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The Very Core of Inner Circle Thinking

The Very Core of Inner Circle Thinking

“The Initiate walks on the grass despite the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign. He does this because he genuinely wants to walk on the grass, and he knows that very, very few people will disobey the sign. As a direct result of this, he is able to look back over the path he has just walked, and see his tracks. Hmm…sounds like a good analogy for how you should live your life!

If questioned thus: “Supposing everyone walked on the grass?” he simply smiles and says “They won’t”. And it’s true – they won’t.

I want you to read the above two paragraphs again, because the principle behind them lies at the very core of Inner Circle thinking.

Why is the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign there in the first place? Not because it is ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ to walk on the grass, not because the grass would be harmed if a few people walked over it. The sign is there because if everyone walked over the grass, it would be worn away and there would be no grass left after a short while. This is the only reason the sign is there. With the sign there, hardly anyone will walk on the grass. This leaves you free to do so. Of course, if you think I am only talking about ‘walking on the grass’ here, then you’ve missed the point!

This trivial example has vast implications for you as an aspiring Initiate, because it is to your very great advantage that the sheep obey the thousands of petty rules and restrictions which others invent to control their lives.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)