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The Master Language Used in the Spiritual World

The Master Language Used in the Spiritual World

“Different languages of course represent various characteristics of feeling, thought, and belief; and they dignify some of these through expression and emphasis, while ignoring others as verbal frameworks. Languages are verbal frames as well as, say, verbal paintings, giving expression to certain images and sensations and emphasizing these through the framework of verbal structure, which expresses and restricts at the same time.

Basically the thoughts of the dead need follow no such patterns, and the information received from this generalized mental field of information is given in a kind of “master language” which each person translates into his own idiom. Such translations are automatic, in the same way that photosynthesis is an automatic process on the part of plants; so that any communication in whatever language is already an automatic translation of inner information, as water poured into a glass takes the shape of its container.

These are not distortions but various expressions of inner realities, the languages being psychic containers that serve to display information so that it can be “poured” from one container to another most efficiently.

In basic terms, however, languages are born in each moment, and this atmospheric presence of which I’ve spoken seems to be characterized by a knowledge in which all languages are understood. That is, no matter what language you use to address a question, the answer is given in the same idiom. And with my mental conversations with others here, the same applies. Here, then, the atmosphere itself seems to translate my words from my language to the language of the hearer. This happens automatically, as far as I can tell. The translation is mental, instant, and complete. No misunderstandings occur in that regard.

The usual barriers of language are nonexistent, while I am equally sure that a master language is utilized that remains “invisible,” since the translations are so instantaneous.”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)

“Communication is via thoughts and spirit impressions. In the spirit realm, one can understand perfectly all the spoken languages of the earth. This understanding is not directly through knowledge of the language itself but rather the meaning and thoughts of the speaker are communicated directly and telepathically. God does not speak in human language even though we seem to hear God in the language that we are conversant with in earthly life. There is no language good enough or great enough for God to express Himself through. All human language created by humans is insufficient for the Creator of all life.

When we hear God speak in a human language, it is because our spirits understand it in a manner beyond language and then conveys it to our soul in a language that we have acquired during our earthly life. Spirit to spirit communication is beyond language. It is like deep calling unto deep (1 Corinthians 2:10, 11; Romans 8:26, 27). It is like an impartation of experience and knowledge or like the transfer of data from one computer to another except that this computer illustration lacks the transfer of the full experience and senses involved with the subject matter. One instantly “knows” (the word ‘know’ is limiting here because it also involves the process of actually experiencing the knowledge) what is communicated. The further one progresses spiritually, one does not need even any earthly language thoughts to communicate; then would pass away the last shreds of the limiting earthly habit of human language.

There is a sense of knowing that is beyond the physical world. When you pick up a flower in heaven and desire to look at it to analyze it, you actually “seem to become the flower” and know everything about the flower because you have “experienced being a flower”. When you meet another person, and desire to know about the person, you “seem to become the person” and be able to know everything about that person. There is a limitation with sentient spirit beings with free will. This special and supernatural “knowing” is only possible with the free will consent of one another.

The apostle Paul is speaking about this realm when he said that we shall know as we are known (1 Corinthians 13:12). This sense of being able to “become what you want to know” (without actually becoming the object) is an instantaneous knowledge infusion which includes not only objective knowledge but all subjective and perspective knowledge. Thus everyone understands everyone else perfectly. Spoken language is still used more for the beauty and music in the differences of communication and for special areas of purposeful creations through the working of the Holy Spirit.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)