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Twin Flames have Divine Love and Oneness

Twin Flames have Divine Love and Oneness

“Soulmates and Twin Flames are words that are used interchangeably. When in fact, they mean two very different things. First, let me define the meanings.


A Soulmate is someone that you have a very strong bond with. They may finish your sentences and the feelings are deep. The Soulmate is often in your life for a reason and that reason is usually to learn a life lesson. Maybe you are together to have children, maybe you are together to learn to love again. There are numerous reasons why you would be drawn to a Soulmate. The Soulmate can also be a family member, friend, sibling, teacher or co-worker.

Twin Flame

The Twin Flame, also known as Twin Soul, has a much deeper love than the Soulmates. They share an unconditional love and a bond that simply cannot be broken. The Twin Flames are actually one in the same. They are made from the same mole or cell if you want the “technical” term. This is your “other self”. They mirror you. Twins are split apart and have made many journeys to learn all of the life lessons. Twin Flames share the same soul and the same beating heart but in two separate bodies. If they come to Earth at the same time, it is likely that they will meet up. Twin Flames help each other grow and when they come together, they come together for eternity. The love shared between Twin Flames is Divine Love.”

- Twin Flames and Soulmates by Angelica Dorian

“When you meet your Twin Flame, you will often have some “issues” that still need to be worked on and resolved. This is the hard part, depending on how far along you are. This is where patience is a necessity.

Twin Flames are at peace with themselves. They have no fear and no judgments. They have complete trust and faith that the Higher Power is working for their highest good. They completely surrender all worries, concerns and doubts. They trust that they are taken care of and provided for, no matter what the situation is. They have enormous compassion and are completely forgiving. Simply put – they are extremely happy. They are two bodies with one soul and one beating heart sharing in unconditional love.

To get to this happiness, they must endure a great amount of “testing”. If you have any fears, hidden or unhidden, they will come to the surface for you to see and face. Any secrets you thought you may have, any skeletons you have in your closet, are no longer hidden or kept secret. Everything becomes exposed. As you mirror each other, you will know everything. You will know your Twin so very well on the inside, in the heart and in the soul. You will know how they feel and you will know how they think. You will even hear them and yes, you will be able to communicate telepathically.

During the testing stages, you may often think that you are going nuts or losing your mind. This is common among Twins. But notice that after you successfully complete a phase, you get rewarded. It is also normal to feel that no one would ever understand what you are going through. I have to tell you, besides my own personal experience, I have read several books already and there are plenty of people out there that are with their Twin or currently working on their reunion with their Twin. Know that you are not alone.

Some issues that can typically arise during testing are patience, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, faith, trust, hope and belief. Patience is a big one. You have to be patient in knowing that you and your Twin Flame will be reunited in Diving timing. There is nothing you can do to speed that up. All the pieces of the puzzle must fall into place in order for you to be together. You must love each other for who you are no matter what your faults – the true meaning of unconditional love.”

- Twin Flames and Soulmates by Angelica Dorian

“Twins will often get a warm, fuzzy feeling just below the navel, basically where the soul is located. You are able to send love to each other this way. I like to call this feeling, the “waves of love”. I call it that because that’s exactly what it feels like. It feels good and pure. It is love like you have never experienced before. It is an awesome power! After all, you are given Divine Love.

There is a tremendous passion between the Twins. No one else can satisfy you sexually and your Twin will know exactly how to please you.

There’s also a feeling of knowing each other forever. Typically you are on the same spiritual level. You complete each other. You also teach each other and you grow together.

When Twin Flames unite, they unite as ONE under God. The way the Twins see each other, is the way that God and the Angels see each one of us.”

- Twin Flames and Soulmates by Angelica Dorian

“Soul Mates and Twin Flames are not the same thing. Soul Mates are other souls that have agreed to connect with you on this planet for a purpose. In some cases it is to clear up karma, in other cases it is to finish unfinished business, and for some it is to accomplish a particular goal together. These relationships may be a joy to be in or these relationships may be a pain in your life. Either way they are here for a reason.

When Soul Mates first meet they sometimes feel as if they already know each other. They may feel very familiar to each other. Soul Mates can have a beautiful relationship together, but it will take work. Soul Mate relationships may last a lifetime and others may only be for a particular purpose and be temporary. You can have more than one Soul Mate in a lifetime.

Twin Flames are very different and very rare. Twin Flames are two people in two separate bodies that share the same Soul. Twin Flames meet each other in their first incarnation so that they remember the soul frequency of the other being. They are then usually reunited on their last time to this planet. If Twin Flames meet before they are ready they can be the total opposite and not at all compatible. When Twin Flames meet and are ready for each other, it is the most enjoyable experience possible on Earth.

At this point, Twin Flames are almost identical. They truly compliment each other and it is a hardship for them to be apart. As an outside observer it is sometimes hard to distinguish the two people. They also have a very strong bond and often have telepathy with each other. Their lives even before meeting each other have many parallels. Again, meeting your Twin Flame is very rare on this planet.”

- Soul Mates &Twin Flames by Arianni Masters

“The moment your soul was created it possessed male-female, ying-yang polarity and energy. God’s love for you made sure that these two complimentary forms of consciousness, the masculine and feminine, would be bound together throughout eternity.

The two halves of one soul have been called twin souls, twin vibrations, twin rays or twin flames. Said another way, you only have one twin aspect of your soul in the entire universe who vibrates at the same frequency of light that you do. This is quite an awesome thought. However, the story is a bit more involved than this simple explanation.”

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“Over many lifetimes soul mate relationships prepare us for lasting twin reunion. They are a very important part of the process and should be blessed as such. Most often, soul mate unions will last longer and be more rewarding than the electrifying, but often stormy, twin pairings. Twin soulship is a very highly charged partnership and the two must be spiritually ready for it to last. When they are, their union will transcend all others.”

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“There are differences between what causes a soulmate in comparison to a twin flame, these differences have been explained by others (e.g. St. Germain). The fact remains that they both carry a ‘charge’ of energy that you feel at the cellular level. Dear ones, the love of appropriate twin flames or soulmates who have presented themselves synchronistically in your life is one of the highest loves between human beings.”

- Kryon

“The supreme state of human love is the unity of one soul within two bodies”
~ Sri Aurobindo

“The two who are one are the secret of all power, the two who are one are the might and right in things.”
- Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo

“Here are some answers and thoughts by the Master, St. Germain. They give more insight into the subject of twin souls and how we attract our other half…

Q. Are twin flames more like a companion of the soul?

A. It is an identical resonance reverberation of the same frequency within the different (male-female) bodies of energy.

Q. Are many twin flames coming together now in this time?

A. Of course, because many Christ-consciousnesses are being born.

St Germain continues…

“Within your male (twin) soulmate energy essence, there abides a certain frequency that is indeed identical to the same frequency found in the female (twin) soulmate energy essence… there are identical frequencies existing in the opposite bodies of energy, and these you call twin flames.”

“Now, experiencing Christ-Consciousness within yourself, loving unconditionally that which you are as you exist and abide in your reality at this point in time, creates the resonance within your being that attracts the identical essence within the opposite body of soul energy. It calls it forth and merges with your energy and you with it.”

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“Each man we see, except those who have been transfigured, is but a semi-ego, and each woman the same – two of these having one spirit. When the perfection time cometh, all the halves shall unite, each with its own – and lo! this is the marriage made in heaven. But first comes the Trial – the Crisis of Transfiguration.”

- A Dweller on Two Planets

“When two twins are to ready to reunite as spiritual partners, the Universe will create the special forces necessary to bring them together for another moment in time. However, the search for the other must first begin, as a search within each of the twins themselves before lasting reunion is possible. Each has to discover his or her individual spiritual nature and God-centeredness. Then they must do their best to live it on a daily basis and foster one another’s spiritual growth and evolution.

There are no dependencies in a twin soul relationship because the sense of identity has been developed within each of the partners. To reach that point, a strong sense of self and a certain degree of internal balance and happiness must first be nurtured and achieved. Then, during reunion, the essence of one simply flows into the essence of the other to create the completeness. There is no effort involved.

It is also impossible for twin souls to remain separated on any kind of permanent basis. When in relationship, they will continue to have conflicts. However, they will be driven to resolve these conflicts and any past karma as quickly as possible. Nothing is left unsaid. Nothing is left to chance. Assumptions never enter their minds. All is out in the open. Neither sits, pouts and wonders who will make the first move at “making up.” There are no games, no secrets, no clinging to the other. There is no pretending. There is no deception. There is no fear of reprisal for anything they do or say, because unconditional love is the foundation upon which their relationship has been built.

In essence, twin souls can just be their open, honest selves with minimal influence from the ego. And as each conflict resolves, the bond of love between them takes on renewed meaning and strength.”

- Excepts take from this webpage:

“How will you know you have met your twin? Here are some of the symptoms given by others who have had the experience…

Chances are you’ve met through a set of unusual circumstances that were totally unplanned and unexpected.

There is a powerful, instantaneous feeling that you have known the other before.

You felt an immediate and deep connection for one another.

There is an electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe.

The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.

It feels as though you had never really lived before the reunion occurred.

You feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity with God that you’ve have never known before.

It brings on feelings you never thought possible.

The two of you are inseparable.

When you look into each other’s eyes, time and space have no meaning.

There are no barriers between the two of you. The relationship is a totally open one.

Your conversations seem to go on forever.

The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.

You give to the other and never think of receiving in return.

There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before.

You still have karma with your twin from previous lives, but the two of you resolve it all with total forgiveness and unconditional love.

Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self.

There is a strong sense of unlimitedness eternity to your feelings.

Your feelings for each other are very spiritual.

There are no restrictions within the relationship. All is freedom without the need for ownership or control.

The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for a reason.

You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are.

In spite of your sameness, there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other.

Trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically.

There is a great sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship.

Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love you have for one another.

The two of you become more and more one, without losing your individual identities.

When you look into the other’s eyes, you see yourself.

You experience a sense of completeness that is without comparison.

The degree of intimacy and friendship the two of you develop is without parallel.

You recognize that the two of you are Godmates.

There is no doubt that some of the symptoms described above are also common to soul mate relationships. What really sets the twin soul union apart from all the rest is the profound degree of completeness experienced and the overwhelming sense of spirituality unique to these partnerships. Two other powerful symptoms of spiritually mature twins is their powerful connection to God and their desire to serve humanity in some meaningful way.

There is also a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship. It is not by accident nor is it without purpose. Rather, it is a magnificent and loving part of our Creator’s plan for us. There is no doubt that the intensity behind the twin union is more than enough to jump start the journey that will lead us back to our Source, which will happen someday.”

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“The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it.”
- Christian Nestell

“Twin Flames see each other more fully than anyone else, because they are each other.”
- Enoch Mind Reality