> Higher Dimensional Beings Perception of Our Reality




Higher Dimensional Beings Perception of Our Reality

Higher Dimensional Beings Perception of Our Reality

Higher Dimensional or Nonphysical Beings view our reality in a purer and more accurate way. They see the essence of reality with a “Vibrational” perspective of it.

Nonphysical Beings see our physical universe “directly” at vibrational level of reality (seeing the code of the matrix).

“Observed reality” is just a vibrational interpretation based on our current mass belief. But Nonphysical Beings see a purer description of reality based on their level of perception. That is why their description is different from our “observed reality”.

“Imagine a one–way mirror. We can, from our non–corporeal and broader awareness, perceive you accurately and experience through you vibrationally, but you naturally have a harder time seeing us as we truly are.”
– Conversations with My Higher Self (Same Entity as Abraham Hicks)

The whole world needs to read these descriptions of reality by Higher Dimensional Beings. We would all be able to see reality as it REALLY IS.

“We see you for the magnificent being you truly are! What you see and sense are so real to you that it is not possible to perceive from a broader perspective you see! That’s the whole point of being physical –– you are completely and utterly immersed in your world. We tell you, however, that it is all just an interpretation from your orientation as a human being.”
Conversations with My Higher Self (Same Entity as Abraham Hicks)

“It is not possible to separate your perception of the world from the sensors that you use to perceive the world. In other words, that which you perceive is a function of that which you use to perceive. But both ‘objective reality’ and the sensors you use to perceive it are composed of the same energy! Whether you believe it or not, everything you see in front of your eyes (and the eyes themselves) are ultimately composed of thought. In order to perceive anything there must be vibrational proximity –– the dog whistle is not perceptible to the human ear because the frequency of the whistle’s vibration is out of range. Therefore, the solidity and reality of your world is simply a function of vibrational tuning and matching –– the law of ‘like attracts like’ at work again. Because perception itself depends on the matching of vibration, the interpretation is made instantly. What is perceived and what is used to perceive must be identical! (or in close proximity). Therefore, in order to see anything at all, there MUST inherently be harmony between yourselves and the things in your world. This is a concept that, if fully understood –– it is obvious –– could lead to a gigantic paradigm shift in consciousness upon your planet.

We can summarize our discussion by saying that HARMONY IS NECESSARY TO THE PERCEPTION OF REALITY. That is why, when you reach the depths of lower emotion, your world seems murky and unnatural. Remember that everything is conscious, even the rocks you consider lifeless. There must be AGREEMENT between everything that exists in the earth environment to perceive each other at all! That means that all life and all objects and all energy on your planet is synchronous, harmonious, and similar in nature. It cannot be any other way!”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

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