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The Identities and Roles of Enoch

The Identities and Roles of Enoch

“Hurtak refers to a “language of light” and a great priest-scientist of the previous time cycle, named ENOCH, who is associated with the building of the Great Pyramid complex. Hurtak alludes to a grand spiritual science, a science which describes a genetic stairway to the stars.

The priest-scientist ENOCH, is a prediluvian patriarch, one of the most famous and seminal characters of the previous time cycle. Father of Methuselah and great grandfather of Noah, Enoch is credited in the Bible as architect of the original Zion, the legendary “City of Yahweh”, as well as inventor of the alphabet and calendar. Enoch is also history’s first astronaut, who “is taken aloft by the Lord” and shown “the secrets of earth and heaven”.

He returns to earth with the “weights and measures” for all humankind. Known to the Egyptians as THOTH, the “Lord of Magic and Time” and to the Greeks as HERMES, “messenger of the gods”, he is even remembered in the Celtic tradition as the enigmatic wizard Merlin, who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon, seeking the secret of immortality and vowing to return.”

- HiddenMysteries.org (OLD WAYS REVISITED)

“In late Merkabah, Metatron (Enoch) is the guide and the revealer of secrets to all who are initiated into the account of chariots. Hekhaloth literature (3 Enoch, Shi’ur Qomah) describes these functions of Metatron. He guides and reveals secrets to R. Ishmael and to R . Akiba. Sometimes the Merkabah narrative extends his role to the titles of the Prince of Wisdom and the Prince of Understanding.

It is apparent that in 2 Enoch one may see some kind of preparation of Enoch for his role as Metatron, “the Knower of Secrets.” The preparation entails several stages. First, the archangel Vereveil inducts Enoch into these secrets. He instructs Enoch in “all the deeds of the Lord, the earth and the sea, and all the elements and the courses…and the Hebrew language, every kind of language of the new song of the armed troops and everything that it is appropriate to learn”. Second, the Lord himself continues to instruct him in the secrets, which he had not even explained to the Angels. Finally, the Lord promised Enoch the role of “Knower of Secrets.” The important detail here is that the promise of the role is closely connected with other titles of Metatron such as “The Prince of Presence,” “The Heavenly Scribe,” and “The Witness of the Judgment.”

In the text the Lord promised:

…and you will be in front of my face from now and forever. And you will be seeing my secrets and you will be scribe for my servants since you will be writing down everything that has happened on earth and that exists on earth and in the heavens, and you will be for me a witness of the judgment of the great age.”

- Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha