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The Truth about What Happens After Death

The Truth about What Happens After Death

Neale Donald Walsch: “What happens when you die?”

God: “What do you choose to have happen?”

Neale Donald Walsch: “You mean that what happens is whatever we choose to have happen?”

God: “Do you think that just because you’ve died you stop creating? When you die, you do not stop creating.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“The reason you do not stop creating when you die is that you don’t ever die. You cannot. For you are life itself. And life cannot not be life. Therefore you cannot die. So, at the moment of your death what happens is… you go on living.

This is why so many people who have “died” do not believe it—because they do not have the experience of being dead. On the contrary, they feel (because they are) very much alive. So there’s confusion.

The Self may see the body lying there, all crumpled up, not moving, yet the Self is suddenly moving all over the place. It has the experience, often, of literally flying all over the room—then of being everywhere in the space, all at once. And when it desires a particular point of view, it suddenly finds itself experiencing that.

If the soul (the name we will now give to the Self) wonders, “Gee, why is my body not moving?” it will find itself right there, hovering right over the body, watching the stillness curiously.

If someone enters the room, and the soul thinks, “Who is that?”—immediately the soul is in front of, or next to, that person.

Thus, in a very short time the soul learns that it can go anywhere—with the speed of its thought.

A feeling of incredible freedom and lightness overtakes the soul, and it usually takes a little while for the entity to “get used to” all this bouncing around with every thought.

If the person had children, and should think of those children, immediately the soul is in the presence of those children, wherever they are. Thus the soul learns that not only can it be wherever it wants with the speed of its thought—it can be in two places at once. Or three places. Or five.

It can exist, observe, and conduct activities in these places simultaneously, without difficulty or confusion. Then it can “rejoin” itself, returning to one place again, simply by refocusing.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“Always in life you have before you three choices:

1. You may allow your uncontrolled thoughts to create The Moment.

2. You may allow your creative consciousness to create The Moment.

3. You may allow the collective consciousness to create The Moment.

Here is an irony: In your present life you find it difficult to create consciously from your individual awareness, and, indeed, often assume your individual understandings to be wrong, given all that you are seeing around you, and so, you surrender to the collective consciousness, whether it serves you to do so or not.

In the first moments of what you call the afterlife, on the other hand, you may find it difficult to surrender to the collective consciousness, given all that you are seeing around you (which may be unbelievable to you), and so you will be tempted to hold to your own individual understandings, whether they serve you or not.

I would tell you this: It is when you are surrounded by lower consciousness that you will benefit more from remaining with your individual understandings, and when you are surrounded by higher consciousness that you receive greater benefit from surrender.

It may, therefore, be wise to seek beings of high consciousness. I cannot overemphasize the importance of the company you keep.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

God: “Some of you have expectations without even knowing it. All your life you’ve had thoughts about what occurs after death, and when you “die” those thoughts are made manifest, and you suddenly realize (make real) what you’ve been thinking about. And it is your strongest thoughts, the ones you’ve held most fervently, that, as always in life, will prevail.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Then a person could go to hell. If people believed all during life that hell is a place which most certainly existed, that God will judge “the quick and the dead,” that He will separate the “wheat from the chaff” and the “goats from the sheep,” and that they are surely “going to hell,” given all that they have done to offend God, then they would go to hell! They would burn in the everlasting fires of damnation! How could they escape it? You’ve said repeatedly throughout this dialogue that hell does not exist. Yet You also say that we create our own reality, and have the power to create any reality at all, out of our thought about it. So hellfire and damnation could and does exist for those who believe in it.”

God: “Nothing exists in Ultimate Reality save that Which Is. You are correct in pointing out that you may create any subreality you choose—including the experience of hell as you describe it. I have never said at any point in this entire dialogue that you could not experience hell; I said that hell does not exist. Most of what you experience does not exist, yet you experience it nonetheless.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “If there is no hell, yet I am experiencing hell, what the hell is the difference?”

God: “There wouldn’t be any, as long as you remain in your created reality. Yet you will not create such a reality forever. Some of you won’t experience it for more than what you would call a “nanosecond.” And therefore you will not experience, even in the private domains of your own imagination, a place of sadness or suffering.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “What would stop me from creating such a place for all eternity if I believed all my life that there was such a place, and that something I’d done had caused me to deserve such a place?”

God: “Your knowledge and understanding. Just as in this life your next moment is created out of the new understandings you’ve gained from your last moment, so, too, in what you call the afterlife, will you create a new moment from what you’ve come to know and understand in the old. And one thing you will come to know and understand very quickly is that you are at choice, always, about what you wish to experience.

That is because in the afterlife results are instantaneous, and you will not be able to miss the connection between your thoughts about a thing, and the experience those thoughts create. You will understand yourself to be creating your own reality.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“You will experience after death exactly what you expect, and choose, to experience.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “So many different stories exist about what happens in the moments after death.

Some people come back from near-death experiences filled with peace and love, and with no fear, ever again, of death, while others return very frightened, certain that they have just encountered dark and evil forces.”

God: “The soul responds to, re-creates, the mind’s most powerful suggestion, producing that in its experience.

Some souls remain in that experience for a time, making it very real—even as they remained in their experiences while with the body, though they were equally as unreal and impermanent. Other souls quickly adjust, see the experience for what it is, begin to think new thoughts, and move immediately to new experiences.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “Do You mean that there is no one particular way things are in the afterlife? Are there no eternal truths that exist outside of our own mind? Do we continue to go on creating myths and legends and make-believe experiences right past our death and into the next reality? When do we get released from the bondage? When do we come to know the truth?”

God: “When you choose to. That was the point of the Robin Williams movie. That is the point being made here. Those whose only desire is to know the eternal truth of All
That Is, to understand the great mysteries, to experience the grandest reality, do so.

Yes, there is a One Great Truth; there is a Final Reality. But you will always get what you choose, regardless of that reality—precisely because the reality is that you are a divine creature, divinely creating your reality even as you are experiencing It.

Yet should you choose to stop creating your own individual reality and begin to understand and experience the larger, unified reality, you will have an immediate opportunity to do that.

Those who “die” in a state of such choosing, of such desiring, of such willingness and such knowing, move into the experience of the Oneness at once. Others move into the experience only if, as, and when they so desire. It is precisely the same when the soul is with the body.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“You may return to the One and experience the loss of your individual Self whenever it pleases you. You may also re-create the experience of your individual Self whenever you choose.

You may experience any aspect of the All That Is that you wish, in its tiniest proportion, or its grandest. You may experience the microcosm or the macrocosm.

When you reside with the human body, you are experiencing g a smaller portion than the whole; that is, a portion of the microcosm (although by no means the smallest portion thereof). When you reside away from the body (in what some would call the “spirit world”), you have enlarged by quantum leaps your perspective. You will suddenly seem to know everything; be able to be everything. You will have a macrocosmic view of things, allowing you to understand that which you do not now understand.

One of the things you will then understand is that there is a larger macrocosm still. That is, you will suddenly become clear that All That Is is even greater than the real-ity you are then experiencing. This will fill you at once with awe and anticipation, wonder and excitement, joy and exhilaration, for you will then know and understand what I know and understand: that the game never ends.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“In the time after your “death” you may choose to have every question you ever had answered—and open yourself to new questions you never dreamed existed. You may choose to experience Oneness with All That Is. And you will have a chance to decide what you wish to be, do, and have next.

Do you choose to return to your most recent body? Do you choose to experience life again in human form, but of another kind?

Do you choose to remain where you are in the “spirit world,” at the level you are then experiencing? Do you choose to go on, go further, in your knowing and experiencing? Do you choose to “lose your identity” altogether and now become part of the Oneness?

What do you choose? What do you choose? What do you choose?

Always, that is the question I will be asking you. Always, that is the inquiry of the universe. For the universe knows nothing except how to grant your fondest wish, your greatest desire. Indeed, it is doing that every moment, every day.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Heaven, Hell and Nirvana

“You may do one of three things in what you call the afterlife, just as in the life you are now experiencing. You may submit to the creations of your uncontrolled thoughts, you may create your experience consciously out of choice, or you may experience the collective consciousness of All That Is. This last experience is called Reunification, or Rejoining the One.

Should you take the first path, most of you will not do so for very long (unlike the way you behave on Earth). This is because in the moment you don’t like what you are experiencing, you will choose to create a new and more pleasant reality, which you will do by simply stopping your negative thoughts.

Because of this, you will never experience the “hell” of which you are so afraid, unless you choose to. Even in that case you will be “happy,” in that you will be getting what you want. (More people than you know are “happy” being “miserable.”) So you will keep experiencing it until you don’t choose to any more.

For most of you, the moment you even begin to experience it, you will move away from it and create something new. You can eliminate the hell in your life on Earth exactly the same way.

Should you take the second path and consciously create your experience, you will no doubt experience going “straight to heaven,” because this is what anyone who is freely choosing, and who believes in heaven, would create. If you do not believe in heaven, you will experience whatever you wish to experience—and the moment you understand that, your wishes will get better and better. And then you will believe in heaven!

Should you take the third path and submit to the creations of the collective consciousness, you will move very quickly into total acceptance, total peace, total joy, total awareness, and total love, for that is the consciousness of the collective. Then you will become one with the Oneness, and there will be nothing else except That Which You Are—which is All There Ever Was, until you decide that there should be something else. This is nirvana, the “one with the Oneness” experience that many of you have had very briefly in meditation, and it is an indescribable ecstasy.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“If you “die” in a state of limited perspective and uncontrolled thoughts, you’ll experience whatever that state brings you, until you don’t want to anymore. Then you’ll “wake up”—become conscious—and start experiencing yourself creating your reality.

You’ll look back at the first stage and call it purgatory. The second stage, when you can have anything you want with the speed of your thought, you’ll call heaven. The third stage, when you experience the bliss of the Oneness, you’ll call Nirvana.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“After you die, you still continue creating. With your mind, thoughts create reality. Depending on the state of mind of a person after death, their experience will be positive or negative. Death on this plane moves you to another plane. And when you are over there, what you think will manifest as your experience as well.

What you think about first manifest on the Fifth Dimension and may manifest in the Third Dimension over time. When you are in the Fifth Dimension itself, you will experience your thoughts in a very immediate and physical way. That is what dreams are like. Heaven and Hell are experienced as Reality in Fifth Dimension and beyond.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“I remember 20 years ago when I had to be brought back by the paramedics with those nasty paddles. Were I went is not what I would call a place, but more of a state of being, as there is no time or space on the other side. Time and space is only for this material world that we live in right now. Also what your thoughts are, create your experience on the other side. So what ever your spiritual beliefs are ,are what you will experience after death. Your thoughts really do create your reality immediately.”
- Robi Ellen (Facebook Comment 19 March 2013)

A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

“Before his experience, he did not believe existence of a non-physical spirit. Trained in western medical school and surrounded by medical colleagues who are deeply invested in the materialism view of the universe, he thought that the idea of a soul was outlandish. Dr. Alexander changed his mind after he was in a coma for seven days caused by severe bacterial meningitis and experienced a vivid journey into the afterlife. He was guided by an beautiful angelic being and shown the Divine Source, which he referred to as “Om”.

He then returned to his physical body, experienced a miraculous healing, and went on to write the NY Times #1 best selling book “Proof of Heaven.” What Dr. Alexander confirms is that our life on planet Earth is a “test” of personal growth, and that the way to make progress in this test is to overcome evil while spreading love and compassion. Here are some other notable points he made:

- The experience of the afterlife was so “real” and expansive that the experience of living as a human on Earth seemed like an artificial dream by comparison.

- The fabric of the afterlife was pure LOVE. Love dominated the afterlife to such a huge degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitesimally small. If you wish to know the Universe, know Love.

- In the afterlife, all communication was telepathic. There was no need for spoken words, nor even any separation between the self and everything else happening around you. All the questions you asked in your mind were immediately answered to you telepathically as well.

When asked what he wants everyone to know about the spiritual realm, he always answers saying that you are precious and infinitely loved more than you can possibly imagine. You are always safe. You are never alone. The unconditional and perfect Love of God neglects not one soul.

“Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows-the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children, or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional.

This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.”

- See more at: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/proof-of-heaven-a-neurosurgeons-journey-into-the-afterlife/