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Accumulate Spiritual Energy for Higher Self Manifestation

Accumulate Spiritual Energy for Higher Self Manifestation

“Vital force of mana must be provided by the lower man for the use of the Higher to whom he prayed, so that the High Self would have sufficient earthy force to affect the dense and earthy level of life.

Prayer is not a “thinking”. It is a combination of thinking and a gesture or actual physical movement of the low self in the body – creation of mana and a giving of it.

The middle self or “conscious mind” is able to control the low self or “subconscious mind” only if there is a sufficient charge of mana or vital force in the aka or body to allow the middle self to get enough of it to use as “will.”

The accumulation of a surcharge of mana and the sending of part of it to the High Self as we make thought-forms by praying appears to be automatic only when the low self is moved by great emotion. At other times we must take the needed steps ourselves.

The High Selves need the vital force which we can supply that we must give it to them if they are able to be easily able to do the many things that affect this lower level of life and help us. It is a verification of the findings made in our study of the kahuna’s word for altar, sacrifice and worship.

It is also necessary to invite the return flow of mana-mana raised to the High-Self level of power and purity which can heal and bless. The kahuna’s asked: “Let the rain of blessings fall.” We must do the same. It seems to be a part of the act of opening the door to the help of the Aumakuas so we may have the aid they are forbidden to give unless their presence is recognized and their aid requested. One may also visualize the mana rising as in a fountain in the body, fountaining above to the Aumakua and returning to you as water to the fountain bowl. This established a complete circuit and one can then pray or treat for a long period of time without being depleted. Sleep is the natural reaction to a lack of mana. However if one successfully establishes a circular or up-and-back flow of mana, with the Aumakuas, and is careful to ask for the return flow as in the worlds, “Let the rain of blessings fall,” the mana, as the pure water-mana of “Rain” will not only be returned but will be watched for by the low self and accepted.”

- Mana or Vital Force by Freedom Leong

“We should invent a physical ritual so definite that to perform it would take all the concentration of the low self – and thus prevent it from going aimlessly through the action with you while its mind, in its behind-the-scenes department, is really engaged with something entirely different. Preliminary fasting, with sincere efforts to make amends for hurts done others, or to make general amends for lacks and faults – all these are part of the gesture we make to arrive at the beginning of the successful prayer. I know of no way to convince the stubbornly literal low self that it and its man deserves an answer to prayer except by the performance of physical acts – the use of the acts as a physical stimulus. Remember, “Faith without works….”

Some printed meditations and ritualized prayers may be very useful. But the PERFECT ritual will be the one that each person works out for himself – for the particular purpose of a specific prayer-action.”

- Mana or Vital Force by Freedom Leong

“Where love and strong emotional desire is not felt when a prayer is made, one may be sure that the low self is not doing its part, and that the prayer will be ineffective.

The basic idea of sacrifice in huna has been worked out through a study of the roots and word-symbols of words used by the kahunas (Hawaiian). Mo-hai or just hai, means “to sacrifice.” Hai gives the meaning of “to break,” and suggests the breaking in two of a thing so that half of it can be used as a sacrifice. Jesus “took bread and broke it” in the coded mystery of the “Last Supper” and his blessing and passing of the wine takes us back to the pouring of an offering or “oblation” to the gods, so common in olden days, but having behind it the great Huna mystery of “dividing the waters” that is, sharing the water or mana with the High Self. The compound word mo-hai-hoo-mana means “To sacrifice by making mana.” The symbol word idea of “to make mana” is code for accumulating a good surcharge of mana and sending it to the High Self. Hoo-mana also means “to worship.”

The word for “faith” in the sacred language is mana-a-io. Its first meaning is “to believe” but in the literal meanings as seen in the roots is: (1) “To use a surcharge of mana” (root mana plus root jo, the latter meaning “excess” of mana.) (2) “To call for a thing desired,” and “to reach out or extend, as the hand to touch something.” This shows that one must reach out along the aka cord to “touch” the High Self in order to ask for the thing desired. (All from the root o.) (3) “To be real” or, with causative hoo, “to cause to become real.” (Root io.) “Faith, if it hath not works, is dead,” becomes clear when we know that the “works” part includes the sending of the mana surcharge to the High Self as part of the overall work of having the prayer made into a reality.”

- Mana or Vital Force by Freedom Leong