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Truth about Communication with the Dead

Truth about Communication with the Dead

Neale Donald Walsch: “Is it okay to ask a psychic to contact the dead? Should we attempt to reach out to those who have “gone before”?”

God: “Why would you want to?”

Neale Donald Walsch: “To see if they have something they want to say to us; to tell us.”

God: “If somebody from “the other side” has something they want you to know, they’ll find a way to cause you to know it, don’t worry.

The aunt, the uncle, the brother, the sister, the father, the mother, the spouse, and lover who have “gone before” are continuing their own journey, experiencing complete joy, moving toward total understanding.

If part of what they want to do is to come back to you—to see how you are, to bring you an awareness that they’re all right, whatever—trust that they’ll do that.

Then, watch for the “sign” and catch it. Don’t dismiss it as just your imagination, “wishful thinking,” or coincidence. Watch for the message, and receive it.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “So are You saying, then—to get back to the original line of questioning—that we should not go to a psychic or a seance seeking to contact those on the other side?”

God: “I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t do anything. I’m just not sure what the point would be.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Well, supposing you had something you wanted to say to the other, rather than something you wanted to hear from them?”

God: “Do you imagine that you could say it and they not hear it? The slightest thought having to do with a being existing on what you call “the other side” brings that being’s consciousness flying to you.

You cannot have a thought or an idea about a person who is what you call “deceased” without that person’s Essence becoming completely aware of it. It is not necessary to use a medium to produce such communication. Love is the best “medium” of communication.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “How about two-way communication? Would a medium be helpful there? Or is such communication even possible? Is it all hogwash? Is it dangerous?”

God: “You are talking now about communication with spirits. Yes, such communication is possible. It is dangerous? Virtually everything is “dangerous” if you are afraid. What you fear, you create. Yet there is really nothing to be afraid of.

Loved ones are never far from you, never more than a thought away, and will always be there if you need them, ready with counsel or comfort or advice. If there is a high level of stress on your part about a loved one being “okay,” they will send you a sign, a signal, a little “message” that will allow you to know everything’s fine.

You won’t even have to call on them, because souls who loved you in this life are drawn to you, pulled to you, fly to you, the moment they sense the slightest trouble or disturbance in your auric field.

One of their first opportunities, as they learn about the possibilities of their new existence, is to provide aid and comfort to those they love. And you will feel their comforting presence if you are really open to them.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Neale Donald Walsch: “So the stories we hear of people “who could have sworn” that a deceased loved one was in the room could be true.”

God: “Most assuredly. One might smell the loved one’s perfume or cologne, or get a whiff of the cigar they smoked, or faintly hear a song they used to hum. Or, out of nowhere, some personal possession of theirs may suddenly appear. A handkerchief, or a wallet, or some cufflink or piece of jewelry just “shows up” for “no reason.” It’s “found” in a chair cushion, or under a stack of old magazines. There it is. A picture, a photograph, of a special moment—just when you were missing that person and thinking about them and feeling sad about their death. These things don’t “just happen.” These kinds of things don’t “just appear” at “just the right moment” by chance.

I tell you this: There are no coincidences in the universe. This is very common. Very common.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“The dead still love those they loved in life, but they understand the emotion far better than they did before, and in a way again difficult to express, they do not miss the living. They do not feel absent from the living, only present in an entirely different fashion than the living can fathom. In this, of course, they have the advantage and it is to relieve the loneliness of the living that the dead communicate, even while knowing that such communications themselves can make the living only more anxious.

The dead in their way are jealous of their freedom, and sometimes their communications take the form of hasty, “Yes, I’m all right” messages, shouted over a mental should. Some people forget to send letters when they travel, caught up as they are in new experiences. Similarly, the dead are so involved in their own adventures that sometimes they ignore the nagging of the living, whose thoughts rise up like mental kites with reminders, saying, “Why haven’t you written?”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)