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Illuminati Control of Internet to Suppress Individual Power

The internet has been said to be a technology that levels the playing field in entrepreneurship. It is said that with the internet, the individual now has the power to compete with a corporation in business. Finally, the path to unlimited personal financial freedom is here. Or is it? What if by investigating the history of the internet and the conditions for internet marketing, one discovers a hidden nefarious plot that has been going on and leads to a future that people are unwilling to speak about?

The two main methods of internet marketing are free traffic and paid traffic. In the early days of the internet, it was simply a network of websites connecting to each other through links and banner ads.

Later on, there came the development of search engines. There were multiple search engines in the picture.

And then over time, Google became the predominant one being used.

The most prominent form of free traffic was organic search engine traffic. It was simple to create content pages with keywords that ranked well in the search engines.

The most prominent form of paid traffic was Pay Per Click Google Adwords. In the early days, internet marketers could actually advertise to a squeeze page (A very short page with little content and an opt-in box to get the visitors email address). It was easy to make a lot of money through Google Adwords.

Later on, Google started to weed out a lot of lousy sites by changing their search engine algorithm. It seemed like the start of positive change.

Google then also stopped allowing marketers to advertise to squeeze pages and required them to put up content pages instead. This made advertising not as simple as before and more complex to test and measure results.

Over time, Google even banned many Adwords accounts and came up with more and more ridiculous rules for advertising that weren’t aligned with the principles of marketing and promotion. The net effect was that many small businesses were taken out of the game leaving only companies that advertised for branding and had money to spend, or those who were newbies and were testing PPC and later quit due to the unfeasibility of the rules and restrictions.

What about organic search engine traffic? Google also began to alter their algorithms by making up more and more complex rules that were originally easier to understand with common sense and wisdom, but were getting more and more obscure later on as to what Google really wants. Many legitimate and quality sites were losing their former exposure and traffic due to the shift in search results.

Where exactly was Google heading to? This will be covered in a while…

Next in line was the social network. In the past there were many social networks that didn’t quite cut it.

Finally when Facebook came into the picture, things changed.

It became the most popular social network in the world and it grew in size and user activity to the point where it could rival or even surpass Google in certain instances.

At one time, people could get massive amount of reach from their fan pages and lots of traffic to their own sites through links posted.

And then there came a point when Facebook changed their algorithms and Fan Pages dropped by a gigantic amount in their reach.

It is touted that Facebook did this to drive people to advertise more on their paid advertising system. Well, paid advertising on Facebook has been a good option to take for a period of time, but the rules have been changing as well (This part of the article is being written on 16 September 2014). They have begun to disapprove certain types of ad. One of the ridiculous anti-marketing rules they have put up in the past is the “No more than 20% text in images” rule for Newsfeed Ads. That defies the nature of banner ad design.

Where exactly is Facebook heading to? This also will be covered in a while…

Next up are the video sharing sites.

In there past, there were many places that people go to put up videos and/or watch videos. Some even created their own video sharing sites.

But then came along YouTube and things changed again.

The popularity of YouTube grew and grew to the point where it started attracting traffic away from other places where people used to go to watch videos, and those video sites started to fail and became like virtual ghost towns. There were those who owned such sites and reported the massive decline of their users over time.

And YouTube was bought over by Google. Is this move part of something bigger? You bet it is, and all will be revealed in a moment.

What about other search engines? Well guess what, the next ones Yahoo and MSN have merged together to form Yahoo Bing. And their Pay Per Click Advertising Platform have begun to change their rules to follow Google Adwords in terms of not accepting squeeze pages when they formerly would.

And EMAIL – The majority of people have been drawn to use Gmail over time. For some reason, the other major competitors have screwed up along the way terribly. MSN Hotmail has come up with its initially clunky Outlook webmail and have made many user frustrated enough to leave it for Gmail instead. Yahoo also has its own major problems with POP3 and certain strange bugs in their program. This has driven more and more people to Gmail.

Along the way, Google decided to make a change and set up “Tabs” in Gmail. Many messages that come from internet marketers are now moved into the “promotions” tab where people are more prone to ignoring.

Email marketing has been the most important element of internet marketing all along, and the most popular email system has been adversely messed with for marketers as well. Many users have reported that they do not like such as setup and prefer to see all the incoming emails in the inbox instead. But many are too lazy to undo it.

The “Powers that Be” have given many “Positive Reasons” why those changes were made. But like the Yin/Yang Symbol, there is white within black and black within white. The bigger picture is that every single move that those in power have made, they have given a “positive explanation” for it that seems reasonable. But when you look deeper and further into what has been done, you will find many irrational and flawed effects in their actions. Much of these have been pointed out by intelligent marketers.


The creation of the internet has been a solution that PUTS POWER BACK into the hands of the INDIVIDUAL to create their own Financial Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom of being their own Personal MEDIA of Expressing Information to the rest of the world.

BUT, there has been a covert underlying move that has been taking place over time to REVERSE this flow of power to TAKE IT AWAY from the individual and put in back into the hands of THE FEW or the RULING ELITE.

After all, it is said that “Information is Power” and “Who controls the flow of information controls the flow of power”.

TRUE FREEDOM and Financial Independence comes to everybody through the path of SMALL BUSINESS, Individual Entrepreneurship and working as a Free Agent.

An Individual’s work is meant to put forth value that grows and increase in its compensation over time. With all these changes, the individual’s “virtual asset” that they build up seems to be eroding over time and they would have to keep on doing “activity that are specifically tune to making money” such as selling, selling, selling, finding more clients, scraping their previous ways that worked and trying to work on new marketing channels, seeing things crumble, and starting the cycle all over again.

People are ENSLAVED to the economic system where they are being “Slaves to Mammon” and are UNABLE to expend much TIME and ENERGY in other avenues of interest such as the exploration of consciousness and the understanding of the universe. They are stuck in just trying to continue keeping their business together.

What about MONEY? The Illuminati has been engineering an erosion of the US dollar all along. Through the setup of the Federal Reserve and manipulation of the financial markets, they have caused the “value” of people’s work to diminish more and more over time, and bring them into greater economic enslavement through DEBT. And since the rest of the world is doing business online mostly through the US dollar, the rest of the world is also being affected economically and enslaved by the system.

Those entrepreneurs who really wish to make BIG Money and sustain it longer are Forced to go from the structure of Small Business BACK into the structure of BIG BUSINESS once again.

We all know that Corporations and BIG BUSINESSES have always been a form of SLAVERY of the MANY to enrich the FEW.

The Elites like that. They are not avid supporters of individual sovereignty, personal financial independence and freedom of personal media of expression.

The Elites (More specifically the Dark Elites) want the many to be ruled by the few, and for the masses to be financially controllable by the few, and for the few to control the media and flow of information.

And by doing so, they are able to further SUPPRESS information that EXPOSES THEM, or keep people in continuous slave work for financial well-being to have NOT the TIME or ENERGY to TALK about them or STUDY about them.

There has even been a move to CENSOR all ESOTERIC CONTENT on the Internet in the UK. Go check that out.

Esoteric is also equivalent to the Occult which means “Hidden from Ocular View”.

This has been the underlying nefarious plot that has been operated by the INVISIBLE HAND, the Dark Illuminati who have been trying to keep Real Knowledge Hidden from the View of the Masses and making the “Occult” seem taboo so that people would stay away from it.

But the True Illuminati which are people who have come to possess the Light of Knowledge are the ones who are trying to DE-Occult the knowledge and take knowledge out of concealment and into the open and expose it for all to see.

May this message shed some light on “What on earth has been really going on” for all those who are internet marketers, internet entrepreneurs, or using the internet in some way as personal media for expressing information to the world and seeing your reach drop due to all these “complex” or “bizarre” changes going on.

Another revelation is that Google and Facebook and many other major internet services are owned by JEWS. Somehow things have happened in such a way that more and more control of power has gone into the hands of those who are Jews. The Jews have been promised by supernatural powers that they would “be the heirs of the world.” That may seem like a good thing, but what about all those who are Gentile Christians who are also supposed to be “Abraham’s seed”? Is it really a good thing for everyone else to be ruled or dominated by the hands of the few? Most certainly not! Man can never be trusted with such power because they always abuse it as they have done so.

Is the God of the Jews actually behind this nefarious agenda, or is it just some Jews being exploited in the Satanic Agenda for the New World Order? It is possible that Satan is making use of the Jews whether aware or unawares as part of his evil plan of world domination because they do carry the blessing of God to be “heirs of the world”, just like he made use of them to crucify their own Messiah Jesus the Christ.

The way for small businesses to avoid being cornered is to go into underground or sideways methods of internet marketing rather than try to go through the main media channels. PPV, direct media buys, solo ads, network media buys, mobile marketing are the ways to go. Just keep in mind whenever they start becoming too big and alter their rules to follow the big boys. It’s always “government” and “authority” that cause them to do it.

There is a difference between Dark Freemasonary and Light Freemasonary. Much of the secret agenda of the Dark Freemasonary is revealed by those who have been on the inside of the official structure and are higher up in the ranks themselves or have access to revelations of the agenda spoken by the higher ups themselves. The highest ranks in Dark Freemasonary and Satanism (A real religion that exists) are actually Dark Luciferianism and Dark Illuminati. They hold the “Light” of Knowledge but use it in ways to gain power over others. Light Freemasonary usually make up a portion of Freemasons who may be well-intentioned in their path but are unaware of the true agenda of those at the higher ranks in their system, or are those who are in the know and are out to expose the darkness. Some of those who are in Freemasory may debunk this, but it is hard to know whether they are truly unaware of the dark agenda of the higher ups, or they themselves are seeking to suppress the truth and perpetuate a lie.

You have to do your own observations and deep research yourself to come to a decision of what the truth is. It is ok to keep changing your mind with new information discovered.