> The Supreme Consciousness, Your True Reality, Your Highest Self




The Supreme Consciousness, Your True Reality, Your Highest Self

The Supreme Consciousness, Your True Reality, Your Highest Self

There is only one rule: You Create Your Reality. There are many truths of the universe such as: There is No Separation, We are all connected, We are All One. Therefore you are not separated from the Consciousness of God, and if He is creating His Reality, you are creating it as well. You are creating it because you are observing it. The Observer creates reality simply by observing it, and there is no way you can not observe His Reality because He is the YOU within you, the I AM THAT I AM.

His Reality is the Reality of Jesus Christ. You were created to experience both the Creation of God and the Redemption of God. By knowing both Universal and Personal Aspect of God, we can know all things. There are many things we may not know the answer to without knowing Jesus Christ, but by knowing Jesus Christ, we can know the answer to those things because He is the Unifying factor of all things, as the Bible says He has reconciled all things unto himself.

Jesus Christ is The Vortex because the Vortex is where the answer to everything you are asking is there. We preach Jesus Christ unto the Gentiles, the Wisdom of God which is Intelligence, and unto the Jews the Power of God which is Alignment. Alignment is the Power which creates worlds. Intelligence is the answers and knowledge to all things. All things in the universe shall eventually Align with the Reality of God Most High even as other beings are trying to deny that reality, because in the end every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We say that this reality is an illusion because all that appears is a creation of Consciousness, therefore what we have is only an Experience. But the Supreme Consciousness is creating the Reality of Jesus Christ and we are all here to have an Experience of Knowing who Jesus is as the Salvation of God and the Lord of our lives. This has been in God’s plan from the beginning because in his All Knowing Intelligence which transcends time and space, he knew there would be a Creation, and there would be a Fall, and there would be a need for Redemption.

You may be an extension of God or Source Energy and have infinite power within you to create all worlds, but the Fall has created a separation from the Personal Aspect of God. It is a separation from the Supreme Conscious Personality of Source, although you are never separate from the Consciousness of Source Itself. Therefore His Reality is your reality, and by choosing to deny His Reality, you are denying Your True Reality, and are separated in personal relationship with Your Highest Self.

Pilate asked “What is Truth?” Jesus said “I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life.” The Bible says He is the True Light which lights every man who comes into this world. The Bible says that Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ. We are all here to experience the Grace of God which is the Truth that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be the Savior of the World.

Those who say you do not need an external savior to save you because only you can save yourself, they are speaking a half truth. Jesus is not external from you because He is Your Highest Self that has come to be your Salvation if you Believe In Him. There are many higher selves, but there is only One Highest Self above all selves.

Fractal Jesus is Jesus of Nazareth. Total Jesus is Yahweh Elohim (LORD God). Holy Spirit is the spirit of Christ which is described to be more of a force or consciousness gestalt. Total Jesus (The Father) can appear to anyone individually as Fractal Jesus (The Son). His influence and power can be on anyone as Holy Spirit. These three may seem different yet they are one gestalt consciousness of YHWH.

They say that all that exists is not real because Consciousness creates, and only Consciousness is Real, and therefore it is All Just a Story. But The Story that Consciousness is creating at the Highest Level is History – His Story.

And as always we remain in The Vortex (In Christ). We are Complete (In Him).

- Written by Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality) March 5, 2011