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The Greatest Secret of Wealth in Mind Reality

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I want to bless many people, and I want people to bless other people, and I want people to be blessed by blessing other people, and the cycle goes on and on in effect!

“God is telling us to go reap. It’s like sitting under an apple tree. An apple falls on your head and you say, “Wow, where did this come from? I am blessed today.” Well, you maybe got blessed by accident or by grace; but, for every apple that falls by accident there is a whole tree to be reaped on purpose.

Start to reap on purpose the things God has promised you instead of only receiving what God spoon feeds you. Start to look for the harvest. Violent reaping consists of sowing violently and abundantly and then looking for the harvest and reaping it abundantly on purpose. Next time you are blessed you won’t be wondering, “I wonder why I got blessed.” You will know because you were expecting it as a farmer expects a harvest.

When God told Israel to walk into the Promised Land they had to purposely and physically enter and take the land. God had already given it to them but it was 40 years before they actually went in and reaped His promise. Likewise, God has promised and prophesied some things to you, and you may have even sown generously believing for that thing to come to pass. Arise and take the first steps to possessing what is already laid up for you. Go and spy out the land, ministry, property, equipment – whatever God has already ripened for your picking. The act of looking by faith will begin to release the blessing.

Elijah told the widow to reap on purpose by telling her to gather as many bowls as she could so God could fill them. (See 2 Kings 4:1-7.)”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“God said that even the angels would be used to reap the harvest in the last days. You can ask God to send angels to bring in the necessary funds and He will do it. Many times after we pray over an offering that was given to our ministry, people tell us later that thousands of dollars appeared in their bank account and the bank could not account for the reason. We have had people tell us that they have received large unexpected tax refunds, as well as entire debts on homes, cars, ministries, churches, and credit cards paid off after we asked God to multiply what they had sown into His glory. We were told by a couple that money appeared on their doorstep and others found envelopes of cash in their locked homes. Some business people are reaping incredible increases which they in turn use as a blessing for advancing the Kingdom of God.

Who provided the money? Angels are God’s servants on the earth. Angels were used to stir the waters; they can be used in provision as well as guiding an unsaved person to a meeting or to a person who can lead him to the Lord. You can ask God to release provision and release angels to do it. I believe there is a head angel over finances. This angel represents the Lord who provides. These angels of provision are as real as the angels used to protect us.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“The Scriptures tell us about three men who were given talents. One received one talent, another five talents, and another ten. As the story goes, two invested their talents and the man with five talents received an additional five; the man with ten, another ten. But the man that hid his one talent was rebuked and his talent was given to the man with the ten talents. Why? The man who doubled his ten talents was faithful to sow and reap violently, so he entered the third dimension. He reaped where he did not sow! Once we grab hold of this revelation there will no longer be a shortage of finances for His Kingdom!”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“The Bible says that He will, “give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places…” (Isa. 45:3 emphasis added).Those places are in the world. How can we receive or take in the wealth of the sinner? The Bible says that it is laid up, sitting there waiting for us. Other Scripture passages say that the sinner stores it up for us to inherit it for His Kingdom (see Prov. 13:22).

How do you reap from the world? The only way it works is if you sow into the earth that God created and the system that God put into place. Now when I mean sow into the earth or world I mean invest. God created the earth to produce and the world is profiting off of the system that God put into place. We too need to reap the earth’s wealth instead of waiting for it to come from a fellow believer. Believers who do not invest in the present world can’t reap from it.

For example, owning your own home is a big start. If you rent a home or apartment for 20 years, in most cases you are giving your wealth to an unsaved landlord rather than investing in your own property to leave for your children and family. The Bible even mentions in the Book of Proverbs that “a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children” (Prov. 13:22). Make plans today to own your own home. With faith, consistent sowing, and going out by faith and attempting, God will help you.

I believe that God wants the world’s money to work for you, instead of you working for the world’s money. Basically the key is buying and selling. Buy low and sell high. For instance, you can buy a used car at an auction and resell it for much more. Or you can buy a second home at a low price in an area where property values are increasing, such as a resort location. If you rent the vacation home during the year at a higher rate than your mortgage payments, you will be increasing your income. There are tax advantages to owning investment property; and, depending on the housing market, you may also be able to sell the property for a profit.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“Put your funds into something that will increase your money but does not require too much of your time. God may give you an invention, a skill, or a creative idea in which you can invest. The income from investing could eventually replace your “day job” and allow you to focus on the things God has called you to do instead of feeling forced to do a job that you know is not your ultimate calling. You may receive a prophetic direction to invest, for example, in a certain stock or real estate investment. Months later the stock may skyrocket and God may tell you to sell the shares you bought or the real estate—God blesses your obedience.

If you put your money in the right place at the right time, you will reap the wealth of the world and can use it to expand His Kingdom. The widow who collected the jars of oil in the time of famine used the same principle. She bought low and sold high. She got the oil for free, then later the prophet gave her the word to go and sell the oil and pay off her debts. When we listen to the prophetic, we prosper. Unfortunately, many of God’s people are in financial bondage and debt. He wants to give you a prophetic word and direction about how to get out of your famine and into His blessing. He is the same God today as the God who provided for Elijah 2,000 years ago. He continually cares about every area of our lives, including our finances.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“The Bible says that whatever your hand does will prosper (see Deut. 28:12 AMP). So find something profitable to do with your “hands.” If your hands are not invested in a harvest, He can’t bless it. He can’t bless and multiply your investments, good works, talents, and/or crops if you aren’t out there in the world using what He has already provided for you.

Also, prophetically declaring that the favor of the Lord is upon you and that the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous, will cause people in the world to favor you. When Israel left Egypt, they inherited all the wealth of Egypt. They reaped what they should have earned all those years while in slavery, plus they reaped beyond what they sowed. The Egyptians were compelled to bless them though they were not God’s people and in fact outside of the covenant with Israel. I believe the world will also do this for us as the glory of God and the revelation continues to grow in the church.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“The Elijah anointing is all about restoring to the church what was lost—restoring the power of God, gifts of God, promises of God, and the wealth of God.

Since the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325 when the church cut itself off from associating with the Jews, a poverty spirit emerged. It’s interesting to note that the promise of blessing came to the Jewish people and they walked in it even during this time when the church in Rome disassociated itself from God’s chosen people. I believe that when Christians separated themselves from their Jewish brethren they also cut themselves off from the Old Testament Scriptures promising His blessing in every area of our lives.

When the church cut itself from the root of blessings and fellowship with Israel and the Jewish people who carried this revelation, the church lost all of God’s covenant promises to Israel concerning wealth. They, instead, believed their own doctrine that being poor is a sign of humility. Because the Jews were blessed with material wealth, Christians wrongly surmised that it was a sin to be blessed materially because of their hatred and jealousy of God’s chosen people
that time. The root of this belief came from anti- Semitism.

As believers come back to loving and supporting Israel and the Jewish people who preserved the oracles and Word of God for the world, a double portion of blessing will also return as we tap into the rich and fertile promises of God. As we associate ourselves with God’s covenant land and people, we also receive the promises and covenants of blessing promised to the Jews, her children, and the Body of Christ, also children of Abraham by faith.

God is faithful and His supernatural manifestations of provision will continue as we continue to be obedient—as was Elijah!”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)