> The Law of Confusion is Essential for Freewill




The Law of Confusion is Essential for Freewill

The Law of Confusion

The Law of confusion is a universal law that allows confusion to be used by living entities such as Humans, Angels, Aliens, for the purpose of confusing and deception and of course the service to self agenda any being might have in order to advance their personal class standing of the power structure in which they live.

The Universal Law of Confusion is a tool used in the Unitron Matrix in order to bring about chaos and dysfunction of many other systems associated in the system of being that the above listed entities might be dwelling within, be they Human or otherwise.

The Universal Laws have there jurisdiction in any and all living systems of any kind be they Earthly or Alien. This universal Law brings about many manifestations within whichever system it may be working within.

Simply put, the Law of Confusion will drive a living being to seeking the other Universal Laws such as the Law of One, which also can be labeled the Law of God, because God is one. This Law of Confusion will also drive a being to seek the Law of Attraction through seeking when the being becomes tired of the confusion factor.

Manifestations start occurring to the being when the being starts seeking answers to the confusion. These manifestations will lead the seeker into other universal concepts such as the keys to the Kingdom. Which Kingdom? The Kingdom of Light of which every living thing is already a part of either with your knowledge or without your knowledge, you are still a part of the Kingdom of Light as we are made up of Light.

The Law of Confusion is a simple tool that destroys and degrades. The Law of Confusion is essential for there to be free will beings in a free will environment. The Law is for one primary purpose, to drive people to the act of seeking. And it is wonderfully effective in doing that.

That is the simple explanation of the Law of Confusion as I understand it’s purpose and structure.

This Law of Confusion is right now bringing down the world system of power that uses it every day for their advantage. This is why the government today is so in your face with the evil and crime they also advance as their agenda for confusion purposes.

This is the reason for the fear the continuously pump out to us, to confuse us a little more to keep us from becoming balanced beings because of the fear and confusion factor.

The governments know if they can keep us out of balance and full of confusion they will continue in their power structure. But the fact of the matter that there is another universal Law they have not been able to get around or do not have an answer for is the Law of Reciprocity which also is now coming into play big time here on Earth.

The Law of Reciprocity means the exchanging of information or the exchanging of other things from one being to another freely with no charges or strings attached. This Law is also sometimes called the Law of Giving and that is also a good name for it.

The Law of Reciprocity is a Law that anytime you give something freely you will get something back freely in exchange, and it always works.

And the thing you get back will be tailor made for you at the exact perfect time you need it. You cannot out give the Universe/God.

The Law of Reciprocity or Giving and the Law of Confusion is right now destroying the current world system and will be part of why all this shit comes to a change because it must. These universal Laws all have one thing in common, they all have built in fail safe patterns of change for the better, change for progression not regression. They have a seeking the next higher level of consciousness built into them through the most powerful Law of all, the Law of Love, and this circles back to the Law of One or the Law of God.

- Posted by Gabriel in “The Force is within You” Forums