> Religion is Devised to Keep You Miserable and Compliant




Religion is Devised to Keep You Miserable and Compliant

Religion is Devised to Keep You Miserable and Compliant

“Religion is devised by the religious con-artists to keep you miserable, obedient, subservient and compliant. One of the best ways of achieving this is to make you feel guilty about any action which gives you pleasure – and that is precisely what the church has done throughout the centuries. It is a brilliant strategy!

Early priests realized that they could only control the masses when they were in church. Out of church, the effects of the illusion quickly wore off, and people returned to living normal, happy and well-adjusted lives. But what do people do given half a chance? Why, they indulge in things which bring them pleasure! This is, after all, one of the fun parts about being alive. So if people naturally gravitate towards having fun and enjoying life, then what a brilliantly diabolical scheme it is to brand everything which is enjoyable as ‘evil’, ‘sinful’, ‘corrupt’ and against the ‘law of God’! The more you think about it, the more fiendish it seems. For in this way, the priests can control the flock when they are out of church. After all, how on earth can you control the sheep if they are diverted from your control by indulging themselves in pleasurable pursuits??

Every conceivable human act which gives joy and pleasure has been systematically branded as wicked, evil and the Devil’s work.

Being made to feel guilty for having natural, joyous thoughts, or performing enjoyable physical acts ensures that the ‘priesthood’ are able to control you even when you are not at church. This is a highly effective method of thought control, and is, of course, based upon the weapon of lies.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)