> We are All One Consciousness and One Self




We are All One Consciousness and One Self

We are All One Consciousness and One Self

“We are all one. In the beginning, there was only one consciousness that existed. The one consciousness decided to differentiate itself into the many in order to experience itself from different perspectives and points of view. We are all different versions of the same being in existence.

We are all inseparably connected to everything else in the universe. The real you is bigger than the individual you that is localized in time and space. The real you is all there is. Your real self is the Self of The All. Everyone else is an aspect of your much larger self.

That is why there is no out there because everything is within you, and is being projected as your consciousness. Everyone you see is a different version of you. I am a different version of you and you are a different version of me. You can say that we are all God individualized into little gods. It is written in the bible Psalms 82:6 that the Lord says we are gods because we are all children of the Most High.

But there is one who is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. He is Yahweh the LORD and He is EL ELYON, God Most High or God the Highest.

It is He that created the rest of us by differentiating the One consciousness into many more individuated centers of consciousness. He is the highest aspect of God and He is the LORD whom we should worship and serve. He is the Godhead while we are the body of God.”

- Enoch Mind Reality