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Subjective Communication to Attract Money and Love

Subjective Communication to Attract Money and Love

“In the United States it is used extensively in business to “sway” the outcome of a business proposition in favor of the person using Subjective Communication.

In personal life it has been used to resurrect a dying marriage, to name but one of its many applications.

And one of the most extraordinary applications is to use it to make people aware of your advertisement in the Yellow Pages!

Its effectiveness appears to vary between 20% and 500%. That is the results can be up to 500% better than they would have been without it.

If you consider two identical competitive businesses both vying for superior market share then the one that learns to use Subjective Communication will forge ahead. This has been tested and thoroughly proven.

Car dealers in the US who use this direct metal contact technique have reported a sharp improvement in sales. The usual comment is it brings customers out of the woodwork and actually closes more deals. US real estate agents use it also – it makes a vast difference in their commissions when used properly.

And it is a strange thing that most people are using it continually without being aware of it. Unfortunately they are also conveying mentally their fears and apprehensions. So it can work against them. But used properly and with the correct protocol it can (and does) produce quite astounding results. Sometimes the results leave the practitioner somewhat startled. They almost seem too good to be true! Some beginners have had such amazing success that the result has literally left them “awe-struck!”

- Subjective Communication

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“All you really need to do is visualize the person or group you want to contact and your automatic right-brain neuron switching network will do the rest. And amazingly enough it never makes a mistake! It never gets the wrong connection!”

- Subjective Communication

“If you have something really important to achieve which involves other people and you can’t seem to make any headway by conventional means then Subjective Communication is close to the ultimate answer. And the results are usually very quick! That is, you don’t have to wait weeks for a reaction.

In many situations you will get quite uncanny results the very next morning after you use it.”

- Subjective Communication

“You are a minister and your congregations are getting smaller and smaller. (Possibly because your sermons are uninspiring). Subjectively communicate with your church group and suggest they attend on Sunday. Then you could suggest also that they give a bigger donation, which is fair enough because you’re personally saving them from the twilight zone!

Somebody is hassling/bullying/intimidating you. Communicate with the person concerned and explain that life would be a lot better for both of you if he or she changed their attitude. See them agreeing. And if they don’t modify their behavior visualize them being very uncomfortable or very unsettled whenever they think of you. This tends to get through to them subconsciously and they may feel inclined to leave you alone.

Somebody owes you or your business money. Communicate and explain how much better they would feel if they paid. See them nodding in agreement and writing out a check. Debt collectors who use subjective programming in this manner report quite spectacular results in some cases.

Your business is short of customers and it is becoming financially stressed. Subjectively communicate with a broad band of potential customers in your vicinity. Mention the name and address of your business at least 3 times and point out that you have exactly what they need. See them purchasing then walking out of your shop totally satisfied.

Suppose you have to give a public speech and you are extremely nervous. Simply visualize yourself standing on a stage in front of a microphone with your audience listening intently and giving you wild applause at the end. Subjectively communicate an outline of the speech to your “imaginary” audience and see yourself getting a standing ovation.

Maybe your marriage is breaking down and you would like to correct this situation. You can use Subjective Communication to convey to your partner the strong emotional feelings of love and affection that you both shared at the beginning. Visualize both of you holding hands and gazing fondly into each other’s eyes. Visualize total happiness and contentment.

Perhaps you aren’t married and would like to find a suitable partner. Subjectively “advertise” for someone. Picture the general appearance of the person you are looking for. Project your own general appearance and your requirements.”

- Subjective Communication (Super Mind Evolution System)

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“Some readers may perceive all this as controlling others, but you control others all day long anyway. When you smile or frown you affect the emotions of others. When you drive slowly along a one-lane road you “control” the speed of the drivers behind you. And the fact that you are broadcasting subjectively all the time has a constant effect on others. It is just that in this case you are controlling and directing your subjective broadcasts. You were given this natural talent as a birthright …..why not learn to use it?”

- Subjective Communication

“You can use this most magical of mental powers to help yourself and others!”

- Subjective Communication

Get the FULL “Subjective Communication” PDF for Free Here:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/special/super-mind-evolution/

“Now that you understand the basic elements of what it takes to create, you can take these to an even higher level by learning the process of Subjective Communication or SC. SC is a simple mental/emotional process that was first discovered by Jose Silva. As Jose researched how people communicate and connect in the dream state, he discovered the importance of the alpha state. The alpha state is about 10 cycles per second. He discovered that when your mind is in this state, it seems to be connected to a higher collective field that everyone else is also connected to which does not follow the rules of time or space. Karl Jung calls this place the Collective Unconscious. Rupert Sheldrake refers to it as the Morphogenetic Field. Others commonly call it the Universal Communication Frequency (UCF).”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“Let’s say you are in business and have advertising placed in various newspapers, magazines, and the yellow pages. You have lots of money tied up trying to find new customers. Yet, it seems like your advertisements aren’t attracting as many new customers as you would like them to. What do you do? Use SC to increase your advertising response rate by playing mental advertisements to all prospective customers who are exposed to your advertising.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“George is a salesperson, his sales are down and his boss is uptight and he knows he is about to lose his job if he doesn’t increase his volume. George is normally very good at what he does but lately he has fallen into a slump and his customers can sense it. George decides to try SC. After learning the SC technique, George sends out a blanket broadcast to all this prospective clients. These are people he had previously talked to who told him to call back later, and also ones he had not talked to yet. When he did the exercise, he visualized all these people calling him, or responding to his solicitations in a positive way. As he visualized them, he portrayed his sincerity about how his product could save them money on their heating bills. George believes in his product. He believes that it really can help people. So, he portrayed everything good about his product to his prospective audience during his SC session. He saw everybody signing the contract, and filling in the check made out to the company he works for. He saw everyone very pleased at there decision to buy into George’s heating reduction plan. He saw them all nodding their head in total agreement with everything he presented. He visualized them all completely trusting his character. He showed them the best of everything he had to offer. George really put a lot of energy into this SC exercise.

The next day, George’s phone rang off the hook. He started getting calls from people he hadn’t talked to in awhile. They told him they decided to give his plan a try because they had re-thought its benefits. Now, the interesting thing is, he received just enough business calls to fill the day. He did not get overwhelmed. The increase in business made him feel great which also helped him sway new customers he had never talked to before. Part of what happened is George changed. As George conducted the exercise in his mind in the middle of the night he re-calibrated his own vibrational frequency to one of success. By doing so, he matched with other people who were vibrating at the same level equal to his own.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“A similar scenario happened in my own life recently. I had been trying to promote a business project that offered high returns and low risk. I had some print advertising in place but the response was less than expected. I had been spinning my wheels for a while, feeling somewhat frustrated at my inability to attract the clients which would enable all involved to participate. I finally did an SC exercise. I programmed myself to wake up when I was in mental contact with the greatest number of prospective clients. When I woke up in the middle of night I told myself that I would stay awake until I completed the SC exercise. I began visualizing a group of people who were all interested in my project. As I envisioned everyone finding my advertising and contacting me for information, I saw everyone’s lives enhanced and benefited. I saw everyone positively receive my offering, and envisioned everyone responding quickly because time was short. In the following two weeks, I received an overwhelming response. All of a sudden people called, they were ready to join, and everything just flowed. The necessary resources came in and everyone was able to move forward. SC worked right on schedule. Part of the reason it worked was because I believed in myself. I had sincerity while doing the SC exercise. It also put me in a success-oriented frame of mind as I began taking phone calls. I felt myself in the total flow because that is how I presented myself to all prospective clients during the SC exercise. Of course, it all comes down to vibration. As I did the SC work in the middle of the night, I brought my vibration to a place of success and then simply attracted the matching vibrations in the following two weeks. SC really does work and I am excited to share this teaching with you knowing how it will change your life for the better.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“Nancy used SC to get together with a man she really had deep feelings for. Nancy had been trying to get Tony to notice her for months. However, it just seemed like Tony was always interested in other women. She would see him from time to time and make general conversation, but he would never ask her out. She asked him out several times and he would always make excuses why he was too busy. Nancy was starting to think that Tony just wasn’t attracted to her. She just about gave up on him. Then she heard about SC, so she decided to try it. Nancy programmed her mind to wake up when she was in mental contact with Tony. She told herself that she was going to stay awake until after she finished communicating her message to him. After she got relaxed, she visualized him in front of her. She poured out her feelings toward him. She expressed her love that had been bottled up the last few months since she first met him. Nancy saw him accepting her invitation to a local gathering. She saw him nodding his head in agreement when she asked him out, and visualized them together having a lot of fun enjoying each others company. She imagined them together in a very beautiful love affair, and saw them walking together hand in hand. Nancy put a lot of passion into this SC exercise. After going through all of this, she closed the meeting feeling a lot of sensuality towards Tony and then fell asleep. The next day when she saw Tony at work, he looked right at her with his big brown eyes. Nancy ask him out to a local event. He accepted her invitation. She couldn’t believe it. She had been trying to go out with him for months and nothing worked. The SC exercise seemed to make a major difference. That night her and Tony had a great time. They continued to go out after that and got closer and closer. Nancy is very thankful for SC because it helped bring love into her life.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“David is another example. David is a bill collector. He manages a small office that buys accounts receivable from various small companies. In other words, his company buys debt that has been previously uncollectible. He has several employees who are collection agents. It is their job to collect as much money as possible from these accounts or get people to make payment arrangements. Some times people are very hard to reach, or they simply don’t keep up with their agreements to pay as they had promised. David heard about SC and thought it might improve his company’s collectibility rate. He learned SC and also told his employees that he would give them a bonus if they would learn the technique and use it to help increase revenue into their office. They all agreed to participate and learn SC since it seemed that David’s numbers were higher after doing just one SC session. What David did was envision everyone who owed his company money writing out a check for what they owed. He envisioned them responding positively to the calls made to them by his collection agents. He was careful not to portray any criticism. He didn’t want to scare anybody into paying because that is a negative technique that has little power in SC. He simply planted the idea in everyone’s mind that he communicated with that they would feel good about paying what they owed. After all, everyone wants to feel good right? Later on his employees did the same thing and everyone’s collectible rate increased quite dramatically. Now, understand that everyone who was being subjectively broadcasted to decided to pay what was owed voluntarily. Nobody was negatively coerced into paying. Everyone acted on there own freewill. They simply made a conscious choice to make the payments because it felt like the right thing to do. They made the conscious choice to align their vibrational energy with that of the subjective broadcast. It’s all vibrational resonance. It’s not magic but many might perceive it as such.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“Pam tried SC and brought more hits to her website. When Pam first activated her new website, she thought her business was going to sore but it didn’t. Her web site just wasn’t getting noticed. She paid good money for a professional firm to design the whole layout. She had banner advertising everywhere and accepted credit cards through a secure terminal, yet it just seemed that things weren’t happening. Pam heard about SC and how it is known to boost website traffic so she learned the technique. That night she programmed her mind to wake up when she was in mental contact with as many interested people that were out there. After Pam awakened in the middle of the night, she started visualizing people all over the world who are were on the internet seeing her banner ads. She saw them all clicking on the ads and going to her website. Pam imagined all these wonderful people enjoying the many features throughout her site. She kept visualizing everyone nodding their heads up and down in agreement to what they saw. She imagined them all benefited by the free information and envisioned them going to the order section and placing an order using their credit card. Pam conveyed a lot of sincerity during this SC exercise, and visualized everyone coming out a winner, including herself. The very next day her site started getting more hits. And the best part was that most of these people were serious customers, not just casual browsers. Statistically, she figured that her website traffic went up about 20 to 30 percent just from one subjective broadcast.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“In all fairness, you are broadcasting all the time anyway. The only difference is that your usual broadcasts are undirected and probably have little focus. In other words, they don’t have a lot of power.”

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“If you start to notice negative results, you need to look at what you are broadcasting. You may be broadcasting doubts or fears which will only keep people away.”

If you believe this is happening…

Get plugged back into the universal energy stream and feel your connection. Once, you are operating back on this level, do another broadcast from your heart. Leave your mental thoughts (left brain stuff) out of it as much as possible. Just express total feeling and your deepest sincerity. Broadcast as a child would. Let it flow naturally by broadcasting very general expressions from your feeling self. As you do this you will feel better about yourself and this will cause you to vibrate to that potential and naturally draw that same energy to you.

- How to Access the Secret Power Inside of You (Terryana Robinson)

“Some successful agents and salesmen use the following method in reaching their customers. They form a thought that the other person desires their goods very much, and then they send out the Thought-Waves that “You desire my goods – you want them very much – you have an irresistible longing for them,” etc.

Others use the following when they wish another to comply with their wishes: “You will do as I say – will do as I say – you will yield to me fully and completely,” etc.
You will readily see from the above examples that the whole principle employed in any and all of these cases consists of:

(1)The Thought of what the person wishes the other to do held firmly in the mind; and
(2)The projection of that Thought to the other, silently, in the shape of unspoken words.

In the above you have the whole secret of Fascination condensed to a small space. You will understand, of course, that the words are only a means of concentrating and vitalizing the thought. Animals merely feel Desires, but are able to fascinate by the strength of them, although they cannot use words. And one person may fascinate another without understanding a word of his language, the real strength coming from the strength of the desire behind the words. The formation of the desire-thought into words is merely for the purpose of concentrating and focusing the thought, for words are concentrated symbols of ideas, thoughts or feelings.”

- Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

“As strange as it may appear at first glance, the principles underlying Mental Influence at a distance are precisely the same as those underlying the use of influence when the persons are in the presence of each other.”

- Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

“The second of these two methods is that used by the most advanced occultists who have advanced beyond the use of the methods described just now. These people simply stand or sit quietly and concentrate their minds until they attain the state of Mental Calm known to many as “the Silence.” Then they create a strong mental picture of the person treated, surrounded by the conditions desired created, or doing the things desired to be done. This is one of the highest forms of Mental Influence and really approaches a higher phase of influence than that of the mental plane as generally known. A picture of a person held in the mind in this way – the person being seen in perfect, robust health, and happy and successful – tends to materialize the same conditions in the person in real life. This form of treatment, however, is possible only to those of great concentration, and who have mastered the act of Mental Imaging, and who also possess Creative Will-Power to a marked degree. Some degree of success in it, however, is open to nearly every student who practices along these lines.”

- Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

“Some masters of this art of influencing the public create a mental picture of themselves sending out great volumes of Thought–Waves for a time, and then afterward mentally imparting a rotary motion to the waves, until at last they form a mental whirlpool rushing round and round and always sucking in toward the center. An effort of this kind acts on the mental plane just as a physical whirlpool acts on the physical plane, that is it draws into its power all that comes in contact with its force. This is one of the most powerful forms of Influencing En Masse, and is used with great effect by many of the “strong men” of this age, who have acquainted themselves fully with the secrets of the ancient occultists. Ancient Occultism and Modern Finance seem far apart, but they are really working together to further the interests of some of these powerful minds of the day – and the public is paying the bill.

You will readily see from what has been said that an individual who has cultivated the faculty of concentration and has acquired the art of creating sharp, clear, strong mental images, and who when engaged in an undertaking will so charge his mind with the idea of success, will be bound to become an attracting center. And if such an individual will keep his mental picture ever in his mind, even though it may be in the background of his mind, when he is attending to the details and planning of his affairs – if he will give his mental picture a prominent place in his mental gallery, taking a frequent glance at it, and using his will upon it to create new scenes of actual success, he will create for himself a center of radiating thought that will surely be felt by those coming within its field of influence.

Such a man frequently “sees” people coming to him and his enterprises and falling in line with his plans. He mentally “sees” money flowing in to his, and all of his plans working out right. In short, he mentally imagines each step of his plans a little ahead of the time for their execution and he concentrates forcibly and earnestly upon them. It is astonishing to witness how events, people, circumstances and things seem to move in place in actual life as if urged by some mighty power to serve to materialize the conditions so imaged in the mind of the man. But, understood, there has got to be active mental effort behind the imaging. Daydreamers do not materialize thought – they merely dissipate energy. The man who converts thought in activity and material being, throws energy into the task and puts forth his will–power through the picture on the slide. With the rays of the will there will be no picture projected, no matter how beautifully the imagination has pictured it. Thought pictured in mental images and them vitalized by the force of the desire and will tend to objectify themselves into material beings. That is the whole thing in a nutshell.”

- Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

“You must get yourself into the mental attitude of demanding that he accept your statement, not that you merely request him to do so. In this form of magnetic influence there is no such thing as “requesting” – it is all a matter of “insistent command” – do not forget this. When you merely request, you usually take second magnetic position, giving to the other person the first place. But when you command, you take the first place, yourself, and push him into the second. In practicing before your mirror, remember this, and endeavor to raise yourself into the first position. You will know when you have done this, by the peculiar feeling of superior magnetic strength that you will experience.

After having mastered the above exercise to your own satisfaction – that is, until you have thoroughly acquired the feeling of mastery, and magnetic superiority, when you send forth the flash of command – you may proceed to the following, which is based upon the first, and results from it. I mean, that you are now in a position to practice this second stage of the exercise before the mirror. You will feel like beginning to try your power upon other persons, but you would do better to wait until you have thoroughly mastered the mechanism of magnetism before the mirror.

This second stage of the preliminary mirror exercise is summed up in the word of mental magnetic command, which you address to the imaginary person represented by your reflected image, viz.: “I can command you to act.” This, as you will see by a careful consideration of the words, is really a tremendously powerful statement, and it will require a great exercise of our power of belief, and mental imagery, to get yourself into the proper mental state, so that the will may travel easily on its path to enforce the command. Remember, that in order for the will to be able to move smoothly over its channel, so that it may reach the mark, it is necessary that you clear away any obstacles that may remain in your own mind. It is enough for the will to have to fight and break down the obstacles in the mind of the other person, without also being called on to combat and overcome the obstacles in our own mind. So, you must get yourself in the proper mental state, before you can hope to influence others.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“The preceding practice exercises may be followed by a similar practice of sending forth “flashes” of anything that you may wish to actually send to other persons later on. You may supply these commands for yourself, or you may practice on the following excellent commands, all of which are likely to be used by you in your actual manifestation of personal magnetism.

These commands may be varied, of course, to suit your tastes. They must all be delivered before the mirror, in exactly the same manner as I have already stated:

“Look at me!”
“Give me your full attention!”
“Come this way!”
“Go away from me – let me alone!”
“You like me.” “You love me”
“You feel like doing as I wish you to do!”
“You want to please me!”
” You will agree to my proposition!”
“Get out of my way!”
“You are attracted toward me!”
“I fascinate you!”
“I am your MASTER!”
“Come! Be quick, and do as I tell you!”
“You are receptive to my wishes!”
“You are responsive to my will!”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“I immediately began teaching this lady the technique of the “direct flash” before the mirror (exactly as I have taught you), her flashes being invariably along the lines of positivism and strength. She would flash out “I am positive – far more positive than the crowd around me;” “Get out of my way, or I will walk over you;” “Clear the path for me, you vermin,” and other exaggerated demands intended for the street crowds. In the same way she would flash out the command to the shop-people. “Come, now, I demand respectful attention;” “Lively, now, attend to my wants;” “I am a princess of the blood, bow to me, you underlings,” etc. You will note that I purposely exaggerated the mental demands and flashes, because she needed an exaggerated positive mental attitude in order to overcome her natural and acquired handicap. In a short time she had acquired the technique perfectly and had developed a mental attitude and general personal atmosphere of a princess. Then she proceeded to “try it on the crowd,” by means of the “positive aura.”

The result was marvelous. From the moment her feet touched the sidewalks, her progress was that of a princess, persons instinctively moved out of her way, some even slightly bowing as they did so. The rowdy gentlemen (?) moved far away from her. And in the shops the queen of England could have received no more humble service or careful attention. The cure was complete, and has remained so. The young lady has long since laid aside the “Princess Royal” manner, and now simply maintains an aura of positive self-respect and self-confidence, and a demand that she be accorded the proper consideration.

Another case is that of a young student of mine – an American, the son of a prominent businessman. This young man was well educated, polished, and moreover, possessed of a all the requisites of a successful salesman, except that of inspiring a feeling of friendship on the part of those with whom he came in contact. He was called upon to approach prominent businessmen in connection with his work for his father, and while he was able to present his arguments logically and forcibly, he was nevertheless handicapped by the fact the he repelled friendship, rather than invited it. In desperation, he made the trip across the Atlantic to consult me, and to beg a cure for his serious psychic trouble.

His cure was very easy. I simply put him through a course of the mirror exercises in the “direct flash,” until he had mastered the technique; and then had him saturate his mind with the mental image and idea of: “You like me – you like me very much;” “You feel attracted toward me;” “You are my friend, and wish to show your friendship for me,” etc., etc., etc. All these ideas were but variations of, an improvement upon, the simple idea of “You like me!”

Well, this young man began to radiate such an atmosphere of likeability, friendship, etc., that he made friends right and left, even without tying – it was in the air around him, it seemed. His old trouble disappeared like magic – he was made over into a new man. And, yet it was all very simple, you see. Mere child’s play, when one has the secret, as you now have. The young man insisted upon presenting me with his check for $1,000, although I had charged him but one-tenth of that amount, for my time and trouble.

I could go on in this vein, reciting case after case coming under my own experience, but I think that the two cases I have mentioned will give you the general idea of what I am trying to teach you, without my taking up more time and space at this point. The rule is general – it is for you to apply it to the particular requirements of your own case. Find out your weak spots of personal atmosphere, and then proceed to build up the opposite qualities of mind and character. Find out your negative points of attracting, and then proceed to build of their opposite positive qualities, just as the two students, just mentioned, did with such marked success. Read over carefully this chapter again, and again, until you get the point fixed in your mind. The rest is merely a matter of practice.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“Another case was that of a promoter, now of international reputation, who formerly was unable to “close” many of his plans, owing to a lack of something in his mental makeup, he thought. He could evolve plans, which attracted the attention of prominent men and others, and he could also manage to fascinate them by his general talk regarding his enterprises. But he found it most difficult to induce them to take the final step o “coming in,” or signing the contract, or entering the subscription, as the case might be.

I labored with this man, experiencing much trouble in overcoming his fixed and stubborn idea that there was, “something wrong” with his mental makeup. Finally, after a long period of careful drilling before an imaginary “prospect” (this term being applied to prospective customers) he began to feel that he had the missing element, after all. From that moment he was filled with new courage, and threw new life and energy into the exercises. So powerfully magnetic was this man, and so high a degree of concentrated force did he generate, that I could actually feel the force of his power while present in the room directing the exercises. I actually, myself, felt like subscribing to some of his stock, and am sure that had he approached me on the subject it would have required the exercise of my full power of self-protection and resistance to have overcome his magnetism.

When this man finished his instruction at my hands, he at once plunged into the floating of a new great enterprise, and carried the same to a most successful conclusion. He “closed” nearly every “prospect” that he approached, and soon dropped all the smaller “prospects,” and devoted his entire attention to the “large fish.” I do not feel at liberty to state here the exact words of the “direct command” used by him, for he paid me a large fee for my services, and the secret should be his own, under the circumstances-but this I will say, that his direct command was a straight out from the shoulder mental DEMAND upon the “prospect” to “come in.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“Another interesting case was that of a now well-known actress, who lacked “fascination.” She was a magnificent actress, of fine presence and a thorough knowledge of her art, but for some reason her acting seemed to lack soul. She came to me to learn how to influence her audience by personal magnetism, but I saw at once that her art, if fully exercised, would be sufficient to carry her audiences with her. Her trouble lay in the fact that there was a certain “fascination” lacking. I set her to work, training her so that she would actually fascinate the actors playing with her, and an air of reality would be thus created. She progressed rapidly, so quick were her perceptions. When she left me she was able to throw such a degree of fascination into her voice and manner, that the actor playing with her would be fairly swept off his feet; the result being that the audience would catch the same by a kind of mental contagion. She simply hurled mental direct commands at the actors, while reciting her lines, and while approaching them. Her success is now assured, but I cannot resist the temptation of mentioning that she has had the greatest trouble with her “leading men” in her companies-they all insist and persist in falling in love with her, and she has had to change them frequently to get rid of their unwelcome attentions, for her heart is “taken” elsewhere.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“I feel that I am justified in calling the attention to another case – that of a leading statesman who took my instructions by means of a series of letters, several years ago. This man wanted MASTERY. He got it. I gave him the cue, and keynote, and he did the rest. So masterful did he become, by the employment of my suggested direct commands, that he dominated all who came near him. In fact he carried the thing a little too far-he grew to be regarded as dangerous and tyrannical, and powerful interests conspired against him. He is in temporary retirement at this time – but he is really but biding his time. It is impossible to remain in this man’s presence for any time – particularly if his attention is directed toward you – without acknowledging him to be a MASTER.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“I now ask you refer to the last pages of the chapter on the “direct flash.” You will find there a number of sentences given as practices before the mirror. Study over these sentences carefully, and you will find therein a strong hint of the idea, which you should weave into your own direct commands. Students of mind, under my direction, have effectively employed all of these sentences; in actual practice-and all of them have the germ of success in them. You may use them singly, in combination, or as a general pattern around which you may weave your own ideas. Practice each of them, until you catch the spirit, and you will then have no trouble in creating your own commands in the most approved style. You will notice the DIRECTNESS and POSITIVENESS of each of these commands – these are the two essential qualities to be observed and used in this work of the direct command. Put all your magnetic force behind them, and flash them out right to the point-squarely into the mentality of the persons whom you wish to influence.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“If you wish him, or her, to like you, your direct command should be along those lines, for instance, a strong “You LIKE me!” If you wish to assert your positivity over his power, you should get to work at once with a very strong positive “I am stronger than you,” or “I am far more POSITIVE than you!” or some other statement of the same general kind, such as I have given you in the preceding chapters.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

“The hands, particularly, are very effective instruments for the conveyor of corporeal magnetism, for the nerves of the fingers are very sensitive, and readily convey and project the magnetism with great concentrated force. The use of the fingers of the mesmerist is but one example of this fact. You will also notice that the majority of effective orators and speakers have a way of making passes and waves at their audiences. The good solicitor or promoter usually employs his hands in this way. Remember, I do not say that these people are always conscious of the facts behind their gestures – they often are ignorant of the same, and use their hands instinctively, having acquired the movements through habit. But the facts remain, and those who learn the secret of the force and its employment, and thereafter use it consciously and deliberately, are placed at a great advantage over others who do not possess this knowledge. And, mark my words, there are thousands of the worlds greatest men who have learned this secret, taken lessons in its use, and are now employing it actively. You may now join their ranks, if you care to do so.”

- The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

On the surface Quantum Selling sounds a little like science fiction.
But the truth is Quantum Selling is based on the most proven scientific principles in the history of our civilization.
The same tested and proven principles used in the Top Secret and highly effective United States Army Spy Project. Code named Star Gate.
It is the application of these scientific principles that breathes life into your computer, controls emissions in new cars and lets you watch movies on cell phones.
And we have discovered that these quantum secrets can instantly triple your sales. And eliminate cold calling forever.
Yet, no one is telling you how to apply these principles to your business or your life.
Even now, under these extremely difficult economic conditions. You are left out in the cold!
Why did it take a father/daughter team pulling themselves up by the bootstraps from a second bankruptcy to discover this amazing connection?
Why were they the one’s chosen to show the world how to apply quantum theory to selling?
Thomas L. Pauley is smart, but come on, he went to the University of Nebraska and majored in English and History.
Penelope J. Pauley was a film school graduate and a green salesman when they discovered and developed Quantum Selling.

Source: http://quantumsellingsecrets.com/the-business-of-selling-has-changed/

What you’re missing is the non-physical or quantum side of selling.
The side of selling that quantum experts tell us is, at least, one trillion times more powerful than any mundane action.
Unbelievable, but true.
One trillion times more reach. One trillion times faster. One trillion times easier.
Quantum Selling is at least one trillion times more impacting than anything we do physically. It uses the same principles that make your computer and cell phones work.
What if, you are friends before you ever meet? What if, every prospect is not only your friend, but pre-sold before you shake hands? What if, they trust you immediately?
And what if, all these pre-sold friendly buyers started calling because they wanted what you sold?
Now, that’d make your job a whole easier wouldn’t it?
That’s exactly what you can do with Quantum Selling.
After we discovered these amazing secrets we only worked 2 hours a day.
Closed more faster and easier than I’d ever thought possible. Because we were working a trillion times
Not only did we know exactly when to call so our prospects would take the call; they were pre-sold when they answered.
And get this…hard to reach prospects out of the clear blue called us to buy.
Unbelievable, but true.
It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
And the best is these amazing Quantum Selling Secrets work for anyone. Thousands of people across the planet have had measureable success with Quantum Selling the very first month they use it.
They can work for you.
You can start reaching and selling more people faster than you ever imagined possible, immediately!

Source: http://quantumsellingsecrets.com/one-trillion-ways-to-sell-better/

The 21st century opened the Quantum Age. Everything we touch …computers, Blackberries, iPhones, DVR’s, the Internet…are all products of quantum thinking.
Then one morning over coffee we asked a simple question. Could that same thinking apply to selling?
So, we tried something radically different.
Something that turned into the most amazingly powerful and effective selling secret I have ever known.
Quantum Selling.
Our results were amazing. Everything I thought I knew from 30 years of high ticket selling went sailing right out the window.
Prospects we couldn’t reach called us. We knew exactly when a prospect would take our call. And when they did…they were pre-sold. It was like they were waiting for us to call so they could buy.
And they spent more money than ever before.
Our competitive advantage was so great we didn’t tell another soul for 8 years.

Source: http://quantumsellingsecrets.com/instant-gold/

Now, I’m a good salesman and I’m Irish. So, I expect a certain level of success.
But this was way beyond all expectations. We were the little guys going against the monster corporations.
And we were selling our product for as much as four times their unit price.
Yet, all that money continued to flow in, effortlessly. The skeptic inside me finally asked the big question.
“Are those simple morning exercises really causing all this amazing success?!
Our sales were going through the roof. We worked fewer hours. And made a whole lot more money.
Cold contacts took our calls again and again as if by accident. And everybody we talked to seemed pre-sold. Even though they’d never heard of us before.
And I still have trouble believing this one…new prospects actually called us to buy!
Oh yes, we used Quantum Selling for collections. Over three and one-half years we collected 100.07% of sales. Yes, we actually collected more revenue than advertising sold! An amazing story we talk about in the book.
I never sold anything so easily in my life. And it was high dollar sales. Our lowest priced package was $28,500. Our highest package was well over $100,000.
They went faster than free hot cakes at a boy scout rally.
And when we sold our inventory completely out we used Quantum Selling to attract more visitors.
Then, there was the experience with my old partner.
Brilliant code writer, but a real pain in the back side to deal with. He was constantly trying to cut my commissions or put me under his thumb. It was always his way or the highway.
So, we tested this new technique on him.
Bingo! He completely reversed his attitude within one week! At a big show down meeting to slash commissions…he totally capitulated.
I’ve never seen anything work so powerfully. So effectively.
So, we did the only thing a sensible salesman could do. We went into the Portal every single morning. We pumped the sales for all they were worth.
And we never told another soul how we were doing it for 8 years.

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Dear Tom & Penelope,
Quantum Selling has to be one of the most revolutionary products I’ve ever used in 30 years of purchasing and using ‘sales’ products. It’s really cutting edge stuff. Based on Quantum Physics this course will show you how to connect with your prospects on an energetic level before you even pick up the phone! I keep statistics on my calls, too. I have a 70-90% contact rate when I am ‘tuned in’ on an energetic level. This is not airy fairy stuff, it’s the real deal.
Better yet, I now seem to magically “run into” the correct person to help me close a sale or that person introduces me to the person I’m supposed to talk to. I’ve also gotten some really strong intuitive ‘hunches’ while working out in the field and they’ve lead me in the right direction to sales I made.
Additionally, prospects DO call me back and I DO work substantially less hours to make a living than I used to.
This product is phenomenal and worth the price.
Virginia Lukei
Vista, CA — Energy Efficient Lighting Sales

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Gary Shortall whose Impersonator Booking Agency went from the bottom to the top in three months said:
“I love this course. I’ve read it three times and I do the exercises every morning. Before Quantum Selling my booking business…and Laura’s [wife] bridal veil business were both sort of on the bottom of the pile. I think we were 147 on Google. Not much business down there.
And I can’t really explain how it happened. But without me doing anything other than those [Quantum Selling] exercises we moved to number one on Google and Yahoo in several categories and we’re still there. Our business is booming.
Thank you, Tom & Penelope. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.”

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

There Are TWO Sides of Selling

Did you know that most trainers are only teaching you one side of selling.
They teach you the physical or mundane side of selling.
Prospecting, cold calling, setting appointments, dressing for success, meeting and greeting, networking, gaining and maintaining control, establishing credibility, presenting compelling presentations, overcoming objections and, of course, closing, closing, closing.
And granted a salesman needs to know these things.
What they don’t teach you is the non-physical or quantum side of selling.
The side of selling that quantum experts tell us is, at least, one trillion times more powerful than any mundane action.
(It’s genius math and I have absolutely no idea how they get that number, but they do.)
Quantum Selling is at least one trillion times more impacting than anything we do physically.
Now, to be honest most sales trainers do touch on non-physical or quantum selling when they talk about your attitude.
We all know a prospect can feel our desperation and insincerity.
In fact, it’s common knowledge that someone will only buy from a friend.

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Seven reasons why this simple process works so effectively:
Because Quantum Selling is born from the same science that is currently flooding the world with change…
Because Quantum Selling is not confined by time and space…
Because Quantum Selling taps into a higher state of consciousness…
Because Quantum Selling eclipses old-world selling practices…
Because Quantum Selling enhances all your sales efforts…
Because Quantum Selling reaches to the heart of all human connectiveness…
Because Quantum Selling relies on the most basic of all human needs…

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

We give you simple protocols to follow. Do them once a day and record what happens in your log. You will amaze yourself and your friends. We give you simple protocols to follow. Do them once a day and record what happens in your log. You will amaze yourself and your friends.
Imagine watching your sales increase dramatically, overnight. Without spending a fortune on advertising.
Imagine your website reaching the first page of Google without buying expensive SEO programming.
Imagine increasing your sales…and income!…by as much as 300…400…even 500 percent for MORE!
Quantum Selling members have done exactly that. We have done exactly that.

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

More Money, Less Work

I know salesman aren’t supposed to read about Quantum Physics, but I just couldn’t stop myself. It’s so darn interesting.
We all use it every day. It’s so powerful our computers won’t work without it. Yet, no one was applying it to the social aspects of our lives.
So, my daughter and I tried something really crazy.
We applied Quantum Theory to our telephone selling efforts.
Bingo! We went from making 30 calls a day each to making a half-dozen total.
Instead of talking to only one person out of 30, we talked to nearly everybody we called. And not only did they take our calls they were pre-sold when they picked up the receiver.
We stopped working 10 hour days and started going to Disneyland. Or taking long lunches. Or we’d do a little shopping just for fun.
We secured and retained long time customers with very little effort.
We baffled our competition. In fact, the public company that bought us out said that Penelope and I had outsold the entire sales department.
More money, less work.

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

BTW – QS works even if the persons first language is not your own. Recently I went to get the documents to get French licence plates for our beloved Volvo (its a family car and the kids love it, so don’t ask!) which we brought with us from the UK.
Well I’d hit a roadblock, because my UK documents were registered in our company name for tax reasons and the [French] bureaucrat just didnt get it – so I literally turned my back on them for a minute closed my eyes and QS the transaction right there. I pulsed an intention to speak with their higher self, and just said look its OK, I’m bonafide, I love your country, and this transaction is going to be fun.
Her higher self obviously understood, because she laughed so much the next ten minutes I think it made her day, and of course I got my documents in record time. Here’s the twist – I got a Euro 100 discount too – I dont know how it happened, but I wasnt asking why. I just said merci Madam.
QS is such a blast.
Much love from us both.
Nick and Priya
On the French Rivera

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Dear Tom & Penelope,
I was guided to purchase Quantum Selling. but I was not prepared for what happened next.
The first quarter I was with the company (end of 2005) I was able to land a deal for $900k — more than had been done the prior 9 months…
In 2006, we sold more product in my territory than had been sold in the previous 8 years – COMBINED…
In 2007 – I had exceeded my annual quota in August.
Here has been the challenge of late. The company has been having struggling reps call me to discuss how I did it. The last guy who called me was from Texas. He literally makes 50 to 120 cold calls PER WEEK!! Guess what — I do not make cold calls.
The manager from Texas wants me to come down and talk to his team about how I do it.
I had a request 2 weeks ago that a rep wants to fly in and shadow me for a day to show him how I do it.
Sorry — but I am beyond happy with Quantum Selling and am overwhelmed by the results, but I am not comfortable sharing it…
BTW — to put a figure on my results — I will make close to $300k this year. Not bad for a 44 year old from the wrong side of the tracks who does not have a college degree.
Des Moines, Iowa

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Am I Doing It Right?

How do I know if I’m in the Portal?
Last night Diane, Penelope and I reached through the Portal to tell everyone about our Quantum Marketing eclass. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. I felt such love and peace. It was amazing.
Afterwards we all commented on what a wonderful Quantum Selling experience we’d had. Diane even mentioned, “all the sparks of love that came back to my heart turned bright orange.” We all felt a tremendous sense of strength, love and well-being when we’d finished.
Then about three hours later Diane said, “How do I know I’m in the Portal? I’m not sure I’m doing it right.”
I couldn’t believe it. My lovely wife Diane had just told me that she saw yellow and orange sparks. And now she was questioning whether or not she was doing it right.
Hey, I haven’t seen yellow and orange sparks, yet! She’s seeing something I’ve not seen. And yet Diane still has questions.
That’s when it hit me. This is so new and so different from what most of us do, it’s natural that you question yourself.
How do you know if you’re in the portal? If you do the exercises and your intent is to open the portal, then you will. If you scoff at the concept and convince yourself that you probably aren’t doing it right, then you aren’t doing it right.
You are what you think.
Quantum Selling is about connections to other humans on another level of reality. A level we don’t consciously traverse on a regular basis.
It’s like going blindfolded to a foreign land. Not only do you have the problems of speech and culture but you also no idea what the place looks like. You have to feel your way around. Get a sixth sense for the ambience.
What you experience in the portal will be unique for you. You may see visual events much like a movie. Or maybe you’ll feel your connections to others. Like a jolt of electricity running through your body. I get that a lot when the pulse comes back to me. Or you may not see or feel anything, but you have sense of what’s occurring.
You can always ask for a confirmation. Write: “I recognize with crystal clarity when I’m in
the portal.”
Use the exercises, open the portal, recognize and reaffirm your connections. Then allow yourself to receive the return energy. If you’re doing it out of love, you’re doing it right. And the more you do it, the more you’ll understand.
This is a new experience. Relax and enjoy it.

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

The Secret is in the Connection

Dear Tom & Penelope,
I have had several awesome results….
I had been working very hard using another real estate training program that was not giving me the results that I had hoped for, no joy in the process and very costly. Then I made a visit to the Pauleys and my eyes , ears and heart were opened to the way all abundance is supplied and multiplied by Divine Intention, Intervention and for the highest good of all concerned.
The secret is in the connection and this course gives you the simple but necessary tools for doing so. This is easy to apply and is a very stress free way of life. My business is expanding each day and I am now adding an associate to our team. I have more business and less stress as I draw to me only the things that are for the highest good of all parties and release and let go of the rest.
I have been and continue to be by taking a few minutes each day to practice the quantum selling techniques to see results that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible . . . it is a life changing experience.
Barbara J Holbein

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

The exercises we’ve included are to facilitate your learning how to do this work. The first one for example is intended to teach you how to reach an Alpha mind state. Another is intended to establish a fundamental understanding of the process using only the simplest actions. And the last exercise is intended to expand your thinking and open doors of possibility.
Yes, the guided exercises are short for a couple of reasons. One, they are teaching exercises with a specific purpose. So we keep them short to teach the process, simply.
Two, you don’t really have to spend a long time doing this work. You can be very effective opening the portal even for short periods of time.
Should you do it longer? Absolutely, if that feels good to you. Sometimes I’m in the portal for a very short period of time. Other times I’m there for quite awhile. Make this process work for you.
Now, I will say that one of the benefits of staying in the portal longer is that you have more time to absorb all the goodness coming back. Remember this is not a one way sales pitch. This is a joint venture between you the seller and those you are selling. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to close the portal before they have received. They give, but forget to receive.
Of course, time is not the deciding factor. When you allow yourself to receive, you receive instantly (time/space continuum). But for most of us it takes awhile to relax and open up enough to allow yourself to receive.
So, if you feel like taking longer, you probably should.
Also write this:
“I now know with crystal clarity when I’m in the portal.”
“I recognize when I’m in the portal.”
Just keep doing the exercises. The more you do them the more confident you will become.
I hope this helps.
Tom & Penelope

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Hello Tom, Diane and Penelope,
Thank you for being such awesome, generous and courageous teachers! You’re the czars of offering tools of Transformation for turning this planet into the paradise it was truly created to be!
I am a graduate of your quantum marketing course from earlier this summer and then most recently I received the quantum selling course last week the day before my birthday! I had just got back from attending Unleash the Power Within (fire walking and all) with Tony Robbinds. Anyway, I can’t even begin to tell you what a wonderful gift I feel this quantum selling course is.
For the past few days that I have been doing the open the portal exercises, I feel some powerful shifts happening including a healing and having a joyous intimate relationship again with my girlfriend.
and then………..there is this large corporation in Silicon Valley that had kicked us out from doing business with them anymore about 2years ago. So I did the exercise of showering everyone in that company with white light and aknowledging and honoring my connection with certain individuals there. Well, this afternoon, while I was listening to one of your cd’s I felt a compulsion to call a particular individual at that company about getting back in to doing business with them. He answered the phone immediately and I expressed my eargeness to doing busieness with them again and he enthusiastically agreed to helping us get back on board with them as a preferred equipment vendor. Contracts from this company are usually in the tune of 6 to 7 figures annually. In any case, putting money to the side, I was just delighted to connect with this individual again and so was he with me.
There’s a lot more success stories on way to share with you. Some wonderful things are happening in my life as well as yours my friends.
with love and respect.
John Gitonga Mutungi

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

Hi Tom and Penelope,
I had an amazing experience this past week..
I’m involved in a network marketing business, and started doing Quantum Selling for that purpose.
One of the things that I truly believe, is that it is a really great opportunity and “sent out” a message about the successes that the members of my organization are having.
After that, I have met people who are literally guiding me to people interested in having a better life through this way of doing business, and I am really shocked.
When I talk to new people, it’s so easy, like they already know what I will tell them and they are pre-sold.
The most striking thing, was that I received a phone call from a friend I hadn’t seen for over 10 years! He said he found my phone somewhere in his house, and decided to call me to catch up and “see what I was doing now”.
I also received a phone call from someone I don’t know, who asked someone for the phone number of another guy, but that person gave her my number instead… after we realized the “mistake”, we started chatting, told her about the opportunity and is interested in joining. Shocking.
I have done RV (Remote Viewing) in the past, but never applied the skills to something specific like this.
You are doing for everybody way more than what you advertise, and you are helping thousands of people have a better life in all aspects.
Thanks again,
Emilio Karam

Source: http://livingbyheart.tripod.com/successresources/id95.html

“It’s worth mentioning right here that your business cards, letterhead, flyers, sales letters, and ads—everything you produce or hire someone to produce to market your business—all carry your energy in them.

Think back to some flyer or letter you received in your mail. As soon as you glanced at it, you felt one way or another about the service. You may have had an instant feeling that said “This looks interesting” or an instant one that told you “Trash this.”

I’m not just talking about the look of the marketing piece, though that is part of it. When you or anyone you hire creates a marketing document, they put their thoughts and feelings into what they create. People don’t have to be psychic to pick up on this vibe. If you unconsciously don’t believe in your product or service, that belief will appear in your marketing materials. And people will sense it. And you won’t get business.”

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)

“Again, feeling brings on miracles. When you know what you want, are clear about having it, and can feel the energy of what you want, you will begin to pull it to you.
And when you clearly feel this energy, you will create marketing pieces that convey it. Here’s an example of what I mean:

When I wrote a sales letter for a software product that I totally believed in, I got staggering results. People read the letter and sensed my sincerity and the product’s benefits. As a result, over six percent of them sent in checks. In the world of direct mail marketing, that is excellent.

But when I wrote a sales letter to offer a service I did not believe in, I got nearly no replies. Why? The same writer created both letters. But my lack of belief in the second item was conveyed to people. They picked up on my vibe and “just knew” they better not order.”

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)

“Another example is the flyer I received to attend a workshop in Seattle. All I saw was a dark photocopy of the original flyer. So I wasn’t dazzled by bright colors, fancy type, clever copy or incredible graphics. But something about the flyer said “Sign up for this event.” I did. When I spoke to others at the seminar, all of them said they had the same feeling. Many added, “I don’t even know why I’m here. I saw the flyer and knew I was supposed to be here.”

The people who put on the seminar were clear about what they wanted. That confidence appeared in their brochures.
And the people came.

Contrast that with a company I worked for at one time who wanted to put on a seminar about Internet marketing.

This company was after only profits. There was no caring in their business and no sincere desire to serve people. That attitude showed up in their brochures. When they put on their event, they expected over two hundred people to attend. Only twenty people showed up.”

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)

“I’ve noticed that many people have a negative attitude toward advertising. I think that’s a limiting view. An ad can help you market your business. It can become another voice working on your behalf.

One day I was having dinner with Jerry and Esther Hicks and a friend. We were talking about marketing in general and advertising in particular. My friend said, “You don’t have to advertise.”

“You don’t have to,” I said, “but you might want to. A good ad can increase your business.”

“The last time we ran an ad in a magazine,” Jerry began, “we got so many replies we couldn’t handle them all. I dropped the ad until we hired more staff.”

“It doesn’t matter what you put in the ad,” Esther added. “People will sense who you are and what you are offering and make a decision from that feeling.”

Jerry and Esther have hired me to write their ads because they know I believe in their work. If I didn’t believe in them, the ads I create for them would show it.

And if they didn’t believe in their work, the person they hired to create their ads would reveal that attitude.”

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)

“My friend Sandra Zimmer, who runs the Self-Expression Center in Houston, also knows the power of spiritually based advertising.

Sandra consciously infuses her ads with her energy. She actually sits and meditates over her ad, sending her energy into the ad. As a result, her ads have a magnetic quality to them. She once told me that people hold on to her ads for as long as seven years. I know I had seen Sandra’s ads for many years, before I finally met her in person. While her ads didn’t look different, they felt different. There was just something about her ads that made them memorable. That something was Sandra’s own energy. “Advertising is important,” Sandra once told me. “But it’s the energy you put in the ads that does the work. It’s really the law of attraction at work.”

Again, who you are inside creates the results you get outside. Even your marketing pieces carry your energy. Get clear, feel the energy of what you want to do, be or have, and you will naturally go in the direction of manifesting what you want.”

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)

Would you like an example from the world of business?

Dan Poynter is a dear friend and internationally recognized expert on self-publishing. He’s written several books, including the famous Self-Publishing Manual. Dan also conducts weekend seminars in his home on how to self-publish and market your own book. He’s been offering this seminar for over ten years, has helped hundreds of people, but has always struggled to get people to register for the event. One day Dan called me for my help.

“Joe, I want you to write a brochure for me that is so powerful that people sign up for my seminar without my having to do a thing.”

Notice what Dan was doing. He knew what he didn’t want (to pull teeth to get people to come to his seminar) and he knew what he did want (to have people call and register easily and effortlessly). From those two steps he was led to calling me. When I agreed to create a new brochure for Dan, what did he have to do?

Let go.

He had to let go. He had to trust that he hired the right guy and all would be well. While he didn’t know it, “letting go” is a key step in the manifestation process. He was intuitively following it.

I designed a flyer for Dan, he loved it, and he printed it.

A few weeks later I called him and he said, “My seminar is already sold out.”

“It is?!” I yelled, delighted. But Dan stopped me in my tracks.

“But it isn’t due to your flyer,” he said.

“It isn’t?”

“The seminar sold out two weeks ago and I only last week mailed out the new flyer. There had been a delay in the mailing.”

“Then what happened?” I asked. “Why did it sell out?”

Dan didn’t know. But here’s my guess: As you know by now, the energy you give out brings the results you get.

When Dan stated his new intention, and allowed me to create a new flyer for him, he was changing the inner signal he was sending it. Once you change the way you are inside, the outer world changes. Dan didn’t even have to mail his flyer out. People picked up on the signals in the air and responded.

Crazy? Maybe so. But as I’ve pointed out throughout this book, the energy you give out attracts and creates the results you get. Change your inner energy and you change your results. (And for the record, I later saw Dan in Chicago, where he told me that due to my new brochure for him, his August seminar sold out in the previous JUNE.)

- Spiritual Marketing (Joe Vitale)