> The Law of Creative Harmony Operates the Universe




The Law of Creative Harmony Operates the Universe

The Law of Creative Harmony Operates the Universe

“The physical universe came into existence with certain root assumptions. Many of these laws have their roots from the greater nonphysical universe that preceded it. The nonphysical universe is much older than the physical one; it was one of the first things created by the cosmic egg. It is from this larger nonphysical universe that physical reality gets its energy, vitality, and behavior. It is from this framework that you get the ability to create on the physical plane.

Let’s take sometime to learn a bit about the basic design of the created universe. The most important part of the cosmic egg is the base code that went into it. This code is part of everything that exists and is what ensures that the universe expands in a constructive and positive manner. One of the central themes of this code deals with creative harmony. A Creative harmony is the idea that underneath everything that happens or exists there is some kind of unifying creative, harmonious force. This one creative force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and those influences that will pull apart from the whole and encourages those influences that support or add to the whole.

This idea of one all-encompassing creative force is not new. Just by looking up at the night sky you have to wonder about the level of creative harmony that goes on to form the stars and galaxies. Even an exploding star is a creative act, as the star is transformed from one form to another.

This creative harmony may seem elusive from a human perspective. However, as you delve deeper into the nonphysical side of creation and come in contact with the wonders that exist outside of the earthly system, this underlying harmony of everything will become more apparent.

As you break out of the box of the physical plane, you will experience an increasing degree of harmony and a decreasing degree of disharmony. If you go far enough away from the physical plane all disharmony ceases to exist and only those creations that are in perfect harmony with each other are in existence.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“The physical plane is a special case in the manifested universe. While you are incarnate on this plane, you are learning to use the most powerful creative tool you possess: your consciousness. Along with this learning process comes your choice to create with the underlying flow of creation or against it. So, on the physical plane, you often see two kinds of creations: those that are in harmony and those that are not.

Disharmony occurs when someone’s reality creation is not in synchronization with underlying creative energy wave of the universe. When you or someone else creates against this energy wave that creation will be in a state of decay; the universe’s core operating system does not support it, so the countercurrents of creation tear it down.

It’s not that you do not possess any free will, because you do. However, all your creations must be in harmony with this underlying creative current otherwise they decay. You are in the physical plane to learn how to tune your consciousness into this harmony, so that whatever you decide to create, that creation will resonate with everything else. It is a big universe and there are lots of harmonious things that you can create.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The physical and the nonphysical universe possess certain root assumptions (or laws) that dictate their behavior.

- The physical universe is a small part of the nonphysical universe; therefore the physical universe’s laws are birthed from the nonphysical universe’s laws.

- You already live in both the physical and the nonphysical universe; you are just unaware of it.

- Learning to be aware of your activities in the nonphysical universe will help you to better create your physical reality and demonstrate to you the nonphysical laws upon which physical reality is based.

- All your reality creations must be in harmony with the flow of creation otherwise they will decay.

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)