> Surround Yourself with Prosperous Things and People




Surround Yourself with Prosperous Things and People

Surround Yourself with Prosperous Things and People

“Buy what you really want. Buy one good outfit that you feel wonderful wearing, rather than several less expensive ones that you don’t really like. This tells your subconscious that you can have what you want, and it will immediately go about bringing you more. Rather than focusing on how much money you can save by buying something that doesn’t excite you, buy something that will provide you with many alive moments of pleasure that engage your mind, your body, and your emotions. Of course, if you can buy something for less that you love just as much, do so – the cost isn’t as important as your loving what you buy.”

“After buying something that means a lot to you, enjoy it. Play with it like a child who has just received a special toy he or she has been wanting. Appreciate what you have; become familiar with it; harmonize with it; learn all about it. Do this for a day, a week, or a month, until you’ve formed a complete relationship with it and put your energy into it. Harmonizing your energy with your new things completes the relationship with what you buy and helps you feel more fulfilled by them.”

“Objects have energy. You feel the energy of the objects around you at a subtle level, so surround yourself only with those items you love and feel connected to. Broken or useless possessions clutter your energy; it is wise to keep the things around you in good repair so there is order and harmony about you. Keep around you only the things you value and appreciate, and they will reflect that energy back to you.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

The Vibration of Success increases Yours Faster

“As you become more prosperous yourself, it is likely that you will be around prosperous people. As you think in terms of prosperity, your vibration begins to change and you attract other people who think in terms of abundance as well. Do not feel jealous or threatened by someone who is successful. Realize that if you are close to a person who is succeeding, you are beginning to have that same vibration of success yourself. Begin now to believe that everyone’s success means even more success for you. If everyone around you begins to succeed, then you are surrounded by the vibration of success, and your success will grow even faster. When you hear of other people’s good fortune, appreciate their success, knowing that it affirms the abundance that is available for you as well.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“Spend your leisure time reading books or taking courses that will prepare you for greater success. You may want to spend time with other people who are doing what you would like to do, an excellent way to accelerate your success in any field. This might mean enrolling in their classes, or seeking them out as teachers, counselors, or advisers. You might want to read about others who have succeeded in doing what you want to do. Surround yourself with inspiration, and constantly renew your enthusiasm.”

“When you put yourself around people who are successfully doing what you want to do, you pick up their verbal and telepathic thoughts of success. As you do, you accelerate the development of your image of yourself as a success. Since your thoughts create your reality, the more you picture yourself successfully doing what you love, the more rapidly it will come about.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

“Have you noticed that people who want to thrive but aren’t, don’t have ready access to thrivers? And so, aren’t you pretty proud that you keep attracting into your experience people who are naturally thriving. Doesn’t it sort of let you know your vibration must be getting close to that or you wouldn’t have so much access to that?”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham: The Ultrasuccessful’s Most Unusual Traits?)