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The Power that Causes All to Yield to You

The Power that Causes All to Yield to You

“When you’re tuned in, you are undeniable; and I, and all other components of the Universe, have to yield to you. But when you’re not tuned in, when you’re begging, when you’re pleading, when you’re needing, when you’re asking from a place of not being lined up with it, then it doesn’t happen as easily.”
- Abraham Hicks (The Vortex)

“If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law.”
- Abraham Hicks (The Vortex)

“You don’t have to worry about what their vibration is if your vibration is one of connection. Because if your vibration is one of connection — you’re going to dominate the vibration. This is the way you learn your relationships.”
- Abraham Hicks

“A bunch of weak people, even in numbers, aren’t strong. Get a whole bunch of confused people together and see how much clarity comes out of it. In other words, you just can’t add one more confused person to the pot, and expect to get any more clarity… One—standing outside of the confused group—who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused.”
- Abraham Hicks

“One who is in alignment with Source is more powerful than millions who are not. And so, the person most aligned with his Inner Being, his Vortex of Creation, and the power that creates worlds will emerge as the leader. People naturally gravitate to clear-minded, stable, happy people.”
- Abraham Hicks (The Vortex)

“One person broadcasting a powerful signal of well–being is more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Believe it or not, one person shining his or her light may influence the million and do so much more quickly than you can imagine. We know this because we perceive the full vibrational spectrum, whereas you only see that which is brought to you by your human senses.”
- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“You may begin to feel physical sensations of thrills or Goosebumps rippling through your body to indicate the Vibrational alignment that you have achieved. And when that Vibrational shift occurs, it is like walking from a small, dark room out into the beautiful light of day where confusion is replaced with clarity, and uncertainty is replaced with knowing.

Once that Vibrational shift occurs within you, all manner of evidence will confirm it:
• Good-feeling ideas will flow abundantly to you.
• Things that you have been wondering about will come into greater clarity.
• Things that you have been meaning to do will present themselves to you in an obvious and easy-to-accomplish manner.
• Problems that have seemed stubborn will seem to resolve themselves without your personal involvement.
• And money and opportunities will begin to show up in your experience in surprising and unexpected ways.

We want you to understand that the true path to the abundance and financial freedom that you seek is not a journey of action but instead an emotional journey. Your true power comes from the leverage of your alignment, not from your action. And while it is certain that there will be plenty of action involved, it will be good-feeling action that is inspired from your place of alignment from inside your Vortex.

Your true power is experienced only from inside the Vortex.”

- Abraham Hicks (Getting Into The Vortex)

“Your Vortex will teach you, as you are consistently inside, that your best effort is in letting go of resistance and simply allowing yourself inside. For inside your Vortex, your thoughts flow with ease and clarity and precision, your physical body feels stable, your stamina is high, and your timing is perfect as you interact with others. You will be surprised, at first, at what little effort was actually required to tune yourself to the Energy that creates worlds, and that your true power is in non-struggle.

In the absence of resistant thought, your Vibration returns to its natural state of power and clarity and love. In the absence of resistant thought, your true nature of resilience and replenishment and vitality returns. In the absence of resistant thought, your true nature of eagerness and joy and fun returns. It is not through struggle and effort and trying that resistance is released, but instead through distraction and releasing and relaxing.”

- Abraham Hicks (Getting Into The Vortex)

“Come into alignment with those solutions and creations that are in your Vortex, and from inside your Vortex, you will feel appreciation for everyone who contributed to its becoming. Deciding in advance to appreciate them—even before you are in your Vortex and even before the solutions have shown themselves to you—will shorten the process and bring you faster to the solutions you seek. And, even more important, your life will feel good to you every step along the way.”

- Abraham Hicks (Getting Into the Vortex)

“When you make peace with those who differ in desire and belief and behavior from your ideas of what is appropriate, you do not perpetuate what you consider to be wrong. Instead, you align with the solution side of the equation that has been waiting for you in your Vortex of Creation.

If your behavior is influenced by your desire to keep another person happy, you will lose your Connection to your Source. And it is not possible for you to be happy unless you are in alignment with your Source. Without that alignment, you have nothing to offer another.

Rather than attempting the impossible task of trying to behave in ways that please others, show them the ease of finding your consistent alignment… You will always find happiness inside your Vortex. And the happiness that they are seeking is inside their Vortex.”

- Abraham Hicks (Getting Into The Vortex)