> The Vibration of God is Strongest in Worship




The Vibration of God is Strongest in Worship

The Vibration of God is Strongest in Worship

“God is Music. The Experienced Universe is a Song of Creation. In the Atmosphere of Worship, the Presence of God is so real. Concepts like “The Glory, The Greatness, The Majesty, The Wonders, and The Goodness” come alive in the moment of worship. A story of the past may just be something that can’t be experienced as real now. The linear perspective of what came before and what came after may not be enough for a mind that comprehends simultaneous time. But one can focus awareness on a particular area NOW and experience it NOW by feeling the Vibration of it NOW.

In the Atmosphere of Worship, the Vibration of God is felt NOW, and the Presence of God is experienced NOW. It is a very PRESENT REALITY. That Vibration is experienced as FEELING and that Feeling is Knowing, and it is a Knowing of REALITY.

The Vibration of God is the strongest in Worship. That is because that’s where His Presence is most tangible, The Glory is Most Glorious, and The Light is the Brightest.

The Vibration of God is the most subtle in the entire universe, and is therefore the most invisible. It is not apparent everywhere you see. But in the Atmosphere of Worship, the Vibration of God gets amplified and the opposite happens. It becomes the strongest and the most real Vibration of all. It is stronger than any other Vibrations of Light you can compare. The Vibration of God is so subtle that it is invisible in the Universal, but it becomes so PERSONAL when amplified in Worship. It is a divine paradox.

God is both Fully Universal and Fully PERSONAL at the same time. All it takes is to focus attention in the Right Way to activate the Right vibration to know the Personal.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“There is a Presence that can be tangibly felt and experienced. It is the Presence that sweeps all over, washing us, saturating us with His Love, filling us with His Light.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

The Key to Experience the Fullness of God

“Praise opens the door to His Presence. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving in your heart. Enter His courts with praise. He lives in the presence of our praises. If you do not praise Him, you can’t see Him. Other beings who do not praise Him can’t see Him. They may look for Him but they cannot find Him. Therefore to them His Person is nonexistent. He exists outside of their range of perception. What you appreciate, appreciates. This is the Law of Attraction. Draw near to Him with your praises and He will draw near to you. His name is Jesus, and He is the Lord of lords, the Everlasting Father and the Fullness of God. Those that only praise God without the Name that is above every name would not experience His Fullness. There is a Song coming from the other side. Will you open your ears to it and sing with it? He is the Song of songs. He stands at the door and knocks. The door is your heart. Open the door and He will come in, and He will sup with you, and you with Him. He is Soul Food.“

“The Presence of God in the House of Worship is not just FULL, it is OVERFLOWING. Yahweh = God. Yeshua (Yahweh + Shua) = Yahweh Saves = OVERFLOWING.”

“In the Presence of God all things are beautiful. Light is Sound, Music is Color. God is a Song, and the sweetest sound in the Universe is His Name: Jesus.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“To worship is to “kiss the Lord”. It is a time of intimacy with God. It is a sacred act that needs a sacred space and a sacred state.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Worshiping the Lord God brings the Highest Wisdom

Worship is a vibration. Even without saying a word, even without doing a thing, if you are internally appreciating God, you are worshiping Him. When you are reading His Word and you feel a sense of praise towards God, you are worshiping God. People generally talk about external acts as worship, but what’s happening internally is the essence of what’s going on. Whenever you FEEL good about God, you are worshiping God.

How to have wisdom that transcends the stars of heaven (other light beings that do not worship God)? You do that by worshiping God. The worship of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Worshiping God gives you access to the wisdom of the Most High. Lucifer corrupted his wisdom by reason of his own brightness. That is why he no longer worships God, although he was created to be God’s original worship leader and equipped with all the musical instruments in Eden.

The Supreme Way to Attain 3 things: Grounding, Faith and Wisdom. 1. Ground yourself on the Solid Rock of All Ages – Jesus Christ. All other ground is less stable. No other foundation is as sturdy as Christ Jesus Himself. 2. Look to Jesus as the Author and Perfecter of your Faith. Faith to create reality comes easier when you focus on Him, the Source of Faith. 3. The Worship of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Solomon became the Wisest because he worshiped the Lord. Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego became Wiser than all other Magicians because they worshiped the Lord. Jesus has always been Source above all sources.

How to get into a state of HIGH vibration? How to get into the Vortex? Worship God, Praise Him! When you worship, every cell in your Being comes ALIVE, everything in your soul ALIGNS together in HARMONY, and your vibrational center is positioned to attract good into your life. Is worship is the need of an egoistic God? NO! Worship is for YOU to benefit. God delights in you to worship Him for YOUR sake. He wants You BLESSED, He want You WELL. This is the way to connect with Him personally. This is the way the Universe is originally designed. The morning stars sing for JOY, and All the Heavenly Hosts VIBRATE in tune with the PRAISES of the Most High.

Worship songs are love songs towards God. Just like there are love songs towards those whom you love, worship is love expressed to the greatest portion of your Self. You do relate to a loved one as another person don’t you? Likewise it is the same relationship between you and the Most High as a Person. Worship songs express love, thanks, honor, glory and exaltation. Although some beings have been divorced from that relationship with that greatest portion of Self, the Church is being reconciled with the LORD through Christ Jesus as the Bridegroom.

“The two books right in the center of the Bible are Psalms and Proverbs. The Heart of God and the Mind of God. Worship and Wisdom. Psalms comes before Proverbs. The fear (worship) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom comes from Alignment with your Source.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Worship brings Wisdom and the Power for Prosperity

“I wonder why is it that during moments of intense concentrated worship, my spirit senses and perceives many things of God and Heaven’s reality. But it seems fleeting and I seem to forget about those things at other times. There is a need to ground those energies so that the information in them remains a more constant experience in this reality.

During peak moments in worship, Heaven seems to open and all of Heaven’s bounty, the riches of His Glory can be tapped into and the flow can be directed into any desired areas of our lives. The frequencies of worship are not of this reality but that of Heaven, which is why we do not feel any of our earthly needs in that space. But it is not enough to just ascend into Heaven’s atmosphere during worship. We should also bring Heaven down into Earth as much as we can to make a Heaven on Earth as our reality. It is important to retain awareness of both realities and merge them during worship.

I also feel as though those who are living a life full of praise and worship seem to have a lot more magical power than many magicians out there who use all kinds of rituals that involve much effort and energy. Being plugged into your Source is the most important thing of all. Jesus is the Source.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“If you bring the high praise unto Me, there will be a continual opening in the Heavens, spiraling upward, as you touch higher realms where even greater miracles are awaiting to manifest on the earth.”

– The Lord Jesus channeling a Rhema word through Renny Mclean (Eternity Invading Time)

“The Lord said to me, “If you want to feed a nation and if you want to feed a triple portion, you must dance.” The Lord said He would send us to feed nations, and He has been faithful to that promise; but it has come through an anointing to dance. Praising in the dance is powerful! In a positive sense, when our dance and our praise please the King, we can have whatever we want. Praise creates an atmosphere in which miracles happen.

“Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours” – Deuteronomy 11:24

I have found that if you dance on nations in the realm of the Spirit, God will also give you the opportunity to dance on them physically. Is it powerful? It’s powerful. You can stand in your hometown and possess nations. Dancing is one of the most effective ways to do it.

There is power in the dance. There’s an anointing for the nations. You’ll find that you have an anointing to feed nations as you begin to dance more before the Lord. Don’t let a day go by that you don’t dance. Praise the Lord in the dance. Let that anointing go from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Praise the Lord in the dance!”

- GLORY: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven (Ruth Heflin)