> A “Sexual Magic” Technique to Attract Somebody




A “Sexual Magic” Technique to Attract Somebody

A “Sexual Magic” Technique to Attract Somebody

Years ago, I was studying the secrets of psychic seduction and I came across something that someone said. I’ll share what I can think I can remember from it:

“There was this girl I like. When I pleasured myself, I fantasized about her and when I climaxed, I “sent” my magic power to her. It seemed to work, because a short while later, she begin to show signs of interest towards me.”

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Tips to Enhance Orgasms for Women

Have your legs straighten out in front of you
Close your legs together
Squeeze thighs together
Squeeze butt cheeks tight
Clench calve muscles
Lie on your back or stand
Stimulate yourself on the outside
Focus your mind on the feeling
Build it up into an intense climax

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