> Feeling Secure Enables Your Cells to Find Balance




Feeling Secure Enables Your Cells to Find Balance

Feeling Secure Enables Your Cells to Find Balance

“We said to some people, “Find the feeling of security. Find the feeling of financial security or physical security. Find that feeling of security.” They could not find it. So then we said, “Then find your feeling of insecurity.” They all went right there. They could feel the feeling of insecurity. And then we said, “Now imagine relief from that.” And in reaching for the feeling of relief from the insecurity, they felt a dose of well-being.

The Cells of Your Body Are Consciousness
They Know Exactly How To Find Balance Within Your Body

Reach for relief of that oppressive feeling of fear, and in the feeling of relief, you begin to move up the Vibrational Stick. This is the way contrast helps you to mold Energy. The cells of your body are consciousness, and they know exactly what to do to find balance within your body. Each one of them, on behalf of itself, not on behalf of you, (your cells are selfish too) each of your cells are selfishly reaching for the Energy of Well-being. And just like everything else in the Universe, as those cells ask — just like whenever anything asks — Non-physical Energy answers.

So why aren’t your cells coming into perfect balance? Because you, the conscious overseer, in your worry, are causing a vibration that keeps their transmission from working. They are still asking, Non-physical is still answering, but your worry is causing a sort of static that is in the way.

Rather than thinking in terms of what you need to do or the worthiness of your being or what you need to do in order to allow wellness, start thinking about the cells of your body that already know what to do — and you make a decision to get out of their way. This means, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we wouldn’t keep picking this Stick up. We would not work so hard about this subject. We would get distracted. We would find some other things that are interesting to us, and we would turn our full attention toward those other things, whether it is a relationship, or a hobby, or a business enterprise… We would do anything and everything we could do to find something else to think predominantly about. And when we did think about our physical body, the thing that we would keep washing over and over in our mind would be: The cells of my body know what to do. And they’re not feeling guilty. They’re not feeling controverted. They’re not feeling unworthy. They are cells knowing exactly what to do. And if I can keep my worrisome, guilt-ridden, unworthy, troubled self out of the way, they’ll all do just fine!”

- Abraham Hicks (Source Level Vibrational Beings)