> Your Life’s Work Brings You the Most Abundance




Your Life’s Work Brings You the Most Abundance

Your Life’s Work Brings You the Most Abundance

“Finding and creating your life’s work will bring you more abundance than any other single action you can take. Your life’s work will involve doing what you love to do and will in some way make a contribution to the greater good of humanity. Money will be a by-product of doing what you love and will flow effortlessly into your life, without even much thought.”

“Now is the time to listen to your inner messages and discover the special work you came to do. Begin to put that work out to the world, for it is very much needed. As you serve and empower others, find your life’s work, and do what you love rather than what you think will bring you money, you will become highly magnetic to money.”

“Let your prosperity be based on the amount of good you contribute to the world. It often takes money to accomplish your life’s work. Your spiritual growth will increase your ability to manifest abundance, and your ability to manifest will assist you in getting your spiritual work out to the world.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“There is a higher purpose to your life, a special contribution you came to make. Part of your reason for coming to earth is to evolve yourself as well as to serve humanity in some way. We will call the process of evolving yourself your “life purpose,” and the service you came to offer humanity your “life’s work.” They are intertwined, because as you serve others you will naturally evolve yourself. As you evolve and radiate more light, you automatically serve others. Everything you do to evolve yourself and carry out your life’s work is an act of aligning with the Higher Will and your Higher Self.

You have a special role to play, something that you are uniquely fitted for. Your life’s work will take on various forms at different times. The form may change from month to month and year to year, so keep in touch with your purpose and vision as it expands and grows. You can discover your life’s work through examining the skills you love to use, the things you love to do, and the areas you are naturally drawn to. Whatever you love to do will also serve others in some way, for it is the nature of the universe that when you use your highest skills you automatically contribute to others.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self”)

“Finding your life’s work allows you to create abundance and money easily. The job or activities that are meant to be your life’s work, involve doing what you love with your time and energy. When you love what you do, you feel alive, happy, and fulfilled. You radiate joy and draw many good things to you. You can make money doing work that you don’t like, but it will take more effort. Not liking what you do with your time and energy diminishes your flow of abundance; loving what you do brings abundance more easily and effortlessly.”

“All will reap a harvest, but gardeners who love their crops will have the larger harvest. They will also feel that growing their crops is fun and joyful while the other gardeners will feel that it takes much hard work and struggle to produce even a small harvest.”

“Activities you love involve using the skills and talents you will use in doing your life’s work. This work can take many forms; one job may represent your life’s work at one time in your life and other jobs may at other times.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“You will recognize when you are doing your life’s work by the feelings of vitality and aliveness it gives you. You will feel that your life has greater meaning and that you are making a worthwhile contribution. You will have a compelling vision or goal. You will feel happier in every area of your life. Your work will allow you to express more fully who you are; it will help you grow and evolve.”

“When you serve others, giving fully of your talent and skill to whatever you do, your work and services will be in demand, and money will flow to you. Even if it doesn’t appear that there will be more money doing what you love, trust your heart and follow your higher path, for there will eventually be much more money and abundance from following this path than any other.”

“Enlightenment comes from learning to put awareness and consciousness into all you do, bringing the energy around you into greater harmony, beauty and order. Doing your life’s work provides a vehicle for your enlightenment and spiritual growth, for when you love what you do you naturally put attention and awareness into your activities.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“Your higher self speaks to you through your feelings, imagination, desires and dreams. It shows you your life’s work by guiding you to the things that are joyful and giving you pictures of what you love to do. Your life’s work will be something you think about, feel connected to, are familiar with, or are already working on. It may be something you do in your free time for fun or something you tell yourself you would do if you had more free time, or money.”

“You are here right now to help build the new jobs and structures to support this new consciousness. It is up to you to recognize the new opportunities, sense where the needs are, and create the forms that will fill them. As this new consciousness spreads, you will be feeling a stronger and stronger urge to do work that empowers you and others, challenges you to grow, and offers you a chance to put the energy around you into a higher order.”

“To create your life’s work, do not feel you have to or should do something other than what you are doing. Forcing or pushing yourself usually results in resistance, not forward movement. You don’t need to totally change your life; you can create your life’s work gradually, one step at a time. What you are doing right now contains the seeds of your life’s work.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“One way to discover your life’s work is to observe what you love to do and what you do naturally, noticing which skills you enjoy using. Your life’s work will involve using those skills. Once you have identified them, you can concentrate on using them more, and draw opportunities to you to make money and support yourself through them. You can also find ways to us those skills in other areas of your life, turning all your activities into expressions of your life’s work.”

“Everything you enjoy doing uses certain skills. You can find ways to use these skills in any job you have, and thus do your life’s work more fully right now. The more opportunity you have to do activities you love, the more you will make the contribution you came to make, and more abundance you will attract.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“What are you doing right now has within it the seeds of your life’s work. As you may have discovered, each time you get a new job you use many of the skills you have already developed. It is as if every job prepares you in some way for the next one. Every skill you acquire that you love using will be important as you follow your higher path. You may not understand why you took a job or developed a particular talent or ability, but the skills you have learned will be of value to you. Trust that what you are doing now is helping you gain skills that will be used in your greater life’s work.”

“Do not try to figure out what to do with your life by looking at the world and asking, “What can I do for the world?” Look at yourself and ask, “What do I want to do that I love to do? What attracts me? What excites me? What are the issues I am working on in my life? What can I get enthusiastic about doing?”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“Doing your life’s work will require the skills of listening to and following your own wisdom. It will require making yourself rather than anyone else the authority on what is good for you. Creating your life’s work is a process of discovering yourself. Many of you think that others have the answers, particularly in areas you are unfamiliar with. There is a time when it is appropriate to listen to outside authorities, such as when you are new to something and need to acquire knowledge about it. But after you have gathered other people’s wisdom and knowledge, it is best to reply on your own wisdom in making decisions.”

“To create your life’s work you will need to learn to solve your own problems, which you might instead call your “challenges” or “opportunities for growth.” As you do your life’s work, you will be creating your own path from day to day. No one is going to structure it or lay out a blueprint for you. You can design your future by being alert to and aware of opportunities, knowing when to take action and when not to.”

“Discover your own answers. As you develop the skill of creative thinking, you will be able to find more effective ways to do your work and be more successful. As you think about how to increase the harmony and flow in your life in small ways, you are developing the skill of creative problem solving. When you encounter challenges on your path, you will already have the skills you need to handle them creatively and to find solutions.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)