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The Four Levels of the Material Universe

The Four Levels of the Material Universe

“Everything is sustained only by a stream of God’s energy that flows from the spiritual realm into the material universe. On a personal level, the energy flows from your spiritual self through the layers of the subconscious mind until it reaches the conscious mind. The energy flows from the realm of spirit, or ether, and it first enters the realm of fire. Some esoteric teachings call this the etheric octave or the memory body. I would like to call it the realm of identity. This is the part of your mind that stores the memories of your experiences in the material world. It also stores the sense of identity that you have built up through your soul’s journey, over many lifetimes, in this world. When the basic life energy first enters your mind, or being, it flows through your sense of identity. It is therefore colored by your sense of identity. Your sense of identity also includes how you see the world, God, your relationship to the world and your relationship to God. It is therefore the foundation for how you respond to life in this realm.

After the energy flows through your identity body, it enters the realm of air. This is what some teachings call the mental body. I would like to call it the realm of thought. In this realm the energy is colored by your thoughts about yourself and the world. Your thoughts are very much determined by your sense of identity, but because they reside at a lower level of your being, they are more fluid and can be changed more easily than the deeper images that make up your sense of identity. In other words, your thoughts can be adapted to or influenced by specific situations you encounter in this world. One might say that your sense of identity determines how you see the big picture, whereas your thoughts relate to how you understand details of that picture. Your sense of identity determines how you see the world, and your thoughts determine how you think the world works.

After the energy flows through the thought body, it enters the realm of feeling. This is the emotional body, the feeling realm, and it contains your feelings about yourself and the world. Emotions are simply energy in motion, and they are the forerunners for physical action. So your emotions determine how you act upon thoughts. One might say that a thought itself cannot lead to action. A thought is simply an idea, and in order to be translated into a physical action, the thought must have the two qualities that are added by an emotion. These two qualities are direction and intensity. Your emotions will direct your thoughts into a specific action, and the intensity of your emotions will determine the power of the action.

The final step is that the energy enters the physical brain and nervous system. It is at this level that your emotions are translated into actions, and the actions will be determined by the direction and the intensity of the emotions behind them. Of course, the direction and intensity of the emotion is determined by the thought, and the thought is determined by your sense of identity and your world view.

You now see that the natural flow of energy through your being is that energy streams from your spiritual self through your identity body, where it is colored by your world view. The energy then flows into your thought body and is colored by your thoughts. The energy now flows into the feeling body and takes on the direction and intensity determined by your emotions. Finally, the energy is translated into a physical action carried out by your brain, your nervous system and your physical body.”

- Ask Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)

How to Create Any Change in the Matter Universe

“Above the matter realm are three divisions that still belong within the greater spectrum of the material universe. When you move from the matter realm into the next division, you enter a realm which we might call the realm of feeling. Above that is the realm of thought and above that the realm of identity. In many older religions and philosophies, such as Buddhism, the Greeks or the esoteric teachings used by the alchemists, these four realms were described as the four corners of the Earth. They were labeled Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This concept corresponds to the ancient idea of the squaring of the circle. The circle represents Heaven, and it is infinite and undivided in terms of time and space. It corresponds to the ether. The square represents Earth, or rather the material universe. The material universe is the realm of space and time. It is created by taking the infinite realm of the circle and dividing it into four directions, four dimensions, that manifest as the coordinates of time and space.”

“One might say that the matter universe is simply a projection of the images found in the three higher levels. Truly, the matter universe is no more real than the images projected on the screen of a movie theater. When you contemplate this concept, you realize that changing the matter universe can – and indeed must – be done by changing the three higher levels of the material world. On a personal level, if you want to change your outer circumstances, you must begin by changing your feelings, your thoughts and your sense of identity. Only when you change the images found in the three higher bodies, will you change the images that appear in the matter world. Likewise, on a planetary scale, the key to removing human suffering is to purify the feeling, the thought and the identity body of the planet as a whole. The reason being that the physical planet is a projection of images held in these higher realms.”

- Ask Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)