> Manifestation will Only Occur if there is a Need for it




Manifestation will Only Occur if there is a Need for it

Manifestation – Needs verses Wants

“The waste-one want-not factor states that manifestation will only occur if there is a need for it!

When there is a need for something, balance occurs in the manifestation process!

The problem begins when you wish to manifest something that you want but you do not now need. Your request is unbalanced. It is with these unbalanced creations that you must play a mental game with yourself. This mental game is nothing you haven’t already used in the past to manifest other wants in your life. It’s only that you’ve been unaware of the process.

Here’s how the game works! Mentally you must create a positive need for that object. Using an example of a new car to replace your old one, you should imagine the things you would do with your new car that you could not or would not do with your old car. For instance, the pleasure you feel as you drive in a car that is quiet and has great handling ability. If your desire was materializing money, you could imagine what you would do if you had that money. For instance, you would take your friend out to a fine restaurant, or you could buy yourself a new set of clothes.

The idea is to fill up a mental checklist with enough good reasons that will balance the Creation Mechanism’s waste-not want-not factor. In this way, you will create a positive need for the desired object and avoid creating a negative need, by materializing a lack of something already existing in your life. Now, keep in mind that it may take more than one or two reasons on that checklist to balance the manifestation of your desired object. If you really want this object, you should make sure you have a heap of reasons on that list! It may even help to construct a list, like the one below, and hang it up where you can see it everyday as a mental reminder.”

- Reality Creator 1 (Tom DeLiso)