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Vibrational Marketing to Attract Abundance and Success

Vibrational Marketing to Attract Abundance and Success

“All cooperative components have been drawn. Which means if you have something you are marketing, and you’ve been wanting people to find it, wanting people to buy it, and wanting people to have benefit of it and wanting you to feel benefit of it, and you’ve been doing it for a long time, your point of attraction is very strong. And so the question is are you a cooperative component? Because your customers already are! And that’s the thing that most don’t understand in marketing. They apply the majority of their marketing tactics and techniques from their perspective of what’s not working, which holds them apart from what is working. The marketing campaign you are launching is not to attract the millions to your product, they have already been attracted. The marketing campaign is to attract you. They way you do it is talking about the beauty of it, talking about how good it feels, lining up with it, pretending it’s already done.

The laws of the universe are responding to the vibrational core. So these are the prerequisites for you doing really well with the offering of something: You must adore it yourself and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others. And when you are there, those who are looking for the benefit it offers will flock to it, and you will be right there to welcome them.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham – The law of attraction and marketing)

“You’re talking about wanting to understand this market and wanting to create something that is good for a whole lot of people, and not only do you want to do that with all of them now, you want to do something that is going to secure you off into the future. And so you’re asking a lot of yourself, and in the process you’re losing your focus, so you’re energy is split all over the place. And when your energy is split, then you don’t feel your power, and then you attract to you those who don’t feel their power, then you attract to you those ineffective people. The more clear you are about what you want, and the more in alignment you are so the better you are feeling, then the more you attract people that are already up to speed.

Make a decision and then make it the right decision. Pick one and it doesn’t matter which one you pick, and then make it feel good. Pick something and then line up with what you’ve pick, and then trust law of attraction to bring everything that is necessary for the comfortable unfolding of that.

Your work is to figure out how to make yourself comfortable with that thought. Make yourself comfortable with the idea, so much so that you can’t live without it. In other words, make yourself so comfortable with the idea that anything else is just out of the question. And when you reach that point of clarity, the universe will deliver the means to accommodate you. But when you get an idea for something, and then you don’t become one with your own idea, but then you attempt to orchestrate it by getting others to do whatever they need to do in order to bring it about, there are not efficient enough people in the world to buck your current.

It’s all about energy, everything’s about energy, nothing is about action, only act in inspiration to that kind of energy. Get yourself tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Get yourself to the point where you MUST have it, and the universe MUST give it to you. You can be, do or have anything that you are wanting. It is not about action, it is about alignment of energy. You get to choose. Your source will agree with you as you choose. You are leading edge genius creators and the source is backing you up all the way.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: ABRAHAM HICKS Selling Products)

“The law of attraction will bring to you those who are in alignment with your product. If you are in alignment with it, there it stands as a testament to your vibrational alignment, and when you stand there with it radiating real time vibrational alignment with it, your attraction power is multiplied by thousands maybe by hundreds of thousands. But if you stand there with the product doing all the pulling power while you are resisting its pulling power with your negative expectation, then there is a push and pull, and that’s why you find indecision among the people. They are drawn but can’t quite. When you line up with what you’ve got, there will be a current that you will be presenting that will call people who are on the brink of alignment right into alignment, and they see it and feel it, they will weep with their desire to have it near them always.

When they begin driving that truck, everyone waved at them on the freeway, thumbs up at the gas station, they attracted a crowd everywhere they went, because their appreciation for the truck was imbued in their vibration, and they were broadcasting a vibrational signal that attracted attention to the truck. That was in 1987. The truck still looks as pretty as ever and when they drive it, no one sees it, because they don’t feel the way they felt about the truck.

It is the way you feel that is your point of attraction. You have to get in sync, you have to be real time. You have to get in vibrational sync with who you are in order to radiate the signal that is dynamic enough that others will feel it. When you’re tuned in, when you’re tapped in, when you are in sync with the vibration of your Vortex, you’re radiating a signal that is broadcasted so much further and so much wider. Talk about an advertisement, talk about a concierge in the sky, talk about an agent, talk about someone out there advocating on your behalf, it’s not just your inner being, it’s All-That-Is, it’s all that exists in all of this Source nonphysical energy advocating that which you are. So when you get into the Vortex and you are a vibrational match to that, watch what happens. That’s why the people who are hot are hot. It has little to do with anything other than what all of that is causing you to do in terms of your vibrational broadcast.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Vibrational Marketing At Its Best)

“You could go to every painting and put it in piles. This is the in the vortex pile, and this is the not in the vortex pile. And what you begin to notice is the in the vortex pile is sold, and the not in the vortex pile isn’t. Everything’s that way.

So you were not emphasizing the problem of the absence of them. So you know what to do, it’s just a matter of making a little more effort to be a little more optimistic.“

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Success Isn’t About Trying, It’s About Ease)

“One storekeeper increased his business dramatically by sending love and envisioning success for everyone who came into his store. People were magnetically drawn to his shop.”

- Orin (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)