> Open Crown Chakra for Divine Guidance and Insights




Open Crown Chakra for Divine Guidance and Insights

Open Crown Chakra for Divine Guidance and Insights

“You can keep your crown chakra open by meditating quietly for twenty minutes or more each day. Imagine that you can see golden light coming down from above, gently touching the crown of your head. Allow this loving, divine energy to permeate your energy body, and intend that your crown chakra energy center atop your head is now open to receiving divine guidance and insights.

Even if you are not interested in knowing your life purpose at this time, you can benefit tremendously from feeling your energy being fully connected with your best possible future self and the divine energy that unites all things.

One of the first times I felt my crown chakra fully open, I was amazed at the number of remarkable synchronicities that occurred. I felt like I was living a wonderful kind of waking dream, as I followed my intuition and ended up exactly in the right place at the right time all day long. People would say unexpected things to me that made perfect sense, as if they were part of an orchestrated drama unfolding all around me. Once I’d experienced how magical life can feel, I wanted to every day to be this good!”

- Shine With the Aura of Success (Cynthia Sue Larson)