> Diving Timing and Divine Order for Manifestation




Diving Timing and Divine Order for Manifestation

Diving Timing and Divine Order for Manifestation

“One very important principle in creating your life’s work is right timing. Begin now to affirm that you will be in the right place at the right time. Keep that thought in mind, and trust that your feelings of joy or resistance are helping you create this as a truth.”

“If you are working on a project, remember that your higher guidance is always helping you get it done at the right time. If, no matter what you do, you keep resisting or struggling with it, it is either the wrong project or the wrong time. You may need to do something else first and then come back to it. Put your energies elsewhere and follow your joy.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“It is important to know when it is time to change course. No job, business, or activity will be perfect forever unless you are willing to constantly update it, for as you grow the things around you need to be revised. Sometimes a simple change will do. Other times the only way you will be able to go to the next level will be to let go of everything you have and start over with something completely different.”

“You may feel dissatisfied with what you have built; perhaps it is no longer the vehicle that can take you to your new expanded goals. If things aren’t working as well as you would like right now, if you aren’t as happy as you used to be with your career, you may be getting ready to expand and move up to a new level. You need to discover new ways of thinking or feeling, new perspectives, skills, and ideas, for you are getting ready to start a new cycle.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“No path is ever closed or slowed down unless that is for your higher good. If following your path is a struggle, if it is getting too difficult, take time to reexamine what you are doing. There may be a better way to do things, or something else entirely different may be emerging for you. If one path is giving you difficulty, there is another path you can follow, and it will hold even more aliveness and abundance than the one you are on.”

“Even the best of plans must be constantly revised. You will need to check in and see if your pictures are still in alignment with your inner directions and the direction in which humanity is going. You may find that you need to constantly update what you are doing to stay closely aligned with the course of humanity.”

“What you feel guided to do now may not be what you are guided to do during the following months or years.”

“Developing the new will bring you more abundance than holding on to the old. You are always changing and growing, and as you stay in touch with what you enjoy doing, you will draw to you the new forms what match who you are.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“You can certainly create some realities here and now, within a matter of days or weeks, but other dreams may take longer to manifest. Having dreamed a big dream, you may think you’re ready for it to manifest, when in fact that would only create chaos in your life because you’re not prepared for it yet. When you’ve worked to develop your skills and prepare your consciousness, and you really ARE ready, the dream will manifest, but then the timing will be right. A really big dream will bring you opportunities, but also big challenges. Being the central focus – the focalizer and main vision-holder – of a big dream is like being the Chief Executive of a large company, and it requires skills in handling people, organizing, delegating, decision making, prioritizing and thinking in structural ways.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)