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How to Prevent or Allow Pregnancy with Mind Power

How to Prevent or Allow Pregnancy with Mind Power

“Often, for example, a person wanting to die originally intended to experience only a portion of earth life, say childhood. This purpose would be entwined with the parents’ intent. Such a son or daughter might be born, for instance, through a woman who wanted to experience childbirth but who did not necessarily want to encounter the years of child-raising, for her own reasons.

Such a mother would attract a consciousness who desired, perhaps, to reexperience childhood but not adulthood, or who might teach the mother lessons sorely needed. Such a child might naturally die at 10 or 12, or earlier. Yet the ministrations of science might keep the child alive far longer, until such a person [begins] encountering an adulthood thrust upon him or her, so to speak.

An automobile accident, suicide, or another kind of accident might result. The person might fall prey to an epidemic, but the smoothness of biological motion or psychological motion has been lost. I am not here condoning suicide, for too often in your society it is the unfortunate result of conflicting beliefs — and yet it is true to say that all deaths are suicide, and all births deliberate on the part of child and parent. To that extent, you cannot separate issues like a population explosion on the part of certain portions of the world, from epidemics, earthquakes, and other disasters.“

- SETH (The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events)

“The pro-life/abortion issue has been purposely orchestrated in the United States by different factions within the government to create a lack of harmony. Divide and conquer, and you own the people. Allow the people choice, freedom, and the ability to continuously improve their lives, and you cannot own them. Whenever people oppose people, those in control benefit, even down to the issue over abortion.

How do they benefit? They keep women from uniting with each other and men from uniting with each other here in the United States. They keep people in fear. They convince you, by continuously putting these issues before you, that a woman has no control over the birthing process in her body. You don’t need abortion: you never need to get pregnant in the first place if you don’t desire it. How? By will. A woman can say to herself, “I am not prepared at this time for a child.” Or, alternately, “I am in receptivity of a child.” When you own yourself, you will not need permission from the government about what you can do with your own body.”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Fifth Dimensional Beings Known as the “Pleiadians”)