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Create More Ways for Prosperity to Flow

Create More Ways for Prosperity to Flow

“To create many flows of money in your life, learn to give and receive freely. You want to receive as well as give. Many of you love to give to others, yet it is harder to allow yourself to receive from them. You empower others by letting them give to you, for then they have the opportunity to demonstrate their abundance. People feel good about themselves when they give you something that you can use and appreciate. If no one could receive, no one would be able to give, which would block the flow of energy necessary to create abundance.”

“Do not see it as selfish for you to receive; see it as the completion of the circle of energy. The more you open to receive, the more you can give. Receive money from people, receive the form and substance of what they give you, and do so with warmth and graciousness. Imagine ten times the amount of money people give you coming back to them every time you receive money. As you envision success for other people, you increase your own magnetism to prosperity.”

“So many people receive money and say, “I don’t know how I’m going to make this last; I wish I had received more.” They take the amount and make it less, and less will come next time. If you receive money with an image of more coming, with a feeling of joy and thanks, you create more ways for the universe to give you prosperity.”

- Orin (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)