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Your Origin as an Angel before Incarnating on Earth

Your Origin as an Angel before Incarnating on Earth

“At our first coming together, you were not yet human. You did not possess a physical body. You were not incarnated upon earth. You were an angel. And you were not just any angel! You belonged to a family of angels who intended to pave the way for a new adventure in the cosmos. What was that adventure about? I will put this in very simple terms. In the cosmos, there is a law that like attracts like. For instance, after you die on earth, you are automatically drawn to an area in the spirit world that mirrors your state of consciousness. Your surroundings are a direct reflection of how you feel inside. There is a unity between inner and outer. In the spirit world, there are realms of light and realms of relative darkness. These realms are separated. This is not the case on earth, or so it would appear. On earth many different types of consciousness are present together and interact with one another. There is great diversity, and therefore earth is like a huge melting pot of different realms of consciousness.

Even here, it is the case that you create your own reality by your inner state of consciousness. However, this is something you gradually come to understand in the course of a deep spiritual quest. At first, you are greatly distracted on earth by an external world that does not seem to be created by your own mind at all. On the contrary, you seem to be the product of that reality rather than its creator. In the spirit world, the unity between inner and outer is simply a given, concrete and palpable. On earth, it takes a highly evolved consciousness to realize that oneness, and to take responsibility for oneself as creator.

On earth a special experiment takes place. When you are here in physical form, a veil is put over you so that you do not recognize your own divine creative power. It remains there until you awaken and see that you are God at the core of your being. Then the veil drops and you also recognize the deep underlying oneness that pervades all living creatures on earth. The process of awakening on earth is intense, and the very existence of earth gives a powerful evolutionary impulse to the entire spirit world. In the spirit world especially, there can be a lack of dynamics and of change. Indeed stagnation has taken place because all realms are so neatly separated. Change, growth, evolution occur when you meet and confront otherness. When I speak of meeting up with otherness, I do not mean having a polite chat with it, but rather a truly plunging into it. You learn and grow from diverse forms of consciousness not by studying them ‘from above’, but by becoming them. This is exactly what happens when you plunge into incarnation on earth. You take a dive into the deep, and by incarnating you connect to diverse realms of consciousness. This is how you forge a bridge between realms of being which would not have connected otherwise.

Being human means to be a bridge between widely varying realms of consciousness. In the forging of that bridge lies the hope for an expansion of consciousness in all the realms of the spirit world. Even the highest evolved realm in the spirit world gains an impulse of growth and renewal from the great experiment on earth. Humans are able to explore the extremes of light and dark, and eventually recognize the oneness behind all forms and appearances. When human beings attain this consciousness of oneness within, they become conscious creators on earth, and their presence will have a transformative and healing effect on all living creatures they come in contact with.”

- Pamela Kribbe channels Earth (Angels on Earth)

This information demonstrates in a way that there is even MORE Separation in the Spirit World than on Earth, and that there is MORE unity/oneness on Earth than the Spirit World. How ironic. This is another way to see things.

“The other planes have little evolution. Angels came to earth to evolve. Without earth, life up there is so boring, because there is so little change. Earth makes everything exciting. This is the world of drama.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Light gives information, and darkness withholds information. So, in the times that are coining, it will be easy for you to discern who’s who and what’s what as you travel outside the third dimensional realm. All you need to do is discern whether something is light and you are being given information or whether it is darkness and you are being disinformed, misinformed, or information is being completely withheld from you.

The purpose is to strengthen the self so that the self can become completely informed about reality. The self can then decide with clarity the soul’s path, or your personal path, through reality.

The original plan was for Earth to be an exchange center of information for all the different galactic systems.”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Fifth Dimensional Beings Known as the Pleiadians)

“Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, a plan came together to design Earth as an intergalactic exchange center of information. It was an incredible plan. Earth was a beautiful place, located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems and easily reached from other galaxies. It was close to many way portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout space.”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Fifth Dimensional Beings Known as the Pleiadians)

“Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the universe. Earth is where things are happening: it is the hot spot, the place to be. It is where the plan begins to blossom, and what happens on Earth is going to affect many, many worlds.”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Fifth Dimensional Beings Known as the Pleiadians)

“As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring, everything changes completely. This is occurring in many places. Just as thought travels on Earth, there are highways on which thought can be directed throughout the cosmos. The gridworks and creative cosmic rays are part of an intergalactic system that directs what you believe into other places of existence. So even today you are a living inspiration to others as a frequency that is fed into other systems.

In the same way that we pull energy from other systems into your system, you send energy to other systems and affect them-and you don’t know it. We want you to realize your impact and the power you have to affect systems. You don’t even know how powerful you are, and that is why you could be dangerous. You have taken on an incredible amount of this mutating energy. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to direct it? Do you love yourself?”

- Bringers of the Dawn (Fifth Dimensional Beings Known as the Pleiadians)

“The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate; their flaw is that they cannot improve. Humanity’s flaw is that we can deteriorate; but our virtue is that we can improve.“
- Hasidic Proverb

“For Man is a Divine living thing, and is not to be compared to any brute Beast that lives upon Earth, but to them that are above in Heaven, that are called Gods. Rather, if we shall be bold to speak the truth, he that is a Man indeed is above them, or at least they are equal in power, one to the other. For none of the things in Heaven will come down upon Earth, and leave the limits of Heaven, but a Man ascends up into Heaven, and measures it. And he knoweth what things are on high, and what below, and learneth all other things exactly. And that which is the greatest of all, he leaveth not the Earth, and yet is above: So great is the greatness of his Nature.”
- The Divine Pymander

“The gods will not come down to the earth (deteriorate) but Man without leaving the Earth, can ascend into Heaven (rise in consciousness) and measure exactly the things therein.”
- Enoch Mind Reality

“You are in a box of perception as we said before, but this box has been deliberately designed by you to create a certain way of experiencing. The advantage of your biological box is the thrill of discovery and the brilliant conception of a totally new idea. Because in native state there is complete ability to communicate and understand, there is less incentive or need for fresh original thought; whereas on earth there is a lot of duplication of thought and a lot of rehashing and relearning the same old stuff, but always there is the completely new thought. And that is your gift to the universe at large, the completely new idea! Because there is so much understanding of what–is in non–physical there is comfort and joy within that. But on earth your conception that you are separate and your zeal for creativity drives thought in completely unexpected directions. Lines of thought that in non–physical would never even be considered are undertaken with zest and originality. On earth you are pushing the envelope of thought, opening up new avenues of concept and expression and creation.

You see, the original intention of the human experience was that of a child. A child comes forth eagerly and joyfully, intending new experiences. But the child is ignorant. He or she can’t wait to explore the world from his or her limited viewpoint. Of course the child does not consider himself limited or stupid. It is just eager to jump in!”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“You came for the exciting game of ‘leading edge.’ Here you are at the very limit of the expansion of thought. It means that thought is at its most concentrated. As an analogy, think of essence oil. When you interface with the vibrations connected with your world, it packs a powerful wallop! You are almost overwhelmed with sensation and information. This has been taken to its (current) limit while still providing the opportunity to connect with source. However, that is what you wanted!

As a result, there is a culmination of the most unique and original thoughts.

We are experiencing source energy without resistance. That is very powerful indeed, and is an ability that all beings in native state have. However, you experience more powerfully on an emotional range that is not available to us. By that we mean, the intensity of your focus strengthens your experience in a way not possible in non-physical (unless we experience through you, which we do all the time, because it is so much fun). We do not experience the ‘bad’ along with the good.

In physical bodies, the bad makes the good much more powerful. It is the contrasting of the ‘bad’ with the ‘good’ that makes this the leading edge of thought.

Yes, we/you live for experiences like that! Why do you think people climb Mt. Everest and take treks across the South Pole, risking death and misery? To get that feeling of incredible, poignant connection to source energy. That ultimately powerful, contrasting connection is only available (so far) in a physical environment like yours on earth.

We admit, it is harder to feel joy when your body is hungry and freezing its ass off, but it is just another opportunity to experience the incredible joy of connection to source from such a poignant place of contrast. We assure you, those who have done these things are valued highly by all of us. There is no more powerful place of experiencing/feeling than the allowance of true connection from such a place. Imagine yourself in a tent with the wind blowing 90 mph, amongst snow and ice 200 miles from the South Pole with no help available, totally, utterly and completely alone – and allowing your feeling of connection from that place.

It is beyond description and utterly impossible in our non–physical environments. Such experiences add so powerfully to the expansion of the entire universe. We cannot express to you in words the power and value of these kinds of experiences, and how they benefit the whole of universal consciousness.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“All life and all environments are unique! There IS all of that diversity, there IS all of that different thought, there IS all of that different experiencing, and consequently, different environments for physical expression. We know it is hard for your mind to grasp, but we assure you that all of this difference exists. It just so happens that earth, at the present moment, is the most diverse, the most populated, has the most intermingling and variety, all on one little world, in one little corner of space! Believe it or not! That is why you came here!!!”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

Pre-existence of our spirits

“In Ephesians 1:4, Paul speaks about God choosing us before the foundation of the world. There are two possible extreme interpretations without contradicting the Bible: that we existed in the mind of God before we were created at conception via the union of sperm and ovum or that we had some sort of conscious existence before our earthly existence. There could be other explanations in between these two by differing the timing of our creation.

Psalms 139:6 implies that we had some form of “substance” before we had an earthly “form.” God told Jeremiah that before he was formed in the womb that He knew him (Jeremiah 1:5). Traditional understanding has always given us the “idea” that we were created at conception but Scriptures seem to point to a type of pre-existence before we were formed in the womb. The quality or type of existence that we have before our formation in the womb is open for theological discussion – without contradicting the Bible. It would not be wrong if one were to interpret it as a full-fledged existence as spirits in the Spiritual Universe of God.

For those who do accept the pre-existence of our spirits before coming to this earth, there are interesting lines of thoughts to pursue. One of which is that before coming to this earth we had some knowledge or choice in coming to this earth being made aware of our mission and tasks for this earth. God would, of course, first reveal to us His perfect will, destiny and plan for our lives (Ephesians 1:4; Romans 8:29-30). We would then have free choice within the realm of His destiny in mapping out the personal choices and routes that we would like to take under the guidance of God and His angels.

There is a twofold goal: one is to take on the challenge of living this life with all its trials and challenges to further our spiritual growth in the Spiritual Universe of God and secondly, to take on a mission or task to help fulfill the Will of God for the people we encounter – making a positive contribution to mankind and society.

In coming to this earth, all knowledge of our pre-existence was taken away except for some events that we had foreseen that will take place and bring a sense of “recognition” (déjà vu) – like we have been there before. (This is not the only cause of déjà vu, there are many other causes; for example, the picking up of another spirit or person’s thoughts from a different time or dimension, etc.). These precognition events are locked in our spirits and come to the surface of consciousness when the events occur like milestone markers telling us that we are on track.

No matter how tough times seem to be or how hard the road, we need to remember that we have chosen the road to travel for our own spiritual growth. And God has provided sufficient strength and grace for every mountain that confronts us (1 Corinthians 10:13). Do not envy others who seem to have it easy in life – they might have chosen an easier road with less spiritual growth benefits than you. Also remember that God has guided you in your choice and will never allow or permit you to choose that which He knows you are not capable to perform. If you search on the inside of your spirit, you will always find the grace and strength that God gives you to overcome every mountain. The reason that you do not seem to receive help is because there is too much noise on your inside (in your soul). Meditate and be still on your inside. Let the peace of God fill you and you will receive clearly in your spirit (not necessarily in words or thoughts) the strength and grace to proceed further.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Children’s Paradise

“Coming to this earth is a great dimensional shift. There is the need to develop free choice/free will spiritual consciousness in ways that have not developed before. For fetuses or babies or children who have short earthly existence, there is a growth process that still needs to be completed spiritually before the regaining of consciousness of pre-existence. Thus fetuses and babies who died early on earth have to enter children’s paradise to grow and learn; including learning about the redemption work of Christ on earth. The advantage they will have in children’s paradise is that they will grow much faster than on earth and reach spiritual maturity rapidly. When they are fully grown and matured, some of the knowledge of their pre-existence will begin come to them.

The disadvantage of leaving earth early is that there are some areas of growth which they will miss out on but it will be compensated for in other paths of growth in heaven. The lack of knowledge of pre-existence also happens to fully grown humans who died without the knowledge of God, especially those who are drawn to darkness. There their sense of having existed before is sometimes perverted by dark spirits of the lower realms into the wrong doctrine of reincarnation. For those who grow normally on earth, and who are seekers of God, sometimes the knowledge that they have existed somewhere before comes to their consciousness even while on earth but without the Bible and revelation, they do not understand where this sense is coming from.

Some people have a faint sense that they came from somewhere beyond earth; and somehow they don’t really belong to this world, especially when they were young children. For Jesus Christ, when He first came to earth and manifested as a human being, also had to reach a certain age of spiritual maturity before He began to acquire knowledge of who He was and His position in the Godhead. He had to learn the human language the normal way and through the Scriptures and direct revelation from God began to comprehend who He was and is – and the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom (Luke 2:40), and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature (Luke 2:52). In a similar way, all of us who live to adulthood on earth need to discover God’s plan in our specific lives and grow in wisdom and knowledge. It is a divine requirement that all who come to earth experience the growth process again till we are spiritually matured.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)