> God’s Word is a Universe and Supercomputer Map




God’s Word is a Universe and Supercomputer Map

God’s Word is a Universe and Supercomputer Map

Universe = Uni-Verse = One Word
Uni = Unified, One, Oneness
God’s Word is a Universe, a computer, a hologram, a three dimensional map, a four/five/six/seven dimensional map. God’s Word is the Universe. God is the Universe. God’s Word is God.
The more you see God in His Word, the more faith you have until it is an unshakable kind of faith no matter what the circumstances are around you. Look to Jesus instead of what’s going on around you.
This seeing is seeing in your mind. It is spiritual seeing. It is renewing of your mind.
God’s Word is a composite whole, a complete universe where if you add anything to it or take away anything from it, it becomes a distorted universe and collapses.
As two disciples were conversing among themselves about Jesus after He died and rose from the dead, Jesus Himself drew near. But their eyes were constrained so they could not know Him. He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself, and later on He broke bread and blessed it and gave it to them and their eyes were open to know Him. The more you see Jesus in His Word, the more you see Him.

People can grow rice or wheat but no one can grow manna. It is supernaturally provided by God from Heaven.
You can’t rely on accumulated manna or it will turn bad. You have to receive fresh manna everyday.
Manna was white color and sweet like honey.
When the people complained that there was only manna to eat and nothing else, the manna changed color to pearl which is off-white. This means Jesus was no longer pure in their eyes. It also tasted like made with oil which means God’s Word had become blend to them. And they tried to make it into cookies or pastries in order to make it nicer to eat. This shows they had to use self effort and struggle just to satisfy themselves when previously what they received and enjoy was effortless.
The Bible says that it was a mix multitude who complained because God’s people were mixed with people who were Egyptians. The people of the world and those not belonging to God’s Way influenced God’s people to look to other paths and not believe Jesus is the only way.
When one experiences all other ways are counterfeit, false, not good enough, fallen short from the glory of God, and accompanied by a curse along with whatever false blessings it brings, they realize Jesus and His Word is the only way, the Truth and the Life.