> Woman Cured of Cancer through Law of Attraction




Woman Cured of Cancer through Law of Attraction

Woman Cured of Cancer through Law of Attraction

Question: “Last June I was told that I had lung cancer, which necessitated surgery. I asked for time and what I planned to do with that time was to listen to a lot of Abraham tapes. I did a lot of visualization. I did a number of things. But at the end of two months I went back and the lung cancer was gone.”

Of course, it is only present by your attention to lack. And sometimes that lack causes you to identify what is wanted, and as soon as you turn your attention to that and vibrate with it, it must be. Can be no other way. Would defy law for it to be any other way.

Question “Then what has been happening recently is people are so excited for me and about this whole situation that this is something that we can conquer. And so they call me and they’re delighted and I have to answer in this husky voice because I’m sick again. What am I doing?”

Let us tell you why. As you’re surrounded by those in the vibration of conquering the illness, you’ve been swept up again in the influence of pushing against what is not wanted, rather than relaxing into what is wanted. It is really as simple as that. You’ve heard another teacher say resist not evil. And what he was saying is relax into what you consider to be goodness rather than resisting evil. So we say resist not illness, relax into wellness. So the word conquer is an indicator, in other words you’re not trying to conquer wellness. When you use a word like conquer, you’re pushing against something you do not want.

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks | Many REINCARNATIONS Simultaneously)