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Change Your Face – Change Your Life

Plastic Surgery Alters The Course Of Your Life

By Julie Cox

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. (Actually, it is 1,627 words, but who’s counting). What happens if you change some part of the picture? It changes the meaning and it alters your perception. A face is no different. According to the principles of face reading, every feature on your face correlates with and describes a different part of your personality. Each feature on the face is an accurate reflection of your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, behaviors, stress level, health issues and more. Changing your appearance in the slightest way can have a profound affect on your personality, and it will change the course of your life.

With the recent popularity of aesthetic surgery among virtually all demographics, it is important to clarify exactly what happens when someone alters a feature on their face. The consequences could be positive or it could have dramatic negative effects on your life. There is no shortage of case studies for face readers with the rising popularity of shows such as Extreme Makeover and the constant parade of celebrity makeovers on the covers of magazines. There are two reasons for aesthetic surgery—internal or external pressures. An example of an external motivation could be the need to please others. This comes from a belief that a change in the outward appearance will save a marriage or a career. This is rarely the case. An internal motivation may be described as negative feelings about personal deficiencies and a corresponding desire to effect a change.

All people read faces to a certain degree. They make judgments about personalities just by the way a person’s face looks. (Ever watch a movie where the villain didn’t look like a bad guy and the character didn’t work?) When people change a facial feature, people are going to consider them differently, reinforcing the internal feelings being felt by the person who had the surgery. This change manifests in their outward behavior and when they act different, their life changes.

Consider this. One common procedure will change the shape of the mouth. A few injections could change the meaning of your mouth in an instant. Recently, a popular celebrity who was known to be optimistic and carefree changed her lips. The new shape of her lips caused her to be seen as pessimistic and mistrusting. Since that time, her relationships have failed and her movie flopped. If you change your face—you will change your life. This is not to say that change is wrong, change can be good. The challenge is to ensure that the change will affect you positively.

Eyes reveal our mental and emotional outlook. In the case of an eye lift, a surgeon will ‘lift’ the outside corners of the eyes on a patient. When the outside corners of the eyes are higher than the inside (the eyes appear to ‘slant up’), this indicates someone who sees the cup as half full. They will try things other would not even consider, because they have a never-say-fail attitude. It has been proven that people who have had this surgery are more optimistic and positive than they were prior to the change. One reason for this is that they naturally feel better about themselves. People see them as more positive and treat them accordingly, which reinforces the behavior. They change the course of their life because they will now attempt to do things that they would not have considered before the procedure.

A more prominent example of a life changing feature is the nose. Noses reflect our attitudes towards work and money, our generosity levels, energy and ego. If you have a desire to be less combative, you may choose to have the arch removed from just below the bridge of the nose. In extreme cases, a person can actually “cut off their nose to spite their face”. If one changes the feature to something much less than what they began with, they will sabotage their abilities in their work life and their efforts to make money. In cases of severe rhinoplasty, where the feature is altered beyond recognition, this person has a feeling of unworthiness. They demonstrate this by cutting off their “profit center “ (the nose). They take for granted the income will always be there or they do not care. Either way, the fact that the nose is small and slender has now changed the way they behave towards money and work. This means they have to work twice ashard to barely make what they did in the past. In dealing with males, surgeons are advised to take a conservative approach in rhinoplasty. That is because noses reflect our ego and surgeons have learned that drastic changes in the nose will often result in negative effects in personality and behavior.

When you change the face, the corresponding personality trait will change as well. People will treat you differently and your life will change. A person who is considering plastic surgery should consult with a professional face reader as well as the surgeon to give close consideration to the personality changes that will result from aesthetic surgery.

- Face Reading Academy