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How Your Unconscious Mind Manifest Reality

How Your Unconscious Mind Manifest Reality

“Let’s say you have to choose what you are going to do tonight. During your previous sleep period your unconscious mind loads three possible paths into your probability pool. You may choose: staying home, going out with your friend, or going for a walk in the park. The probable version of you staying home has you becoming bored. The probable version of you going out with your friend has you enjoying yourself, and the probable version of you walking in the park leads to a new relationship. You can only manifest one of these. Your unconscious mind looks to your conscious mind for direction. It finds that, even though you would enjoy the fun and excitement of going out, you would rather take a walk in the park because you are seeking a long-term relationship. Your unconscious mind does a little further digging and finds that going out with your friend or staying home does not solve your relationship-seeking goal. So, your unconscious mind determines that going to the park would be the better choice. Then, at the right moment, you get an irresistible urge to take a walk in the park (which you follow) and this probable action gets pulled out of the pool and manifests.

Now I‘ve made this example simple to demonstrate what occurs. However, in many instances hundreds of factors get taken into account before a final version of an event is materialized – for example, factors like your feelings, your physical condition, your long-term and short-term goals, the circumstances that each probable action is liable to put you in, whom you may meet, whom you may not meet, etc.

Despite all these factors, freewill always applies! That’s why your unconscious mind looks to your conscious mind for a final determination. The only problem with this selection process is that sometimes your conscious mind doesn’t always reflect what you want or what is best for you. This crossing of wires is the reason you sometimes manage to materialize a probable action you do not wish. Your unconscious mind is not at fault for materializing the wrong course of action; for the most part, your unconscious mind is just following orders. The error probably came when your unconscious mind looked into your conscious mind and the wrong data was present.

Using the example of going out or staying home, what if your unconscious mind looked into your conscious mind and saw uncertainty of getting involved in a new relationship? That uncertainty within your mind could alter which probable event you will materialize. You could manifest one of the other two probable versions (the one where you went out with your friend or just stayed home). Those two probable versions have you missing that relationship connection. You can see already that manifesting either of those events does not move you into the probable future of a hot romance. In fact, choosing either of those other events could send you further away from what you desire, as there is a whole other set of other probable actions resting on those probabilities.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“The Creation Mechanism is the nonphysical device that takes your thoughts, changes them into a magnetic-like energy, and then pulls together events in real time. This process is straightforward. You create the thought. It goes into the Creation Mechanism and then manifests in some way. The glitch to this process is that what comes out may or may not be exactly like what you wanted because of the unknown processes that go on as the thought is being transformed into a magnetic wave. This magnetic wave’s blueprint is alterable through the Ever Present Moment. By changing this inner blueprint you can have more direct control over what elements get hooked on to the thought pattern you are trying to manifest. You will be able to more accurately tailor your reality creating by pre-selecting what can manifest and what cannot. You will actually be altering events on the level that they form—not before or after! That’s direct reality control!

Let’s say you want to manifest a blue ball. You form the thought clearly in your mind and send this thought wave out. Into the Creation Mechanism it goes, and about a week later you manifest not a blue ball but a red ball. What happened? You sent the picture out clearly. Well somehow when the thought got into the inner workings of the Creation Mechanism, it mixed with data from your Ever Present Moment and the manifestation got altered a bit. To take more of the hit and miss out of the creation process, you could enter your Ever Present Moment, as the thought form of the blue ball is being assembled. You can do this is in a dream, meditation, or an out of body travel (more on these later). Then you can observe the process here and stop the red ball from being manifested and ensure that the blue ball is manifested. Or, at the very least, you could find out why the red ball might be a better ball to manifest.

The point being, you can directly interface with the creation process and debug it or come to understand it better. Perhaps the red ball manifested because it is easier to see red when you are playing at night. Or perhaps the red ball manifested because you have some inner fear of blue. My example does demonstrate to you that other factors go into the manifestation process and there is no reason why you cannot be part of those other factors.”

- Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)