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The Now Point & Your Point of Power

The Now Point & Your Point of Power

“When you construct a mental-wave and endow it with energy, you are using your Now Point (within the physical moment) and your Point of Power (focusing your will into that moment) to effect changes in the physical environment. The Creation Technique is very sensitive. Any small drift in your Now Point focus and your mental-wave’s creation efficiency will reduce – possibly even be cut in half!

Look around and notice the physical objects that surround you. Look at the colors and the shapes, as if you were looking at them for the first time. Then, while you are still looking, you should listen as intently to all the sounds that are going on. Try not to fixate on any one particular sound. Instead, try to listen to all the sounds combined, like the world is a symphony to be heard. Begin to take deep slow breaths. While you take these breaths, feel the air as it passes in an out of you. Maintain this breathing for at least two minutes, while concentrating on the surrounding stimuli.

At this point, everything should feel vivid. Your reality should feel and appear electric! There should be a quivering kind of pulsation to all the objects around you, even the air itself. While you are in this heightened sense of physical awareness, take notice as to how you feel, so that later when you find yourself in a less ideal situation, you will be better able to bring yourself to this point.

Now sit quietly and let the moment slip. Don’t focus your attention of anything in particular. After a couple of minutes, take a look at the objects that are surrounding you again. Do they possess the same quivering life that they did before? Probably not! This second state of being is how you may live many of the moments in your life – in physical reality but not fully focused within it.

Of course it would be a good idea to make sure you are fully focused in the physical moment when sending out energy-balls to the Creation Mechanism. Sometimes you will send out energy-balls to reality create something and not get exactly what you asked for. Usually this off the mark reality creating can be attributed to your mental focus wavering as you were constructing your energy-ball. A correctly focused energy-ball has more of a chance of properly manifesting than an incorrectly focused energy-ball. Incorrectly focused energy-balls will enter a thought-collecting vortex, just like a focused one; however, it will do so out of phase. This out of phase quality often creates an energy-pulse that is not precisely coded, and thus your manifested creation will not exactly be what you asked for. So, keep your Now Point and your Point of Power in focus when you are doing the Creation Technique and you will find it much easier to reality create and to control whatever it is you are currently doing.”

- Reality Creator 1 (Tom DeLiso)