> The Epic Dramas Created by Angels in this World




The Epic Dramas Created by Angels in this World

The Epic Dramas Created by Angels in this World

“The angels can create dramas that take the duality consciousness to its ultimate extreme by portraying God as one dualistic polarity that is opposed by another dualistic polarity of equal strength—or at least of such strength that there is a real battle and a real potential for God to lose some souls. Do you see that co-creators simply could not create such a drama from their limited perspective? Only the unascended angels have the perspective – without the full understanding – to create such an epic drama.

The essence of a drama is that you think that your goals in life (even your salvation) depend on the choices made by other people. In other words, the drama makes it seem like you are not responsible for your own destiny; the people around you are, and thus you have to try to force their will. Epic dramas add that in order to ensure the fulfillment of God’s plan, in order for people to be saved, in order for the battle of Armageddon to be won, you must deal with the free will of all human beings. Instead of just saving yourself, you now have to save the entire universe.

The net effect of this illusion is that it focuses attention on the splinters in the eyes of other people. This causes people who have taken on the drama to use the drama’s “perfect” excuse for NOT looking at the beam in their own eyes. Why is this a problem? Well, here is another absolute statement: As long as you are NOT looking at the beam in your own eye, YOU ARE NOT GROWING!!! It really is that simple and there is no way around it.

Yet this is precisely what the dramas make it difficult for people to see. Once you enter a drama, you can no longer see it as a drama. You think that the view of life – the mental box – presented by the drama is real, that it represents the way life really works. Thus, you have the “perfect” excuse for not even considering that the drama is unreal, that it has no more reality than what you – and other people – give to it and that you CAN indeed walk away from it any time.

Consider what you would say about an actor who had become convinced that he really was Hamlet and who refused to take off the costume, insisting on playing the role even outside the theater and claiming he really was the prince of Denmark. You would probably think the person had lost touch with reality. Yet your own personal drama has the exact same effect—it causes YOU to lose touch with reality.”

- Ask the Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)