> How Democracy Actually Denies Individual Freedom




How Democracy Actually Denies Individual Freedom

How Democracy Actually Denies Individual Freedom

“The most common argument which will be trotted out at this stage is the ‘democracy’ myth. The argument goes that the government have been elected by the people to carry out the wishes of the people, and collecting taxes for the common good is one of those wishes.

Hopefully you are not so far gone that you believe this hogwash! If you are, consider the following:

1. Governments rarely represent more than 50%, or half of the adult population. This leaves at least 50% (usually 60% or higher) of the population disenfranchised.

2. The government do not carry out the ‘wishes of the people’- perish the thought! They are elected by mindless sheep responding to jingoistic slogans and shallow political logic. Politicians tow the party line, even though this might be against the wishes of their constituents.

3. Even if the government were elected by 99% of the population, this would still leave 1% of the population who do not agree with the government. In the ‘democracy’ theory, it is considered ‘OK’ for the 99% to impose their will by force on the 1%. The typical government, of course, more truly represents around 40% of the population imposing their will on the remaining 60%.

99% of the population ganging together to make a law does not make that law ‘right’. They could, for example, get together and agree that all gypsies should be removed from the countryside and placed in concentration camps. Is this ‘democratic’ decision correct? Or they could get together and decide that all people in wheelchairs should be killed because they were a drain on resources. Would this democratic decision be ‘right’?”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“Supposing we were to wave a magic wand and have a true democracy, i.e. one in which 51% of the people ruled over the remaining 49% – would this be an improvement? Go further, and imagine that 99% of the population seized power and ruled over the remaining 1%. Is it acceptable that the 1% have little or no power?

The present state of affairs effectively disenfranchises all minority groups. Hundreds of thousands of people around the country could passionately believe in a cause (say the abolition of the IRS), and yet their voice is not heard or represented. Furthermore, if their beliefs are more ‘political’ (IRA, White Supremacists, Black Panthers, etc. etc.) then they cannot even speak or publish if their views do not conform to the desires of the vapid yet tyrannical ‘majority’ who claim a mandate to rule us all.

Furthermore, their societies will be heavily infiltrated by special government agents whose task it is to break up those societies in the most efficient manner. For your information, the most common technique is to cause a ‘split’ so that these societies remain tiny and fragmented and hence never get big enough to challenge the system. I know this from first hand talks I have had with people who used to be employed to do this. Some of these groups are so heavily infiltrated that the government agents outnumber the real members!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“The ‘normal’ person believes that, because he lives in a democracy, he has freedom of choice! Yet he hands over huge blocks of his personal power to other human beings (politicians, policemen, bureaucrats, judges etc.) and asks them to rule his life. He begs them to make laws which will control his movements; he moans and whines if someone appears to escape the law.

He wants the law tightened up, with no loopholes, and no possibility of escape.

He wants laws which prevent him from driving too fast, that restrict the films he can watch, or the magazines he can buy. He wants laws which prevent him from taking drugs if he so desires, or watching a pornographic movie if he desires, or visiting a prostitute or building a car in his back yard and driving it, or owning a boat without a license, or extending his own house. He wants tough laws restricting the investments he is allowed to make. He demands that rules are passed granting access to his bank accounts and to video him wherever he walks or drives.

He wants all these laws and more.

He gladly hands over almost all of his personal power to the lawmakers and enforcers, until he has almost none left, and he is forced to abide by society’s every rule and regulation. A politician only has to chant “tuffoncrime” and he will nod energetically and sign over another personal freedom to the state.
Does this apply to you?

Yet this same person will tell you that he is free!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“The Initiate has no politics whatsoever. He or she simply glides through the cracks left by the system. He has no strong feelings concerning ‘left’ or ‘right’, as there is little, if anything, to choose between them when it comes to pursuing his goals of personal power and freedom. He also knows it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong, so he keeps a low profile. An anarchist he certainly is not! Anarchists want people to rise up and overthrow the government, and this is the last thing which the Initiate desires, as instability in the masses is most undesirable.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“We assure you that every being on earth is having an experience that is simply not possible in native state. That is why you came here –– for the leading edge experience! We would say the idea of democracy is one. Rule by a majority, now that is something that would never occur to anyone in non–physical, because of our knowing that all needs can be perfectly met in a universe of infinite abundance. The idea of democracy is that some must agree to go without for the good of the whole. This provides much contrast and excitement for those on your planet.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“That is simply not true, the animal kingdom operates in a democracy, birds, and all kinds of herds move every movement with a vote, that is to say, science has proven when 51% of them look to a direction, the whole flock moves! So Democracy is here to stay, but so is the dysfunction of not knowing ones self, which is the true cause of all the suffering we witness.”
- Michele Carsen Kaasen Rubatino (Facebook Comment) (26 September 2013)

“Animals in flocks move like animals. An experiment with a flock of sheep shows that when a barrier is removed, the remaining sheep continue jumping over the spot where it once was. Humans are given brains to think independently. Many do not use it to do so.”
- Enoch Mind Reality (Facebook Comment) (26 September 2013)