> The Spiritual Senses within Your Physical Senses




The Spiritual Senses within Your Physical Senses

The Spiritual Senses within Your Physical Senses

All the senses in the spiritual realm are heightened thousands of times and we can sense things beyond what our normal five senses perceive. The spirit being is more capable of sensing all the 12 variations of colors and shapes and sounds in the spiritual world. This is hard to describe but like having twelve senses of which our earthly five senses are only an extremely rough comparison:

1. Within our ears are actually three senses
a. the sense of hearing
b. the sense of movement or direction
c. the sense of balance (the sense of mass or “weight”)

2. Within our sense of touch through our body and nerves are two senses
a. the sense of touch which in the spiritual realm becomes more acute to sense electricity-magnetism, ether-astral currents and substances.
b. the sense of love (warmth/cold, peace, joy). Our physical bodies produce chemicals (endorphins, etc.) which cause us to physically feel rejection, depression or highs and lows. This is a very, very rough physical type comparison of the more refined sense of love within our spirit and soul that we can sense in the spiritual realm. All emotions finally resolve themselves into one great and final universal force of God’s love.

3. Within our sense of smell are two senses
a. the sense of smell
b. the sense of life or breath. In the Spirit World, we sense this pulsation of life which comes from God.

4. Within our sense of taste are two senses
a. the sense of taste
b. the sense of speech. This sense enables us to perceive
c. the sense of what is communicated to us even when we sometimes do not understand the words.

5. Within the sense of sight are the senses of
a. the sense of sight
b. the sense of thought
c. the sense of consciousness (the soul or “I” consciousness)

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)