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How to Be Invisible and Invincible

How to Be Invisible and Invincible

Shadow Walking (The Spell of Invisibility)

“One thinks to oneself “I will not be seen, but I will see you”, projecting through the expanded conscious of the spirit that goes through anything this thought and it improves the chances of passing right by someone with not noticing of yourself. The way of the expanded conscious is to focus on your surroundings with your mind. Now, expand that focus to the spirit world, or the world of the unseen. Think that you know of what people will do by making it so you are aware of everything around you. I found myself unseen by police walking away unseen and walking a few blocks away of their area. I also believe that if a person holds a purpose in mind of being there with a no purpose other than being there with a purpose one will be able to hide in plain sight without camouflage. While this is going on try not to slouch and make a determined look on your face. People will mistake you for naturally having a purpose there.

Keeping a grey wall around you mentally projected will make the eyes that try to observe you shift away from you. It will make even psychic observance not observe you. In fact any ghost, spirit, or poltergeist will not see you as some psychics say.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)

“I always succeeded best when I had a strong emotion of stealth or being unseen. Such as in dire situations, like trying to catch an intruder in or out.”
- Matt JH (Facebook Comments, 14 Oct 2013)

“When seeking to avoid detection I’ve found it best to pull your energy back within as opposed to allowing it to naturally flow outward even if the intent is to cloak oneself.”
- Jasiri Uhuru (Facebook Comments, 14 Oct 2013)

Defensive Magic

“Defensive magic is to ward away or cause danger to be somewhere else by trick or trade. For some defensive magic you don’t change your physical expression, you change your auric expression. Possibly shifting the color could help, but not to a stereotypic one. If I want people to back the fuck off, I make my aura look a really evil shade of red. If you want to hide, make it a silver gray. Then back away and go another way to get away or to go and make them go another way by telling them to in your head which is shared into their minds or in their minds.

Another, a thing to do would probably to learn how to flare and suppress your aura, which will repel hostility from you, or make you unnoticeable. I actually can flare both my aura and my resonance field to do this. All you need is to visualize the effect you want regarding people and beings, then combine that with a visualization of your aura flaring like a burst of energy or suppressing like you are fading away. To reverse it, visualize it going back to normal. My personal method is to tell someone to not sit near me and flare near him to cause him to back away.

Here’s a ward spell that is pretty easy, and effective for keeping beings, physical and not, away from you or places/objects you need to protect. Focus on the emotion or the idea, in this case, the feeling of wanting no one to go near the target, and make this feeling very strong. Focus on the target afterwards and pretty much everyone will stay away. This effect will either last for an unlimited time or end when you are dangerously low on energy (below 5% normal capacity), as it needs the energy from the caster to be maintained. It could be altered to make it so it doesn’t need your energy, but maybe energy from the surrounding environment, which there is a lot of in most cases, but I’ve only tried this with areas I want privacy in.”

- Spelly (http://spellhawk.blogspot.sg/2009/08/defensive-magic.html)

Magic Spell to make things invisible

“Hiding an item is simple; by imaging a toggle switch in your mind with two label positions: hidden and revealed with the name of the item above the switch in your head. Imagine the switch switching itself to hidden. I found I actually hid a rifle that didn’t work by doing this from the police. To unhide an item switch the switch to revealed.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)

Illusion Magic

“I once went bare naked with a illusion of clothing on me into a crowd. It seemed to have worked until one saw through it and I was embarrassed by the moment and ran out of the crowd. My mental image around myself had slightly lessened and I lost focus on it so it disappeared. If one wanted to hide an object in plain view, distract the person and place an illusion around it without him or her looking at it. Make it disappear in plain site or make it seem like something else. When the person starts looking for the object, it won’t be there and he or she will leave you alone, even if it was the police.

If one wanted to make his house look like a mansion all he has to do is disguise the house to have a lot better class items that do the same thing. Visualize it and make it look very good in your mind and project it outwards in about the radius of the house and yard. Detach the energy and loop it to make it self-sustaining. There will be an empty feeling for one second and it will be gone. The ways illusions work is the person believes in it and thus it is given power, by their thoughts of it being there. As long as the person believes in it as its being there, then that person will never perceive it as an illusion, whereas the person casting the illusion will not perceive it, because they know it as an illusion.”

- Spelly (http://spellhawk.blogspot.sg/2009/09/illusion-magic.html)

“To change your aura to darkness and thus remain unseen even while being looked at. Think of darkness and be in darkness. Now, think of your aura as a color. Color is controlled by frequency. Frequency is made by vibration of particles that make the color. Different colors are made by different frequency. Different frequencies make different things happen. Now, think of your auric color as black. When this happens, say the words “I wish to be unseen and cloaked in blackness.” Feel the blackness around you seep into yourself. Now feel the blackness as part of yourself and cloaking yourself at the same time. When you want it lifted, just allow the blackness cloak to fade and you will be seen again.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)

“Or you can just wish to be removed from their consciousness. I fly under the radar all the time.”
- DeAndre ‘Cloud’ McFarlin (Facebook Comment, 15 Oct 2013)


“I once had an opportunity to chat with a gentleman who knew a great deal about this sort of power. We were talking about a science-fiction character you may have heard of, who was supposed to be able to make himself invisible, and in this manner solve many mysteries—because he could watch people, without being seen, and likewise listen in on their conversations.

I asked him whether such a thing were possible, and when—to my surprise—he answered yes, I asked him if he possessed such power. His only reply was a smile. Pointing to an easy chair in back of me, he asked me to take a seat, so we could chat more comfortably. As I turned to sit down, he was doing likewise. But when I looked up a second later, he had suddenly vanished!

I instantly jumped up and searched for him, calling out, “Where are you?” I investigated every inch of the room, the patio, the adjoining rooms. There was no trace of him.

Exhausted, I slumped back down on the big leather easy chair, staring blankly at the floor. Suddenly I perceived that my friend was seated in his easy chair, smiling, hands clasped in a contemplative manner.

Had he actually vanished? Not really; but he had, by the exercise of Hypno-Telepathy, obliterated his form so that I could not see him. By directing his thought at me, he had imperceptibly hypnotized me into believing that he would vanish.

Following an interval of several minutes, he again directed his thought at me, suggested that I would see him again.”

- Telecult Power (Reese P. Dubin)

“To be invisible in a crowd is much easier than you think.. to direct your energy inward and make sure the focus is not on you, you become invisible.”
- Sun Twirl (Facebook Comment, 23 Oct 2013)

“It’s actually not that hard but takes total focus.”
- Aurora Collins (Facebook Comment, 23 Oct 2013)

HYPNO-VISION: How to Hypnotize Someone Without His Knowledge

The resistance at the Nerve Gaps can be reduced markedly by giving your brain several consecutive high stimulations. After several such stimulations the Nerve Gaps retain such a large quantity of undissolved acetylcholine that their resistance to the very next message is virtually nil, and the message gets across quite easily. This may be accomplished in either of two ways—through Hypno-Vision, a form of Telecult Vision.


In many instances of thought reception, an emotional experience of some sort is involved. That is to say, one of the parties concerned is having a frightening, or exciting, or emotionally disturbing experience when his (or her) thought is picked up by another person.

There are innumerable cases on record to support this. In one, for example, a husband claims that three times in his life, he was able to hear—Telepathically—at great distances, his wife’s call for help. In every instance, the impression was correct.

The explanation, apparently, is that the receiver somehow tunes in on the emotionalized charge in the other person’s mind.

To project thoughts at will, therefore, one method is to produce artificially an emotional buildup before sending. This is a method of thought projection, recommended by Frank R. Young in his book, Secrets of Personal Psychic Power

1. Think of a very pleasant situation, something you like to do, some rare treat—and think of this until your whole mind is filled with the pleasure of it.

2. Think of an even more pleasant situation. Let the thought of it fill your whole mind and dwell on this thought until your entire body glows with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction you get from this thought.

3. Now, very briefly—for perhaps a few seconds—let your mind dwell on an ordinary, everyday situation; some household chore that must be performed, some tedious not-too-interesting situation.

4. Now, suddenly, just as suddenly as you can, plunge your mind back into that most pleasant of thoughts, and dwell on it again until your whole mind is filled with the pleasure of it.

5. When you have achieved this feeling of intense, sublime pleasure, frame in your mind (either in words or as a mental picture) the situation you wish to bring
about involving this person. It would be helpful If, in this final step, you were looking directly at this person, or in his or her general direction, but this is not absolutely necessary. You may also hold near your body something that belongs to this person, as a means of strengthening contact.

However, these are just additional aids. If you have followed, the five steps just given, your thoughts should flow automatically and swiftly to the other person’s mind. I tried this method sixteen times one morning, and it worked every time!

THE SECOND METHOD—Deep Concentration

Here’s an incredibly simple method that blasts your thought to the mind of the other person with all the power of a lightning bolt. It is called Deep Concentration.

In Deep Concentration, the mind is made to dwell closely, steadily on one thing and one alone. This is not as easy as it sounds. For, left to itself, the human mind tends to flit from subject to subject at a great rate. Try thinking of one single thought for a period of 30 seconds and see what happens.

- Telecult Power (Reese P. Dubin)

“God provides supernatural experiences to those who are obedient. I have heard many testimonies about people who smuggle Bibles into Communist countries where Bibles are forbidden. Often as these brave individuals approach security check points they pass directly through without even having to show their passports. God can easily expand the molecules in your body in such a glory that you become invisible.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“We are going to coach you into invisibility. Every law that has ever been written was written by those who were outside of the vortex trying to prevent something unwanted from happening, and so part of what you are feeling is resistance towards resistance. But remember, every battle that you wage no matter what is a battle really against yourself. So what you want to reach for is alignment. When you are in sync with who you are, then you have all of the resources so that everything that you want will be your experience.

Esther is pretty sure that even though the monster bus is forty feet long and nearly fourteen feet tall and a hundred and two inches wide with a car behind it hooked on, she’s pretty sure that she’s invisible to the police, because they don’t find her, and she breaks the speed limit in every state she drives, significantly. But she doesn’t feel guilty about it, because she knows her machine. She doesn’t drive recklessly because she loves her life and others. In other words, she’s in tune.

So we’re encouraging alignment and anything else you feel like doing. In other words, get in the vortex and then drive fast. Get in the vortex and then drive fast. Get in the vortex and then drive fast.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube video: Abraham ~ He wants to drive fast)

“If you’re really in the vortex, your intuition will let you know when they’re with you and when they’re not. In other words you’ll just have those impulses. Esther knows because she speeds mostly. But she knows whenever anything happens where there is something unwanted that happens when she’s driving, 100% she can trace it to some concern she had going on. In other words, when you’re in the vortex nothing unwanted ever occurs. When you’re in the vortex nothing unwanted ever occurs. So the key is to get in there more. Do all your speeding from inside the vortex.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – How can he avoid getting speeding tickets?)

“Your inner being knows who you are and what you want. And when you get tuned in, which means you’ve meditated for a little while, you have appreciated for a little while, or you just work up and didn’t do that thing that got you in a bad mood for awhile, you were in the receptive mode, your inner being will feed all of the pieces of everything that you want to you all day everyday. You never need to make a wrong turn. Esther would not have received a speeding ticket. She didn’t get a ticket, she got a warning. She wouldn’t have been stop if she had been her normal happy, eating her taco and taco bell person. Esther is sticking her nose in somebody else’s business and getting all twirled up in their vibration. It really is about that, not about mind control, about a desire for the way you feel to guide the direction of your thought.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks 2015 – If you can visualize your desire is already on it’s way)

“How about faith or trust in law of attraction? Do you believe law of attraction? What about knowing that the universal law of law of attraction is always responding to your vibration? What about noticing when something wonderful happens that it matches the way you were feeling? And what about when something not so wonderful happens you notice that it matches the way you were feeling? So it doesn’t take faith. That’s knowledge, vivid knowledge. There’s not a shred of evidence in the universe to the contrary. You don’t need faith, you’ve got evidence all around you that what you think and what you feel and what manifest always match. So we think the faith you are reaching for is not faith in the law, we think you know that. We think it’s faith or belief in your ability to hold your thoughts in the direction of that which you are wanting. And now we say you don’t need faith because you’ve got knowledge of your emotional guidance system. You can tell when you’re downstream and when you’re upstream.

So here’s the fastest way that we know to be sure, to be knowing, to have faith that things are going to work out the way that you want them to. Think thoughts on purpose and take note of how they feel and watch what manifests. And before you know it, you will begin to feel more than feeling faith, you will feel INVINCIBLE. It is a wonderful thing to know that it’s just a matter of you deciding what you want and focusing on it and the universal forces move heaven and earth to accommodate you. You only need faith when you are not deliberately applying the laws. When you are deliberately applying the laws, they never let you down.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube video: Abraham Hicks – Faith)

“When there is an alignment of energy within you, in other words when your desires and beliefs are all in alignment, you would not be able to receive an impulse that could cause you any harm. It’s like watching the sports figures, they endure incredible collisions and catastrophes and their bodies fare very well because in the majority of cases, they are really tuned in, tapped in, turned on. They have goals that are singularly focused on, and they have practiced the alignment of beliefs in such a way that they are in vibrational harmony with themselves and so they achieve amazing feats. Without exception whether it is a sports figure or whether it is one of you, when you inflict injury upon yourself, it is always in a moment of misalignment.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham – Abraham Hicks – Letting go of fear of injuries)

“We assure you that if you were a match to complete well–being, you could drive your car at 200 mph and nothing bad would happen! Ask yourself, ‘Why it is so much fun to drive fast?’ Partially because of the danger involved. And why is there a consideration of danger? Because there is the thought stream that says: ‘driving cars fast can result in fatal accidents.’ We assure you that if everyone on the planet agreed to the thought stream that ‘driving cars fast is fun and there is no danger whatsoever of crashing’ there would never be any crashes!”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

Spell of Invulnerability

“To start, focus on a great hand that scoops up chaos and forms it around you as a shield of golden energy bees. Now, say these words to yourself “I wish this energy I summoned to protect me from spells and strikes by weaponry by repelling it back at the sender. It absorbs the spells with which I may be able to use and makes the spells I need available from that energy captured. May the energy summoned sustain this shield and render this minor globe of invulnerability unchangeable except by me!”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)

Victoria Marlow: We have tile floors in are house. Everything that drops on that floor breaks. I started practicing saying don’t break, don’t break, don’t break if I can think that before the item hits the floor 90% of the time the item well not break. That goes for glass, dishes, myself and even hard plastic. I don’t know how it works I just knows it does.
- Facebook Comment, 23 Oct 2013 (Time Slows Down)

“What you are referring to is in the mass belief system of cause and effect. Now; let me express to you that in actuality there is no cause and effect. This is a belief system that you have created en masse upon your planet and you hold to very tightly. Therefore, you also create this in your reality. In actuality there is no cause and effect, and it is unnecessary to be creating of one action to be accomplishing another action.

Example: You may step into your road – I have offered this example previously, but it serves its purpose well – and in stepping into your road, you may be engaged in an action with a carriage and it may strike you.

In this, your belief system is that if you are struck by the carriage, you shall be injured and you shall create physical displays of these injuries. You may be creating of breakage of bones, bruises upon your skin. You may even create more serious injuries within your physical form. This is cause and effect. But what I express to you [is], in actuality it is also quite possible to be standing within your road and to be struck by a carriage and sustain no physical injuries, for it is your choice in your alignment with the mass belief systems to be creating this or to not be creating this, and there are physical examples throughout your planet of this type of action occurring, where an individual may be struck in what you term to be an accident – which there are no accidents – and sustain no physical injury.

Now; onlookers shall express, ‘Oh! This is a miracle!’ For within your belief systems, a miracle is an action which you perceive to be impossible, but it is obviously possible or there would be no creation of the action. If it were not possible within your reality to be creating of this type of situation and not sustain physical injuries, it would not occur … but it does occur! Individuals holding what you think of as terminal illnesses instantaneously cure themselves, or are healed in the view of other individuals by some ‘special power.’ In reality, they have healed themselves. They have returned their form to its natural state within this physical manifestation, and they have NOT created what you term to be a miracle. They have merely uncreated a situation that they have chosen to be creating initially.

You hold the ability within physical focus to accomplish much more than you believe you may accomplish. This be the reason that I express much attention to belief systems and am directing of individuals to be noticing and attending to these belief systems, for you hold belief systems in every area of your physical focus, and some … MANY of these belief systems are very limiting. Within consciousness collectively within this dimension, there is a recognition that these belief systems ARE very limiting and that it is unnecessary to be continuing in the participation of many of these belief systems.”

- ELIAS (eliasforum.org)

“The undetection spell works by idea and prevents people from finding you. Now is the undetection spell and believe it will follow this rule; the spell is to say three times over a candle or an imagined candle that’s lit. “I will not be seeable in tellings.” “I will not be able to be known.” “I will be able to know.” “None shall foretell me.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)