> A One World Government Can benefit Humanity




A One World Government Can benefit Humanity

A One World Government Can benefit Humanity

Neale Donald Walsch: “How can we eliminate more of the pain, more of the suffering?”

God: “By eliminating all separations between you. By constructing a new model of the world. By holding it within the framework of a new idea.

Presently, you see the world—we’re speaking geopolitically now—as a collection of nation states, each sovereign, separate and independent of each other.

The internal problems of these independent nation states are, by and large, not considered the problems of the group as a whole—unless and until they affect the group as a whole (or the most powerful members of that group).

The group as a whole reacts to the conditions and problems of individual states based on the vested interests of the larger group. If no one in the larger group has anything to lose, conditions in an individual state could go to hell, and no one would much care.

Something will have to be new if you wish your world to change. You must begin to see someone else’s interests as your own. This will happen only when you reconstruct your global reality and govern yourselves accordingly.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Are you talking about a one-world government?”

God: “I am.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2

“There is a great experiment now going on in your world in just this sort of political order. That experiment is called the United States of America.

In short, your original states, though joined together under the Articles of Confederation, were acting exactly as independent nations do today.

Although they could see that the agreements of their Confederation (such as the granting to Congress the sole authority to coin money) were not working, they staunchly resisted creating and submitting to a central authority that could enforce these agreements and put some teeth into them.

Yet, in time, a few progressive leaders began to prevail. They convinced the rank and file that there was more to be gained by creating such a new Federation than they would ever lose.

Merchants would save money and increase profits because individual states could no longer tax each other’s goods.

Governments would save money and have more to put into programs and services that truly helped people because resources would not have to be used to protect individual states from each other.

The people would have greater security and safety, and greater prosperity, too, by cooperating with, rather than fighting with, each other. Far from losing their greatness, each state could become greater still.

And that, of course, is exactly what has happened. The same could be made to happen with the 160 nation states in the world today if they were to join together in a United Federation. It could mean an end to war.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2

“There is a way to truly eliminate war—and all experience of unrest and lack of peace—but that is a spiritual solution. We are here exploring a geopolitical one. Actually, the trick is to combine the two. Spiritual truth must be lived in practical life to change everyday experience. Until this change occurs, there would still be disagreements. You are right. Yet there need not be wars. There need not be killing.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2

“Ultimately, every geopolitical problem, just as every personal problem, breaks down to a spiritual problem. All of life is spiritual, and therefore all of life’s problems are spiritually based—and spiritually solved. Wars are created on your planet because somebody has something that somebody else wants. This is what causes someone to do something that somebody else does not want them to do. All conflict arises from misplaced desire. The only peace in all the world that is sustaining is Internal Peace.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2