> The Infinite Love of Lucifer at the Father’s Throne




The Infinite Love of Lucifer at the Father’s Throne

The Infinite Love of Lucifer at the Father’s Throne

“I was allowed to travel back to home, to the throne. The light was bright and filled with sparks of gold, sparks of unconditional love.

An angel came to me, I saw his black wings and I asked him his name. He told me, I am Lucifer*…

For a nano second, I wanted to dismiss him, I wanted to reject this vision because of all the stories about good and evil.

Then I centered myself into the love space, my heart center and I told myself, if your essence is love, you cannot not be afraid or reject him.

He said do you know how much I love you? I could feel his immense love so I replied Yes. Do you know how much I love our father? I could feel his infinite love and that he was like me, of the Seraphim**, the caretakers of God’s throne and continuously singing his praises: “Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish, Adonai Tsebayot” and eternally burning from love and adoration for God.

So I replied yes.

Then he asked, Do you remember me? And then I said yes…because I could suddenly remember that Lucifer adored our father and that he was playing a role…He agreed to be the opposite of our father so that unconditional love could really mean something. First because one can’t know about love if one does not know what hate and fear are…

Secondly because it is so easy indeed to love when all is love…
Unconditional love is the one of our father, the one that never fades out, the one that never ends and the one that can never be altered nor by time, nor by our behaviors or endeavors…

I could remember and saw us aeons and aeons ago when all of this started and when I chose to be love. Usually people think that it is an easiest path but in a world of duality, it is not, none of the path we chose, was an easy one…and has never been…But it was time for reunion, remembrance of our true essence

I told him, I love you too and he enveloped me with his wings and we both said we are One. We are One…what a beautiful sound. It was echoed by a choir of million of angels…

Father was there on the throne, smiling and our brothers and sisters were singing out of joy and bliss.

Evil is just an illusion of duality.

And Lucifer’s redemption lies in our ability to recognize him as a fellow angel of the light, the most powerful, the most loving one. Unity consciousness and oneness lie in our ability to see beyond the Maya veil…in our ability to recognize and redeem our inner Lucifer.”

- Fana (PeaceLoveAndOneness.com)

Excepts taken from “I HUGGED LUCIFER AND I LIKED IT …:-)”
=> http://www.peaceloveandoneness.com/2012/12/12/i-hugged-lucifer-and-i-liked-it/