> Confident Attitude leads to Winning in Casino




Confident Attitude leads to Winning in Casino

All of your thoughts and beliefs form what may be called an “attitude” that you project out into the world. This “attitude” can be very powerful both in the physical sense (how you relate to others) and in the energy level (the thought energy that you project into the universe). For example, the Travel Channel recently had a “special” titled: The Top Ten Ways to Win in Vegas. #3 on the list was “Have a Winning Attitude.”

They performed an experiment where the host of the show was told to walk into a casino and play black-jack doing only one thing; he must exude a completely confident, winning attitude. He was given $200 to play with so he had nothing to lose, and he went in and played “as if he was a winner.” He was confident, boisterous, and played with no fear or worries. Well guess what? He won, and won, and won! He even started attracting other people around him who were mesmerized by his confidence, charisma, and his winning.

The host admitted he was amazed at how this “winning attitude” attracted success and people to him. He said that he just went for it and even “hammed it up” a bit, which made it work even better. He also played other games and won as well. The experts said that in a physical sense, he played like he should have, with no fears or concerns. And in an “energy sense,” he turned on his magnetic force and began moving the universe toward his favor.

The previous example shows just how powerful your attitude, or more specifically, the thoughts that make up your attitude, really are. If you put your attention on what you desire (attracting the opposite sex, being irresistible, being the ultimate romantic, winning, etc..) and not on what you fear (being shy, embarrassed, awkward, uncomfortable, losing, etc..), then your attitude shifts, which produces not only physical changes in you (you carry yourself with more confidence and charisma), but it also puts the “thought energy” out there which attracts people and situations that support your desires. It’s very much a “win/win” opportunity for you.

Write out how you want to be and what you want to attract. Then, focus your attention on these statements and thoughts and do not entertain any ideas to the contrary. When thoughts enter your mind that make you doubt your attracting ability, acknowledge them, then cast them out like the trash. Bring your thoughts back to these truths that you have written. You are literally rewriting, rethinking yourself into a new person, with new attitudes, and a new attracting force that will prove irresistible in this sometimes negative, fear filled world.

You will stand out like other charismatic people because you refuse to be run by thoughts of fear and inadequacy. Instead, you are driven by thoughts of beauty, romance, confidence, and desire which attracts people and situations to support you. You are building a new attitude, a new self-esteem that will draw others to you like gravity. It is simply a matter of choice. Choose to think of yourself as an attracting force, and you will attract. Know what you want to attract and focus on that, and you will attract what you desire into your life. Have that “winning attitude” about life, and you’ll be a winner all your life.

Is it really that simple? Yes, if you can keep your thoughts on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Decide what you want, focus on these people and things as if you already have them, don’t let thoughts to the contrary enter in, and you’ll have the life you’ve always wanted.

- The Greatest Secret