> Different Levels of Power for Healing and Miracles




Different Levels of Power for Healing and Miracles

Different Levels of Power for Healing and Miracles

“There are three ways in which healing flows forth from the Spiritual World, all involving the Holy Spirit, of course. One is through the human spirit. The second is through the work of angels and ministering spirits. And the third is through the direct work of God in Christ. Although all healing flows forth from God and needs the instrument of the human spirit, in terms of spiritual “work classification” there are three ways for it to flow. Thus all humans with a spirit that is strong have a measure of healing power.

Some human individuals have developed their spirits more than others and seem to possess this healing ability (Proverbs 18:14; Romans 1:9; 1 Corinthians 5:4; James 2:26). The healing that flows forth from the second category is stronger and more powerful because it involves both the human spirit at work plus the spiritual presence of angels and ministering spirits who specialize in these works (Exodus 3:2; 14:19; 23:20, 23; 32:34; 33:2; 2 Kings 1:3, 15; 6:17; Acts 5:19-20; 8:26). From time to time, the manifestation of the healing Christ comes upon a gathering, group or community and the most powerful healings take place (Acts 5:12-16).

Of the second category, angels and spirits from the higher spiritual spheres are commissioned and sent by God to link up with humans whose spirits are open to God. To human eyes, it seems that the physical humans are able to manifest great authority and power in healing but to those whose spiritual eyes are opened, the work of these angels and spirits can be seen behind the human vessels. There are rare occasions when humans have walked closely with God Himself in such a manner that the Lord Himself directly channels His healing power through the human vessel. These healing events are extremely powerful and are closely watched by all in the Spiritual World as they also have an impact on the Spiritual World.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)