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How to Stay Young Forever

How to Stay Young Forever

“How to Stay Young Forever: Never work too hard. Never become too weary. Ever seen signs of people aging? They look weary and tired of life and it shows on their face. It seems like they are ready to leave this world and about to depart to another plane of existence. To reverse the effect: Smile often. Have fun. Be happy. Be like a child. Be excited about life. Look at things with fresh and new eyes. Be sexually actively whether with a partner or solo. Sexual activity produces a hormone called DEHA which is the key to youthfulness. An orgasm jumpstarts the energy in your bio-circuitry. Some believe that the aging process is due to cells duplicating and forming less and less perfect copies of themselves. But that is because when the signal is weaker, the information carried might be degraded in quality. Therefore the key is to boost the signal and re-download from the source template and the information resolution will be restored to full strength. Always enjoy the pleasures of the young and energetic. Form follows Function/Usage. Use it or lose it. How well you use or abuse something will also determine how it looks and how it turns out to be.

How do you tell whether a person will remain young for a long time? It is in their eyes and energy. Their eyes are bright and fresh, and they have strong “eye spirit”. Their energy is youthful and buoyant. When Moses was at an old age, his “eyes did not grow dim, nor his strength (energy) abated. Their skin also remains youthful. “The Lord shall renew thy youth like the eagle’s.” Eagles renew their youth by plucking out all their feathers and growing a completely new set.”

- Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)

“It is all about alignment of energy. When energy circulates properly, there is flow and rejuvenation. When energy is stagnant, there is death and decay. Sex is an exchange of energy. There are different types of people we can exchange energy with. But when we choose correctly and exchange with the right partners, the energy circulates and increases overall. With the wrong partners, the energy diminishes and drains away with a net decrease instead of a net increase. Those prostitutes that lose youth are because of lack of energy alignment with their acts. There are those that can maintain their youth when they are energetically lined up with what the are doing for as long as possible. Also, sexual activity produces a hormone called DEHA which is the key to youthfulness http://www.greatgenius.com/how-sexual-activity-makes-you-younger-and-smarter . Sexual activity can have its effects even without a partner and is just done solo.”

- Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)

You Can Tell A Person’s Age By the Way They Move

“I’ve always been interested in human energy.

That intangible thing that some people seem to possess an excess of, whereas some others barely have got any to keep them going.

It was a matter of constant fascination for me. To this day my favorite pastime is watching people walking by in public.

And I have noticed a weird thing; even though build, height or unisex clothes can be sometimes totally misleading in helping me guess their gender, I can almost invariably guess correctly people’s age, even from afar, when no telltale age sign is visible from such a distance. And I bet you can do that too. Long before you can see someone’s face walking towards you, you can tell their age, give or take a decade at maximum.

How does this happen?

I have pondered on this and realized that the deciding factor is


It is something about the way they walk, the way they hold their body, posture, attitude, but it boils down to movement. There seems to be a kind of movement or lack thereof that is characteristic of each and every age group, a few exceptions and idiosyncratic habits aside.

I’ve been watching people moving around bearing that principle in mind and if you do too, you’ll draw the same conclusion.

Young people seem to be vibrating with excess energy, even when they just sit around.

The older the person, the more obvious the lack of this energy seems to be getting. By the age of 40 the majority of people seem to have lost most of that pulsating energy that is tangible in the way they move, slowing down their every move, slumping them into an invisible sluggishness bubble, that natural freedom and swing in their movements gone or slowed down. Young people vibrate with this movement energy, older people seem to be gravitating towards non-movement ( of the body, at least).

Why is that important?


Everything that moves in the physical, thrives and flourishes and grows. Everything that doesn’t, becomes stagnant, sick and eventually dies or disintegrates.

Everything on this planet is moving and changing, when it stops doing that it deteriorates and ceases to exist.

Read this again and make sure you realize the implications:

”When a living thing stops moving, it slowly starts deteriorating”.

Prolonged inertia can potentially kill every living cell, by squeezing out its spirit and agility. And that goes for mental activity too, but that’s not our point, because as people are getting older they gravitate towards mental activity and movement, to the exclusion of physical activity or to the minimization of it.

However, there seem to be some exceptions.

A few (lucky?) individuals that seem to be immune to this age slump, their body vibrant and alive, making it almost impossible to guess correctly their true age, because they seem to possess the moving dynamics of a younger age group.

Ask them or watch their habits and you’ll realize they are at a state of constant physical movement. They may exercise-and most of them do- or they may not, but the determining factor is that they are at a constant state of moving in their waking hours. They move their bodies constantly, just like most kids and young
folks do. And that gives them their aura of ‘youngness’ and keeps their body young looking too in most cases, according to the principle that ‘form follows function’.

How does this applies to you and me?

Moving your body can transform not just your body per se, but your whole life. Even a few weeks of exercising or forming better moving habits can make a huge difference to the way you look and hold your body, even if nothing else changes , no diet, no nothing.

To me exercising is all about posture. Having suffered- and still suffering to a certain extent- from scoliosis as a teenager and spending lots and lots of time on a chair giving private lessons or doing my translations and student assignments that I do for a living or surfing the net, gives me awful back and neck pain or even cramps. My body was not designed to spend so much time just typing and neither was yours. What I enjoy most about working out is the posture I get after only a couple of weeks or doing it regularly. I seem taller, my movements are more graceful, because my chest is thrown back naturally when I’m walking, my hips move in more harmony with my torso and my neck stops hurting. And yes, I look thinner and younger, which is what I wanted in the first place too.

So lets do it.

Let’s defy fecking energy loss that comes with age, or, if you are still very young and/or athletic, lets create more life energy by moving more.

And no, moving around the house to do stuff for your kids doesn’t count. You have to sweat, my friend. Sweat real hard or at least incorporate much more movement than the level you’re comfortable at right now.

It is a surefire way for you to be transported into another universe, an alternative reality where the younger, vibrant and healthier version of you is having one hell of a time, because ”a healthy body only hosts a healthy mind”, remember?”

Love and hugs

- By Eirini Haritou