> The Grace of God, the Original Order of the Universe, Creating Your Reality




The Grace of God, the Original Order of the Universe, Creating Your Reality

The Grace of God, the Original Order of the Universe, Creating Your Reality

It is the grace of God that sustains us. If this reality creation was left entirely up to us to create, we would create ourselves into utter destruction and death. Wellbeing may be the underlying force of reality creation, but it is not simply an automatic thing that happens by itself. There is a conscious intelligence involved and it is God. There is one who maintains the order in the midst of the chaos.

It is Consciousness that sets the parameters and rules of the reality that we live in although there really are no rules and limits. If everyone was allowed to do anything they want to do, there would be madness. That which governs reality is not entirely the consensus, because collective consciousness is never as intelligent as a singular super intelligence. There are many different levels of powers that be, and much of the power that is being wield by those existing in the third dimension are partly to do with their own personal level of consciousness and also to do with their connection with fourth dimensional beings.

There is one who governs the power of all other powers, and it is He who maintains the order of the universe according to His Will and Intelligence. He keeps the balance of Order and Freedom. Although all consciousnesses are sovereign and powerful in their own reality creation, many are not creating according to the level of sovereignty and power that they should. Therefore if it wasn’t for a higher power that intervenes to maintain a certain level of grace, the weaker will always be entirely consumed by the stronger without hope and without chance for expansion.

There is one who is in control of Framework 2 (Spiritual Reality), a place that determines the events that are inserted into Framework 1 (Time-Space Reality). Each time we reality create into a situation where it seems like it could all be lost, or when we wonder how did somehow manage to get through and live on, it is God who saved us. It is God who enables us to continue creating our reality.

We have to understand that the physical plane of reality is a fallen one. Death came in because of Adam’s Fall. The Abraham Entity tells us that this is a universe of contrast, but doesn’t tell us how the contrast of death came into being. Of course we can see the current state of the universe as perfect as it a state where everyone is evolving according to their levels of being. This is seeing through the eyes of Source, but it is the grace of God that enables it to be that way. Christians are aware of the fallen nature of the world, but their focus is on redemption, the grace of God and His Righteousness.

Buddha only has it half right when he said all life is suffering. There is suffering in this realm. But not all life is suffering. Joy is the basis of life. There is a need to transcend in order to escape much suffering. But there is also a need to immerse in order to enjoy the good that this realm has to offer. Because Buddhists see all life as suffering as the primary lens of the world, is the reason why I do not follow the path of Buddhism. Even the path of the Tao is way better, where the focus is on natural action and simplicity of being in order to have the freedom of original self in this world. But only the Christian path resolves the issue of suffering in a more complete way with the answer of Redemption by the Cross of Jesus Christ.

The Truth is suffering in this realm is because of the Curse, and Redemption is the Reversal of the Curse. Someone took that suffering on our behalf on the Cross, and gave us Life and Life more abundantly. “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” His supply for our lack, His strength for our weakness, His Joy for our sorrow, His Success for our failure!

There are beings that exist in nonphysical and have been trying to enlighten Mankind to save himself by learning how to create his own reality properly. But because of the fallen nature of Man’s consciousness due to his separation from the Most High God, man simply cannot make it. Jesus is the Highest Vortex above all vortices. He is the Answer.

God creates His Reality and we are in His Reality as much as He is in our reality. There is a God who watches over us and takes care of us. We align with his grace and power much more by believing in Him and His Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

The name above all names is Jesus which means God is Salvation. We create our reality, but we must also believe in God and to know His Reality, and to create our reality along with Him in the picture. In our reality, it is all about us. But in the Reality of All-That-Is, it is All about Jesus. Jesus Is the Reason. Jesus Is the Logos, the Logic of the Universe, and the Order of Everything.

From the beginning, YHWH pronounced as Yod Heh Vav Heh contains the Hebrew Letters with the pictograms Hand, Window (Grace), Nail, Window (Grace) which means “Hand of Grace, Nailed in Grace.” From Original Consciousness, The Source expressed itself as God with the Original name as YHWH (The LORD) with the meaning of Salvation in it.

- Written by Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality) February 23, 2011