dimensions and is vast in scope. It appears on our planet through the minds of the followers of Jehovah, as they are programmed to believe in his doctrine, they then perceive a world tinted by those beliefs.

There are many religions and new age doctrines on this planet, so we have many false light realms existing here simultaneously, each generated through the programmed minds of their followers. You can have a room full of Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Christians, Jews, etc. and each of those false light realms exists within the same room, each within the programmed minds of the followers. Each person, through his programmed mind, perceives reality through the filters of his beliefs, and therefore places an overlay of illusions of the false light matrix over the truth.

Each of these false light realms has many levels of their heavens. In the Puranas, there are many descriptions of the realms of the Hindu gods and goddesses. There are also descriptions of the seven layers of the realms of the demons. These are the heavens. From what I have gathered, there seems to be many demiurges, each with their own false light realm, and they are all under one umbrella. George Kavassilas describes from his journeys, that they are all under Jehovah.”

- The Final Trick by Greg Calise

“I first realized that there was something seriously wrong in the later 1980s when I found the doorways into the inner realms. Fortunately I was blessed with two guides that took me to specific places to observe. One time I was taken to just outside the hellish worlds. It was completely dark and there was a huge sprawling fortified metropolis. It was glowing red. It looked like burning coals of a fire in a pitch dark night. The combination of red and black are the colors of the demons. I began feeling a lusty pull connected to my second chakra. I told my guide that I wanted to leave. I understood the energy. That is one example of many. Each place I was taken I would observe deceptions. You really cannot trust anyone in those realms. There is so much impersonation. A young pretty girl could turn into an ogre. A light being could be a serpent. These are the things I observed. As above, so below. Once free from the earthly matrix, one lands into the cosmic matrix.

But beyond the earthly matrix is the cosmic matrix. George Kavassilas has explained these various gods and their false light structures in detail. Each religion has its own pantheon with the various gods and goddesses. We have Judea and Christian pantheon, the Hindus have many, then of course there were the ancient Greeks, Egyptian, Roman, Norse, Mayan, Aztec, etc. Each of them is a false light construct. Depending on your belief system, as you look up into the heavens, you will see that particular false light structure. Each structure includes several, if not all, of the dimensions.

We see that these gods and goddesses have their abodes in the heavens. When you leave your mortal coil, if you are “qualified,” you may attain entrance to the god’s abode, where you will worship him and become his slave. Of course it is also “heavenly” in the sense that you get a larger playing field of enjoyment as well. But instead of iron chains, you are now bound in golden chains, but you are still a slave to a passive aggressive god. Now many people are hoping to arrive in one of these abodes and, under the illusion of the matrix, will be quite happy there. But they are temporary illusions, and the soul could never truly be happy in such illusions. They become food for the gods.

Above these realms are the realms of light, such as the one I entered. In these realms there is no longer perception. You are in complete stasis. The god then feeds off of your entire life force. What people consider the uppermost heaven is actually a hell. And we see so many spiritual aspirants yearning to reach these. I wonder if any of them actually considered what fate awaits them?

Now it seems that there is a huge network of these false light constructs. George Kavassilas seems to think that they are all tied together, and that Jehovah is the head bad guy. All of the other gods and goddesses are under him, or perhaps they may even be all manifestations of him. All of these false light structures have doorways here on Earth. That is why, depending upon your belief, you will envision a different realm and pantheon. Somewhere, probably in the higher dimensions of the cosmos, they all merge into one realm again in the light.

George Kavassilas has said that these false light constructs have sucked in thousands of star races. It is like the Empire in Star Wars. The residents of these star races have no idea that they are wrapped within a grand illusion.

Beyond these false abodes, there is the natural world. The majority of the gigantic cosmos is organic light, and the residents live in relative goodness. The creator of the universe creates and presides over the organic structure and allows the false light constructs to exist. He/She is completely in control of this entire drama that we find ourselves in. I explained why the false light structure and gods exist in The Great Compression. The creator of the universe does not accept worship, neither does he feed off of his children. All of the gods and goddesses that we know of here on Earth are the false impostors. The only things they have created are false light structures, illusions.

Practically every inner dimensional entity that is in contact with humans presently are all impostors. All of the gods and goddesses, angels, light beings, ascended masters, ETs, etc. are all impostors. Beneath their disguises are some very evil characters.”

- False Light Constructs by Greg Calise

“It has coding within coding, and if you are to understand the codings it only makes sense then; it’s part of the agenda as well. So the whole New Age phenomena was in fact created by MI5 and MI6 and the CIA and the United States ran the whole New Age movement that brings in Kabbalah astrology and this whole movement about the past life experiences and so on. Because they wanted a society that would float through these changes and not look at the negatives. It’s all trends. it don’t matter what school, it is your thought that everything is fine, don’t look at the negative. It means while you got this big train coming up behind you as you mentally masturbate yourself in rental chakras. That was an intended way of mind control. Works very well – millions of people have succumbed to it and they are oblivious to what’s happening in the world. They don’t care what’s happening in the world.”

- Alan Watt

Where is “home”?

We are infinite creator beings. Many people have a remembrance of what it was like to live on another planet, and they may consider that place their home. However, when we go “home”, is it possible that it may be more of a state of being that an actual place? Outside of this matrix, our consciousness can create whatever it desires as a “home”.

Many New Age teachings have described a “5d Earth” and have twisted explanations of a New Earth into a trap. The Many New Age teachings have described a “5d Earth” and have twisted explanations of a New Earth into a trap. The archons may have constructed a place within the matrix to corral some souls where they could rest and be happy, however there would still a system of control and hierarchy. This is no different than the summerlands of the heavens within the 4th dimensional construct. The last ditch effort for us to agree to follow them to this form of “home” was designed to make a grab at as many souls they could in order to further their life span. Their experience as a soul would end without other souls or physical bodies to feed off of because they no longer have a connection to Source and need some way to sustain themselves.archons may have constructed a place within the matrix to corral some souls where they could rest and be happy, however there would still a system of control and hierarchy. This is no different than the summerlands of the heavens within the 4th dimensional construct. The last ditch effort for us to agree to follow them to this form of “home” was designed to make a grab at as many souls they could in order to further their life span. Their experience as a soul would end without other souls or physical bodies to feed off of because they no longer have a connection to Source and need some way to sustain themselves.

There may be an actual “5D Earth” and it may be called such because it vibrates at a frequency of love. We may have an aspect of our consciousness that has already co-created it with other consciousnesses. We may be joining that part of ourselves when we leave this experience.

This is what my friend explained about where his wife was:

“I visited my wife in a ‘lucid dream’ about six months after and the conversation we had and the experience itself was as real as any I have had in waking state. The conversation was about current affairs and it did not seem like a dream at all. The land she was in was pristine with tall trees and sparkling lights everywhere, like floating Christmas lights in the air. I wanted to stay. Many people were arriving and finding cabins with their names on them. I could not find one with my name although I searched and finally was I back (here).

One thing that I have concluded is that even in our ‘awakened state’ we know so little about the nature of reality or the ascension process but we do get glimpses and small pieces to place together. One of these pieces is that the nature of transition (death) has changed for those awakened. I believe that they are no longer subjected to the net but cross directly to the new earth. So if that should be our fate, which I don’t think it will be, then we have nothing to fear from the false light or other indoctrination we were subject to in the past.”

- Source: Michelle Walling, CHLC http://www.in5d.com/archonic-reincarnation-system-dissolved.html