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True Genius Way to Create Money and Prosperity

True Genius Way to Create Money and Prosperity

“I’m the kind of guy who, if I can’t make big bucks doing what I absolutely love, would rather not make big bucks. Making money is easy. Making money while doing what you like, that’s a lot harder.

If you’re truly smart, that’s what you should strive for. And we’re not talking about delusional passions, like, “Oh, I’m doing what I love! I’m a doctor, my passion is to help people! I’m living the dream!” Nonsense… People like singing, drawing, playing sports, fucking hot women, even writing, eating, travelling, watching TV. Those are activities people truly enjoy. If you can make a great living from that, then yes, you’re a genius.

Any chump these days can start a company, invest in the stock market, flip real estate, etc. and make millions over the course of their lifetimes. It’s so common that it’s not even impressive anymore; we hardly even care who gets on the Forbes billionaire list. Whom we truly hold admiration for are those who earn their millions WHILE doing what they would do for free anyway: singers, actors, porn actors, writers, athletes, etc. They figured out a way to be remunerated for doing what they’re already doing anyway. In a sense, it’s very similar to passive income.

Those people are the true winners of life. Not those who pawned away their happiness just to achieve the same result. I’ve read Li Ka-Shing’s biography. I don’t envy him at all. In fact, I pity him. I’ve also read Adele’s biography. Her… I truly envy and respect. She didn’t betray her own happiness just for the money. She prioritized her happiness and still managed to make so much money as an afterthought.

That’s true genius right there.”

- Alvin Tan (Famous Sex Blogger)

“The biggest advantage I have over you guys isn’t youth, courage, determination, looks, or even intelligence. It’s free time. I’ve structured my life to free up as much time as economically feasible, to pursue the things I like (e.g. building my porn career, writing, dating, eating out, playing the piano, physical activity, the odd out-of-town trip).

I have so much free time to reflect, to rest and respite, to stop and smell the roses, and to even take up another job if I really want to. I now bartend three days, hardly more than 20 hours, every week. I have four nights a week to go out and date. I work out 3 times a week. I shoot porn every other week. I have plenty of time left to attend auditions, network with people in the adult industry, go to the gym, go shopping, and to check out any event in town. I save up 50% of my income month after month.

If you’re stuck in an office job that takes up 9 hours a day (including lunch), plus 2 hours’ commute every day, that’s 11 hours gone. If you sleep 8 hours, you really have 5 hours left in your day, most of it taken up by mundane stuff like showering, getting ready for work, etc. Worst of all, that’s 5 hours in the evening, when you really don’t want to be doing personal enrichment: how-to reading, working out, investing, and other beneficial activities like writing. You’re more likely to want to just have a great dinner, watch TV/YouTube, and then shower and get ready for bed, after a long tiring day at work.

You have no energy left, and this is deliberately set up this way by the government and corporations to keep you unambitious, immobile, complacent, consumerist, and conformist. Your weekends are so precious that you probably need to catch up on sleep and chores. So really, you have no free time left for self-improvement. Everything you have — every fiber of your being, every ounce of attention, every pulsating neuron — is channeled towards your job, enriching your boss and the government more than it will ever enrich you.”

- Alvin Tan (Famous Sex Blogger)