> Cancer Patient Healed from Doctor’s Mistake




Cancer Patient Healed from Doctor’s Mistake

Cancer Patient Healed from Doctor’s Mistake

“I heard a story of a doctor who mixed up the results of two different patients. One patient had full-blown cancer with an estimated three months to live. The other patient’s tests showed he was cancer free. The doctor accidently switched the results. When the man who was cancer free was told he had three months to live, immediately his brain began to send very strong signals that indeed there was a cancer. He thought about it day and night, his emotions believed it, and his actions confirmed it as he planned his funeral. Within three months he actuality developed terminal cancer and died.

The other man who actually had the cancer was mistakenly told that he did not have cancer. His brain began to send signals of healing. He started to dream again of all the things in life he wanted to accomplish. He cancelled his funeral plans and began to be thankful that he was healed and was a better person for it, thanking the Creator he was given a second chance. When he was checked again three months later, the cancer had gone into remission and he was cancer free. Both of these patient’s brains released very powerful intense radio-type frequencies, which in turn created responses and signals in the body.”

- Courts of Heaven (David Herzog)